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Safe Browsing and Google Search protect visitors from dangerous content by displaying browser warnings and labeling search results with 'this site may harm your computer'.

While this helps keep users safe in the moment, the compromised site remains a problem that needs to be fixed.Unfortunately, many webmasters for compromised sites are unaware anything is amiss. Worse yet, even when they learn of an incident, they may lack the security expertise to take action and address the root cause of compromise. The full study, which you can read here, was recently presented at the International World Wide Web Conference.When Google works directly with webmasters during critical moments like security breaches, we can help 75% of webmasters re-secure their content. Visitors to these sites are exposed to low-quality scam content and malware via drive-by downloads.
While browser and search warnings help protect visitors from harm, these warnings can at times feel punitive to webmasters who learn only after-the-fact that their site was compromised. For webmasters who proactively registered their site with Search Console, we found that email communication led to 75% of webmasters re-securing their pages.

When we emailed webmasters, we included tips and samples of exactly which pages contained harmful content. We’ve made it easier to receive security notifications through Google Analytics as well as through Search Console.

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