The first thing you want to do is make certain that the marijuana you are rolling is broken up evenly. If you can get the roll even, it will generally burn very regularly across the entire surface of the joint. When joints burn unevenly, the most common remedy is to whet your finger with a little bit of spit, rub it on the side of the joint that is burning too quickly and see if that evens it out. Medical Disclaimer Statements on Get Holistic Health about health issues aren't meant to identify, treat, cure, or protect against illness. Katherine Martinelli is an internationally published food and travel writer and photographer who contributes regularly to publications on three continents. We've all experienced freezer burn: Those unpleasant, crystallized or dull spots that pop up on all kinds of items in our freezer, from ice cream to meat. Although freezer burn doesn't technically ruin your frozen food, it does make it unpleasant to eat. Freezer burn occurs when the food item in question is exposed to air so the water molecules evaporate (well, technically, sublimate), and the food dries out and oxidizes.
Sometimes freezer burn takes the form of clumps of ice crystals on the surface of a food (think ice cream that's been in the fridge too long). If you are freezing leftovers, make sure that they are fully cooled before wrapping them and putting them in the freezer. Hot peppers can add a kick to spicy foods, but if you get peppers on your hands or in your eyes or eat one that's just too hot, you need to know how to take away the burn.
You can remove capsaicin by wiping it away using vegetable oil or butter or you can use dishwashing soap to life it off the skin. By providing your email you consent to receiving occasional promotional emails & newsletters. Remember that rolling joints takes some practice, and you don’t necessarily have to practice on your bud.

Don’t worry about getting it completely to the ends of the paper, as it will spread out and fill in the spaces on its own. It’s when you have a chunk of marijuana in there that isn’t broken up quite well enough, a piece of stem or another substance that burns at a different rate than bud or when you have spots in the joint where there isn’t any material at all that you wind up with a problem.
This doesn’t always work and, sometimes, all you end up with is a joint that looks like it was dropped in the water.
Alternately, most often with red meat, it can change the color of the surface and dry it out. Keep the freezer temperature as consistent as possible by opening the freezer door only when necessary and not leaving it open for long (don't stick your head in there to cool down!).
Check out the guidelines at to see how long different food items will safely keep in the freezer.
Rinsing your hands in dilute bleach solution also helps.Any food that acts like a sponge due to sheer bulk will help absorb the heat and mellow it. You can minimize this, but it’s always going to be an issue, as you will be rolling joints manually and that always means that there will be some variability in how they turn out.
Pick up some oregano, another spice with a similar consistency or, if you have a friend who smokes tobacco, you can always ask if you can either take apart some of their cigarettes and practice rolling with tobacco or use rolling tobacco, if they happen to roll their own. This is a metal device that you put your bud in, twist the cap and retrieve the ground up bud from the bottom.
If it’s only slightly uneven, try turning the joint around as you drag off it, which sometimes causes it to start burning a bit more evenly. Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional. It can change the flavor and texture of meat, so cut off the affected area if it's small enough and defrost as usual. Be sure to leave a little extra room in the container to allow for the item to expand when frozen.

The sensation of heat comes from capsaicin, the active compound in hot peppers, binding to the sensory receptors in your mouth or skin that detect heat. Remember, however, that tobacco does burn differently than marijuana, so being a good cigarette roller won’t necessarily mean that you are good joint roller.
Don’t crank down on the marijuana, as this will result in a very tight joint that won’t burn at all. Otherwise, it could break the seal of the bag or container and allow freezer burn to happen. These neurons fire off a painful warning when they detect a temperature hot enough to harm tissue. Your body reacts to capsaicin the same as it would to a high temperature, even though no actual heat is present. If you have hot peppers on your hands, you'll just spread it around if you try to rinse it with water.
Full fat sour cream or ice cream!Dairy (sour cream, milk, cheese, ice cream) - The fat helps dissolve the capsaicin.Oil or oily foods - If you can stand it, swish oil around in your mouth and spit it out to clear the burn.
Eat a spoonful of peanut butter or honey.Acidic food - Acidic foods, like lemons, limes, and tomatoes, help to neutralize some of the activity of alkaline capsacinoids. Bulky food, like chips, rice or bread - Starchy foods act like sponges, soaking up excess capsaicin. Sugar - The Scoville scale, used to measure the heat of a pepper, was based on how much sugar water it takes to dilute a pepper to where it doesn't burn.How To Make It Even WorseYou think the heat is bad now? Foods that are mostly water just spread the capsaicin around, sort of like an oil spill on water.

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