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Compare Commercial Steel Building Price Quotes - How Much Does a Commercial Metal Building Cost? Steel has long been used as a component in buildings, particularly commercial buildings and skyscrapers. In recent years, all-steel buildings have grown in popularity for all sorts of applications, from manufacturing plants and offices to churches.
When we refer to steel buildings, wea€™re talking about prefabricated buildings made completely of steel, without any wood components. The first step to purchasing a prefabricated steel building is deciding on the design, whether that means choosing one that exists or having an engineer come up with a new one. Once youa€™ve selected a design, the fabrication process begins in the factory, taking up to six weeks.
Generally, you can expect to pay about $15 to $20 per square foot for a very basic steel building - one that might be used as a barn or storage building. A building that is more finished, such as a church or retail store, might run closer to $20 to $30 per square foot.
Any steel building that is highly customized or has high-end features such as a brick facade is likely to cost $40 per square foot or more.
Answer a few short questions & get cost estimates for your needs from trusted companies in your area. We're giving customers around the world the best "green" choice of attractive, environmentally friendly structures with unlimited custom design flexibility and 100% usable space crafted from the world's finest, sustainable Galvalume heavy gauge steel backed by a 50-Year warranty. Buildings own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility providing great value and fast delivery worldwide. All certified wet seal blueprints and engineering for the buildings are stamped by an independent outside third party professionally licensed engineer. More business owners are choosing prefabricated commercial steel buildings for the construction of their retail stores, strip malls, mini-storage, office buildings, metal warehouses and distribution centers than ever before.

With tighter corporate construction budgets it is critical to optimize your buildings funds when considering what type of construction materials to use. In addition to saving up to 50% off of traditional construction materials with our flexible design, you can also quickly and economically expand your Ironbuilt building at a later date. Ironbuilt steel metal commercial buildings are manufactured with only the best USA made commercial grade steel and are backed by the best metal building warranties in the industry. Contact our Commercial project designers at 1-800-805-0084 today and let us show you how we can engineer your building to help you produce greater profits. Longlife Steel Buildings CL Line offers the ideal solution for commercial, industrial or agricultural applications where large clearspan widths and interiors with high clearance are required. The super high sidewalls the CL-Line features allow for wide open areas free of any interior supports.
Commodore Steel Building expert building consultants will recommend the perfect building for your needs. In addition, Commodore Steel Buildings strict quality control department ensures that all buildings meet or surpass local building codes. We deal all over the United States and are one of the largest building companies in the country.
Commercial steel buildings can be used for many building applications, such as retail stores, commercial office metal buildings, strip malls, mega-stores, warehouse metal buildings, commercial distribution centers, big box stores and manufacturers' outlets.
But all-steel buildings were a rare sight until recently, reserved mostly for storage buildings, garages, airplane hangers and the like. The price varies widely from one region of the country to another, mostly due to local building codes. Recognizing buildings account for as much as 39% of total energy consumption and 68% percent of total electricity used in the U.S. Our easy to follow manual, blueprints and unmatched support during the erection of your building allow for a streamlined process from the beginning to the completion of your construction.

Large tall racking systems required for commercial warehousing can be setup right against the wall to optimize your floor space. You will feel like you are riding outside all year around without the inconvenience of inclement weather conditions. We only use Galvalume® Plus steel which is virtually maintenance free and comes with a 35 year warranty against rust and corrosion. Our commercial buildings are a flexible and cost-effective method of commercial building construction for any commercial building application. Therea€™s no harsh or inclement weather to deal with when the components are built in a factory, so there are fewer delays and fewer structural issues. For example, buildings in cold climates must be stronger in order to withstand large amounts of snow.
We can customize the look of your building incorporating stucco, EIFS, wood, masonry or large windows for a storefront while keeping the design simple and the project affordable. The CL building models combine the exceptional strength of our arch building systems but utilize our exclusive rigid truss frame system. Since there are no internal beams or posts distribution conveyor systems or forklifts can be operated without obstruction.
Many of the Longlife building models are available with color, Energy Star rated and a 40 year warranty. For private use or public boarding these building models are great for all agricultural metal building applications or horse building uses as the cost effective design allows for fast construction.
We stand behind nearly 40 years of experience and would love an opportunity to assist you with any questions.

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