You're soaking wet, you're tired, you're hungry, but the blood's still pumping and you know you've got a bit left in the tank. Kettlebells are an awesome tool for getting in top shape, burning tons of calories and quickly losing fat. If you want an even tougher workout that allows you to do more in less time and see faster results check out the kettlebell workout below, by RKC Geoff Neupert, author of Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is an awesome total body kettlebell workout that takes only 14 minutes, start to finish.
Now that I’ve scared off the pretenders who are more interested in whether their new designer workout shirt matches their shoes, let’s dig in! As you’ve probably heard a million times, you can work out long or you can work out hard, but you can’t do both! A workout sled may be the best piece of fitness equipment you aren’t currently using.
But you can get your own training sled, such as the Prowler Sled, if you have the hard space to use it at home. Prowler sleds are the most popular commercial sleds around and a good Prowler sled workout will bring you to your knees quickly. If you want to do some serious fat burning and get lean and fit, you’ll want to add a weighted sled workout to your weekly sessions at least once or twice per week.

A weighted sled workout covers it all when it comes to overall fitness and conditioning as well as skyrocketing your metabolism and burning calories for hours after your workout.
You’ll attack your legs but also your overall muscle mass, strength levels and power, too. And that includes during our workouts a typical big box gym with all that shiny equipment that has you sitting. For the sake of these workouts, we are talking about the traditional sled that you have to push. If you are doing your weighted sled workout at the end of your regular workout, you’re probably pretty warmed up, although some leg mobility exercises and light, non-sled sprints may be a good idea. If your sled workout sprinting session is your only training of the day, you need a full warm up to be ready. Here’s a simple weighted sled workout utilizing sprints for boosting your metabolism and getting shredded and lean in no time flat. The Farmer’s Walk is a fantastic fat burning and conditioning exercise (you’ve seen this in the Strongman Competition as well)! As you get better conditioned you’ll make it like a competition and try and improve on your best time eventually adding more weigh to the sled and then bringing down your time again.

For those of you that played a sport like football, soccer or basketball, you remember running suicides.
Push the sled out 5 yards and go back to the starting line, then go 10 yards and back, then go out 15 yards and back, and if you’re really well conditioned or suicidal, one more out and back, this time at 20 yards. Try utilizing these weight sled workouts in your own training sessions and watch the body transformation, not to mention how your conditioning levels will blast through the roof!
Planning of appropriate and fat burning diets is also of utmost importance for safe and fast weight loss. Our e-book on weight loss contains some of the best and effective exercises and diet recipes for making a weight loss program a huge success.

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