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My plan is for these pieces to eventually make it to the mantle- when I can finally make up my mind what to do with it! And thanks for the link to the design blog – looks like it will be a fun site to browse!
I would love to change my blog fonts, as I?ve seen in your tutorial, but do you have any fonts that I can write words such as “decoracao” for example?? Saw this the other day on an artist’s website, and how ironic that I read about it on your blog later on! I was notified on Facebook that you had a giveaway and I was reading through your post’s and came across this one!
That is so funny, I just bought and put up this cubbie shelf in my house and saw its the exact same as yours!! IF YOU EXPERIENCE DIFFICULTY WITH BROWSING THE WEBSITE OR PLACING AN ORDER, PLEASE USE THE CONTACT PAGE TO LET US KNOW, OR CALL ON 01531 650974 TO LEAVE A MESSAGE, WE WILL BE PLEASED TO ASSIST YOU.

Large and roomy, these fabric storage bags or baskets by Minene are ideal for the nursery and Children's room, and can also be used for your laundry or bathroom storage, they are stylish enough to be used in any room in the house. They can be used to store toys, clothes, bedlinen, towels and nappies, and they have carry handles making them portable too. Questions(View All)will the red star or navy star minene large storage baskets be available for delivery before xmas?Hi, thanks for your question.
If you would like to reserve an item, you can place your order and if it does not arrive in time we will happily refund you.
I’ve had the same Ikea set on my wish list for a while now, maybe it is time to get it sorted out! I’m brand new to the blog design world and your sets have made it super easy to get started. Just click on one of the labels in the drop down menu and you have hundreds of ideas to browse through- all for the room or space you are wanting to decorate.

I love their ideas, and try to pull off a similar look on a budget (thank goodness for Target!).
The same sign out front has been there since, gosh, I don’t know, at least the 50s!  And they have the best. My favorite places to look for storage baskets are Hobby Lobby, The Container Store, HomeGoods, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Michaels, and TJMaxx. If Bobby Flay were going to do a Lemonade Throwdown, he would have it at Toomer’s Drugs.

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