A weight loss workout routine will combine the elements of diet, weight training, and structured cardio to help you lose belly fat.
Though not as popular as 4 day workout routine, a 6 day workout routine is still taken into consideration by many people who want to have high intensified workout in order to have prominent effects on muscle building or weight losing.
The following is Doug's 6 day workout plan which is surely feasible for most people, both men and women.

It is strongly recommended to do some aerobic exercise before starting 6 day workout routine.
If your are searching for that "one magic workout" that will give you the body you dream about, you will not find it here.Although many Internet sites promise you "a secret workout" that only fitness models know, it is all nonsense. Know what foods help build lean muscle tissue and what foods are most easily stored as fat.* Extreme fat loss is dangerous.

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