I’ve been at my desk working on web sites and blogs and business plans and brainstorming. I had like 3 challenges in mind for Feb and yet it’s the 3rd and I haven’t started any of them! One of the greatest tools for me in my on-going evaluation on how I’m doing has been the FitBit Force. The 10 000 daily step routine has definitely gotten a lot easier by continuing to move throughout the day. Stop using the elevator and escalator, use the stairs as mini fitness breaks for you daily. One of my favourite things to do lately on a walk alone is to reach out to friends by phone. We’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing conservation areas, national and provincial parks that are brimming with fascinating trails. From my house, I can walk to the medical clinic, dentist, chiropractor, grocery store, liquor store and health food store without much effort. Although I love my FitBit, one of the problems I have with it is the clasp doesn’t always stay done up. The BitBelt was created as the solution to keep FitBits and other fitness & magic bands on your wrist. I'm mom to Miss O, a very opinionated three-nager and Little J, the newest addition to the Inspired Home family. A couple of seconds outside in snowy weather and I’m looking for a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. I first thought this was impossible until lately when I actually managed to get over 25 000 in one day!

There are still great days and not so great days, but I try to hit the 10K each day as much as possible. She would use it to walk to the water cooler on the opposite side of the department & stretch on her way back. Check out a few trails in your neighbourhood that you haven’t before and get hooked on being outdoors.
Pick a few and put them together into a walking route you can do with your family and spend a little time treasure hunting. With a little more effort, I can make it to the indoor playground, early childhood centre, library and recreation centre. I reached for my FitBit to check what my step count was, and panicked as it was not on my wrist. I wanted to give it a firm shake just to ensure the fitness band hadn’t gotten stuck anywhere. I have been using mine for over a month now, and since securing it I haven’t lost my FitBit.
I love being crafty, saving money and helping you make your home look awesome from suburbia outside of Toronto! I’ll be parking at the end of the parking lot and working hard to move when before I would be sitting. I’m excited to see what you all are up to, and remember this is all about supporting our experiences and making positive changes in our lives and the world around us. And today, on the first day of my 10,000 steps challenge, it has decided not to sync with my phone any more. The online dashboard shows lots of neat statistics and it rewards you with badges when you hit milestones.

A few hills make me breathless but I find I can do more than 5K without even thinking about it. Another colleague of mine set an egg timer for every 20 minutes, and would get up and do a little walk around or get information off of the printer to make sure she wasn’t just sitting. You just slide the BitBelt over your fitness tracker and it holds two overlapping bands together. I’ll be hosting a community check in later this month too, so that we can all share all the fun from the month.
It’s fun for the competitive types to see how active you are in comparison to friends.
I wanted to share with you a few of the things that have worked for me to help inspire you to move more too! If you don’t have a dog, why not check out the local SPCA group to see if they have any dogs that need a walk?
Instead of always driving, I have been making a concerted effort to walk to these places instead.
Unless you feel it slipping off, you literally wouldn’t know you are about to lose your gadget on the trail.
In my head, I was just panicking thinking that I was going to lose my daily step count and averages that I had worked so hard for. The smart folks over at BitBelt just released a second version that fits on FitBit Flex too (Junior).

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