Day 3 of the challenge was today and not yesterday because I ended up having to sub for Mr. Today I decided to take our newest teachers class, Sharon Peleg, at noon on a rainy Friday afternoon.
As far as the practice goes…i’ve resolved myself to dial down my practice to a stunning 65% effort in order to maximize benefit and pro-long endurance in the challenge. Days like today I am reminded how lucky I am to share my life with an amazing yoga teacher like my husband.
YBX is a fusion style yoga class that combines the physicality of a yoga class with the influence and style of other forms of physical training. Yoga Belly (the class) is the place for people that are new to the practice, need to explore a stronger core or returning to the practice. In the next coming months you will see updates and exciting announcements as we move forward and evolve into the next stages of the journey together.
Okay so in the month of April 2014, we present to you our very first Yoga Belly Selfie Challenge #yogabellyselfie. You gotta be wearing a Yoga Belly shirt in the selfie and the YB logo must be at least 80% visible, give or take. You gotta take the selfie somewhere in Mt View (for YBMV Facebook) or San Jose (for YBSJ Facebook). And check out this cool pic of Aaron, Josh, Mayor of Mountain View Chris Clark, Carina, and Will taken at City Hall of Mountain View #yogabellyselfie. Setting Intentions, Walking in Awareness, Careful Transitions, Dealing with yourself to bring yourself to your mat every day, Mental Discipline and Dealing with external stress…. I am re-doing the roof in the San Jose practice space so that I can walk in and be proud of our home for our San Jose community. So when the time came and she asked me, “Do you want to come back?” I said, “I’m taking some time to get myself in the place that I want to be in in life. It would be easy for me to say that I will just jump back into the rat race and earn a paycheck. A student of life until his dying day, realizing that life just gets better as long as you continue to do the work. A person that loves people unconditionally, understanding that part of loving some people is about setting them free from expectation, my own agenda is mine alone. I sit and I write my thoughts not just to go on a rant about myself to everyone but to remind myself of who I am, where I am going, and what my truths are. About Yoga BellyFounded 3 years ago we are committed to delivering the best power yoga classes. This week at Namaste Yoga we begin a series of classes that dive into the world of Hindu mythology. Special Locations: Expedited orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will require an additional business day to arrive.
Before a return can be accepted by our warehouse you will need to obtain a return authorization.
All items must be unworn, in their original packaging and must meet our return guidelines in order to be successfully returned. Once your return is received, we will issue you your refund or store credit within 1-5 business days.
Returns and exchanges that are received after 30 days of the original purchase will have a 20% restocking fee deducted from the total and may only be issued store credit. I had to teach yesterday morning and then William and I had an arm balance workshop in the afternoon. I went to Yoga Tune-Up training with Josh last year and it was great to see him come full circle and sub for the class where he discovered his first love of YTU. Having never experienced her class since William auditioned and hired her I was pleasantly surprised to see some elements in her class that I really admire in yoga teachers. I decided to go to one of my favorite gals on the planet Summer’s Wednesday 9:15am class in San Jose. Plus with the plantar fasciitis on the mend in my feet I don’t want to ruin the work of my amazing chiropractor Dr.
I hope I used the right filter to put you in your best light Summer, per your request…. It’s hard at times to view him in the same light as everyone else because I tend to get caught up in William the person and forget that we have been on this yoga journey together for a decade now and I am lucky to have someone that I share my life with to walk side by side. We have kicked off our first of a few different challenges that we will be doing through-out 2015.
It’s been a while since we blogged anything and now we want to share in detail the upcoming changes that you can expect to see at Yoga Belly. It is an experience that is crafted by the instructor that plays on their strengths and variety of experiences that have lead them to the practice. Yoga Tune-up is where we fine tune the body in order to maintain a higher level of physicality in our practice. So in the month of April we thought: Hey gurl, why not make taking selfies a challenge for our students and award one lucky winner (one for each location) free yoga coz that’s how we roll? After such a public declaration of truth in my life it’s taken a moment to adjust to my new existence.
It doesn’t matter what the laundry list of excuses is that inhibit me from returning to the mat and guide people through a practice.
In my on-going exploration of self-improvement I have already spoken of my desire to live life at a different pace.

I want to make myself the priority, be present and in a place to give something of quality to a company other than my own (meaning Yoga Belly). William and I have made a comfortable living with me helping to support our lifestyle and Yoga Belly. When we make changes to the instructor line-up at the studio there is a small percentage of people that are angry, a larger percentage of people that need closure and require explanations, the rest either don’t care or are unaffected by the change.
Sometimes amidst all the choices that are thrown at you it’s a good thing to remind yourself of who you are and where you’re going.
When we think of any gods and goddesses we can view them as symbolic representations of aspects of ourselves. If your purchase does not work out for you or fails to meet your expectations, your item(s) may be returned within 30 days of when the order was placed for an exchange of a different size or return for a full refund, not including shipping charges. We needed a reserve beard to fill in for the mighty bearded one and I stepped up to the plate to help out. My feet ached this morning after teaching 4 classes and I find it hard to balance in postures with the feet not being able to properly ground down in the practice.
I like to do her check-in and occasionally take her yoga class but it had been a while and so I decided to go see her and get my yoga on. I hope you all are enjoying your time in the challenge and reconnecting with your practice at another level. I’ve decided to participate in this year’s 21 day challenge so that I can reach out and be among the people and blog about my experiences. We just returned from a 3-week road trip and took some time to have conversations around next steps for Yoga Belly. YBX is where we explore the full expression of the practice and challenge ourselves on a path of exploration and openness. I meant when I said I am putting down the issues that have held down my mindset and picking up a new mantle. How will you apply your Asana practice to develop a sense of self that translates to living your best life off the mat? As part of putting that into practice I have been teaching myself to focus on the little do-able things rather than trying to tackle the big changes first. She was and is an amazing manager and someone that I would like to be more like in helping people develop their skillset in a chosen profession.
They provide shipping service options, and seamlessly manage the entire order process for our international customers.
It was between him and someone else and I made a last minute decision to go back and re-visit Dustin because something in my gut was telling me that there was something there that I needed to explore further.
I’m able to go a bit harder in tune-up and leave with that feeling of refreshment rather than being wiped from getting my ass spanked. I taught the 6am, 9:15am, Noon in San Jose and then popped over to Mountain View for a little love.
Moving with awareness in the practice more often will serve you more often than pushing at full throttle at your edge.
I’m pretty sure that it’s going to come down to the wire and I will have no extra days left by mid-month and have to go everyday till the end of Feb.
I get to talk about the sequences I love and the unique transitions, when I learn a new move or when he learns something we share with each other the little victories we take along the path. It’s also an opportunity to jump start my own personal practice since I have been taking time off to deal with my feet. As a result of these conversations, we have decided to remove Power Yoga from the schedule and replace it with a new class called YBX effective August 1st, 2014.
All of these experiences translate to the mat through movement, sequencing and inspiration that plays through the practice.
It’s amazing how when you set a public intention and invite a new path to materialize in front of you how the universe conspires to meet you on your journey. Decisions are made from a community standpoint in order to enforce the other aspects of health and wellness. I will say kind things to myself for taking the time to prepare a path for people to journey with me on the mat.
By choosing to not return to my corporate career and focus on the development of the Yoga Belly community there are some scary truths in front of William and I. I was driving to Yoga Belly San Jose the other day and rather than driving on the quickest route possible to get over to the studio I decided to take what I thought was the shortest distance in order to put the least amount of miles on my car.
If the opportunity is right and the management style is in a place that I will thrive in, I’ll consider going back. The not so safe choice is to embrace change and try to improve my situation by being in the place mentally, spiritually, socially and emotionally that I should be in.
I decided noon with Dustin in Mountain View would be my yoga for the day and was greeted warmly by my home girls Manisha, Tiffany, Summer and Tim.
He was like a young Jeff Lang in the way he explored movement and was quite the anatomy geek. We are of the same generation and have pretty much the same frame of reference for pop culture. I remind myself that it is not about the pose but rather the spirit with which I approach the mat and the willingness to show up, move, breathe and live. It’s a small group of folks (9 today) and I know most of them since I do the majority of my teaching in San Jose and was pleasantly surprised to see the amazing Dustin Jones (also participating in the challenge) taking his Day 2 class with Summer too.
The love and kindness with which she presents is matched with a dry sarcasm and witty humor that can be tossed around with the best of them.

I haven’t exactly been super disciplined lately and this is going to take sheer determination to be mindful of the words that I have put out into the universe and follow through once I have set an intention to complete the challenge. We are lifting the veil off Power Yoga and the expectations that come with this style of yoga and freeing ourselves to explore the art of workout through movement, with yoga playing a core foundation of the movement on the mat.
Privately I have been speaking to people that will listen about understanding the difference between your feelings and your truth.
Hopefully over time an awareness of a personal practice will develop a skillset that will translate to other aspects of your reality. The fact is that we opened a new studio and we are spending more than we are making at the moment. Which being realistic, with all the extra stop lights and wear on my brakes it’s probably a wash for driving an extra mile out of my way to get to the freeway but still it’s an exercise in discipline.
We practiced up at the front together and was surrounded by warm smiles of the friendly crowd. Surrounded by other teachers and people that take my own classes on the regular drive something inside of me that wants to “prove something”. With a deeper understanding of how my body works I can set goals in my regular flow practice and maintain my body for some of the deeper work that takes place on the mat. Summer embodies what I love most about the practice in that it has the power to change us for the better if we step outside of our comfort zone and push ourselves to be our best self.
My personal practice has been sporadic and it’s time for me to jump back on the mat and dedicate some hours to my studio practice.
We will explore the freedom that comes with this change as we develop a methodology around YBX and these next stages of development at Yoga Belly. You can choose to react to different circumstances that arise out of how you feel or you can sit in the seat of self and recognize those emotions and evaluate them as either Feelings or Truth.
The fact is I believe that living my life in service to a work that is bigger than myself is my own personal destiny and I will see it through to the end. Changing your mindset can prove to be one of the more difficult tasks that you can take on as a person on the path of self-improvement. He is a faithful friend and has grown from being my assistant in San Jose to leading his own classes and going on his own journey as an instructor.
But, less judgment and more compassion, that’s what this month is all about, I am dealing with myself and putting myself back on track with my practice.
I have seen her as a student for several years and watched her entire journey as an instructor and it is amazing to see someone transition from student to teacher with such grace. Do you understand how to safely move those boundaries into a more open, limber, stronger you….that’s the journey. The person that was there on my first day sharing in my personal practice is there 10 years later sharing in my path as an instructor. We will be updating our teacher profiles to reflect this change and set expectations for people in regards to the instructor’s background, influences, style, music and presentation.
My truth is greater than the emotions that build up, I refuse to make decisions out of fear but out of the belief for the work I am doing. I’m proud of the way that he keeps moving forward and being hopeful for the future in spite of having to start over after moving to California from Thailand and re-starting his life over. There are 21 teachers at YB so this will have to be a feat in planning and getting myself out of my routine and trying new timeslots.
We are going to explore the limits of this art of movement and expression using yoga as a tool in our repertoire. His big ears invite us to listen more and his small eyes are representative of concentration. A little over a year later and I can look at Dustin with wonder and amazement as to where his talent and skill are rising to. I’m re-inspired for my own journey when I see him making adjustments and corrections along the path keeping his head up.
There is a kindness and innocence to the brutal intensity of his classes that compares to no one. That doesn’t change when you own a yoga studio….if anything it only becomes even more intense. The trunk is strong enough to uproot a tree and to clear the path, but can also pick up small things representing adaptability.
He has tapped into a unique experience that is his own and continues to grow and be embraced by others. The drive to show up, be present, move, shift my energy to the places of the body and mind that need it most. Back to your first love…that space on the mat, surrounded by your brothers and sisters in arms, sweating, moving, and shifting energy and mindsets.
During this class we will ground with rooting postures and choose an physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual obstacle as our focus for practice. Practice 21 out of the 28 days in february and you will automatically be entered in the drawing to win.

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