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I have been doing so much with so little for so long I can do almost anything with nothing.
Man, I'd like to do that to my old early 60's Snap-On box but I would hate to lose all the vintage stickers it has gathered over the years.
Well then he starts showing me the discounts,4400 for my box,a 15 year old KRL1001, free hutch,WHAT?!, thats right, FREE,ok now I'm paying attention.Another couple grand in rebates,"customer loyalty and I'm really paying attention. Well bottom line, he hands me a number of $4000.00 plus tax for an Extreme Green KRL1023 with stainless top and riser.
All I know is the guy that delivered it had a truckload of Snap-on boxes and he said he has been delivering them like crazy. Yea its got wheels, for some reason they got cut off in the post, the pic shows the wheels on my photobucket. I figure they're overstocked and trying to move some goods or the dealers want to push boxes. So this thing just dropped from Ryobi and from the sounds of it, it’s pretty damned cool. The idea of having your tools at hand rather than in a drawer is enticing, but things like pliers often don’t work all that well inA a tool board environment, right? The new "ss" box your referring to is the new classic 78 with 2 full length drawers part no.
I assume any of the Chevy products such as the Camaro SS, Impala SS and Chevy cars "ad nauseum" are just as offensive. I really wish the white carts and boxes were more readily available than just in their Epiq line. How can a guy with over 450 pairs of pliers, cutters, tongs, grips etc, have a "favorite"?
About 99% of my tools are hand-me-downs from my Dad, my Grandfather, and a Great Uncle. What I'd like to get ideas about is, what is the best way to store sockets (vertical or horizontal) and why? Try moving the intermediate to a shelf or something to see if you can then see inside the top drawer. In all honesty, I'd recommend just sorting your tools out temporarily into the drawers and then see what you can do. I moved my top box to the side, and now the intermediate, is the top with a spot for cleaners, antiseize, locktite, etc.
I put pliers in the first full-width drawer on the top box, because those are the most used tools. Part of this is because when you ask someone to help you in the shop, and tell them to get a tool, they always start at the first full-width drawer.
Punches and chisels, tape measures and rulers, pens, markers, note pads, tire gauges, misc.

I put all my ratchets and sockets in the top, under the lid, but you need a step-stool the get into yours. Mike I am actually in Louisville JCS is a little further east I am pretty sure and may or may not have power at the moment . Somebody on here just bought a bunch of cheap wrenches and used them as door handles for his cabinets. I have them on my overhead cabinets at work and they're surviving well in a salt-air environment. For $10 each I'd be tempted to use Snap-On wrenches and drill a hole and mount with a spacer. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Doesnt sound like overstock if people are waiting months but i do agree the markup on truck boxes is probably very very "healthy" for Snap-On. Essentially it’s a 2hp garage door opener that becomes a sort of HUB for your garage. Once the joint was up and pseudo operational, I had a bunch of projects to tendA to before I could really get down to making a place for everything. Kudos to my wife for finding this for me at a moving sale and just buying it right on the spot.
I bought a set of holders for them from Sears that they lay into but I'm not sure this is what I want to use. I was putting stuff in the drawers last night and I got to thinking "How am I ever going to remember which drawer has what in it? Ike knocked our power out on sunday and I am still running off a power inverter in my service truck . You can make these for a dollar a piece with garage sale or harbor freight wrenches, if you were so inclined. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
Doesn't matter to me, I'm waiting for my dealer to come back from vacation, then I'm gonna pay it off.
My coworker ordered cranberry,then switched it to black and he's still waiting.Actually his cranberry hutch was on the truck with my box but my dealer warned me and asked me to refuse it Must be a big demand for black.
Through a host of modular accessories, you can add a fan, more lights, a cord reel, and even a bluetooth speaker. Granted the KRSC46's on the Snap-on site aren't offered in white nor do they have that 90th aniverssary sticker on them, but retail on all KRSC46's on the Snap-on site is $1,590. The majority of the tools from them are carpentry but a few mechanics tools were in the mix too. You'll more than likely fine tune and re-organize your drawers a few time before you settle on something you like.

I did buy some of the black Kobalt shelf padding at Lowe's and have got the top 2 boxes lined. They all look the same!" I had made those type labels for the audio mixer at our church and they work great. I havent heard or seen anything out of JCS since the storm I know Cincinati got hit as hard as we did and I am pretty sure he is close to Cinci so he may be sitting in the dark.
Admittedly, some of this stuff is just silly but I really admire the innovation of thought here from a company that I’ve never reallyA given much thought too. Working on projects in the shop while it was an organizational mess gave me a betterA understanding of what should go where. I wasnt a fan of the lock n roll drawers at first but if your not moving the box around you can take the out.
I've got another toolbox that my Grandfather handmade for the carpentry tools so I'm good there. I used photography paper and refrigerator magnet material that you can find office supply stores and Hobby Lobby, etc. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.
The only thing for him, I guess he doesn't make a dime on the sale, he just gets the trades. Maybe that one did sell for that much, but felt like he was trying to lie to me and make me feel like I was getting offered a deal. I figure that the tools I use most will be towards the middle of the stack and I don't even know what to put in the top drawer that flips open.
I really liked the Blue stuff that comes with the Kobalt toolboxes they sell there at Lowe's but apparently they don't sell it separately.
Well, I went out to take a look, I have wanted a KRL1023 in extreme green, but I really wasn't serious.
I have been turning wrenches for 25 years, I figured I'm probably getting a little old to be thinking about a new box.
But if your situation requires financing then definitely get the SO box they hold their value. I talked to my dealer the other day about mine and he said if i wanted to step up he would give me what i paid for mine.
I realize this is going to be always evolving but I'd appreciate any ideas anyone is willing to share.

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