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The Villa Geldrop, designed by Hofman Dujardin Architects is located in Geldrop, The Netherlands. Since the ramp is not apparent above grade, the lower level is completely hidden from a distance and the home appears to be a single storey with a steep pitched roof and one modern roof dormer.
The lower level is based on a symmetrical design of a central hub that leads the four bedrooms - two on either side.
The complete length of wall on the back of the home is covered in glazings, offering the kitchen on one end, the dining room in the centre and the social zone on the other end expansive views of the pastures. The social zone on the far side of the home - unlike the dining room - has a privacy wall to the front of the home. The social zone features both a double volume section - with the pendant- and a single volume section where the upstairs family room is located. The pitched line of the ceiling continues through the family room upstairs, keeping the geometry of the space flowing in one clean visual line.
Instead of completely encasing the end wall in glazings, the architects instead chose to play up the angles of the home by using one true triangular section of glass within the upper pitch line and then dividing the lower portion of wall into private and exposed sections. The main level of the home holds all the social zones including the kitchen dining and living areas while the upstairs has two offices, a powder room and an family room.
Be at the forefront of the coolest new interior design trend, barn style sliding passage doors.
Barn Style Sliding Passage DoorsBe at the forefront of interior design by adding a barn style sliding passage door to your home.

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This 2539 square foot barn style home plan was built as a primary residence in Old Chatham, NY. This industrial-chic house has a a€?homeya€? twist that makes it an inspiring working and living space. It is a 2-storey family residence that hides its second storey completely below grade while at the same time flooding the lower level with natural light via a long and wide concrete ramp that not only offers the perfect void for sunlight to enter, but also allows the four bedrooms to have direct access to the outdoors. This zone occupies the full width of the residence and, like the common room below it, has glazings on either side for a continuous view both front and back.
The kitchen wall that flanks the stairwell is fitted with a modern bank of floor to ceiling cabinets, leaving all the prep zone for the island, allowing the chef to always face the view.
Taking place at Smith Barn at Brooksby Farm in Peabody, MA this wedding features true rustic elegance along with a chic barn style. This post and beam home has a lot of barn style charm, from its barn red paint color, to the cupola on top.
This three-storey concrete and wood barn is perched on a hillside with dramatic views of the sea and skyline. The bedrooms also connect to an inner room with window glazings on two sides that connects both sides of the ramp.
A simple barn shape with large window glazings for views of the pastures, it is only when one approaches the home that the cleverness of the architecture is revealed.

The solid wall to the left of the dining area hides a hallway flanking one of the stairwells and behind the stairwell is the kitchen. Keeping with the minimalist aesthetic to the home, the architects created evening light through one large statement globe suspended from the central pitch of the ceiling. From the outside, the homea€™s unusual slat-style facades allow interior light to permeate out, offering the house a glowing effect. The higher placement of the TV carries more visual weight then the lower fireplace, creating a perfect composition of balance, rhythm and harmony. Inside, the house is a vast open-concept space, open to above with exposed wood posts and beams that give it that a€?workshopa€? flair. Glass walls line the main floor, flooding interiors with natural light while blurring the boundary between inside and out.
Sliding Japanese shoji screens divide the sprawling interior, defining its different living areas.

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