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If you don't see the size you want please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to provide a custom quotation for you. I've just had a 16ft by 10ft workshop put in and to say that I am over the moon wouldn't be doing justice to the high quality build, or to the A1 service I received. I would suggest the 12' wide version of the Little House plans would be closer to what you want to build than the Victoria plans. Wooden base : This is a treated timber frame usually made from heavy duty 70mm x 50mm heavy duty timbers made in our factory in North West Wales and then leveled on site and fixed down with timber pegs into the ground. Flag bases : Area needs to be leveled we then spead a bed of sand and then lay the 600mm x 600mm concrete flags on top. A Concrete bases : This method is our most popular base and is best suited to a fairly lavel area. Megasheds can quote for your all your groundworks requirements please contact us with your details for a estimate. The most popular style in the range, Gable Roof sheds offer a large area for work or storage. These medium sized sheds are ideal as a garden,  tool shed or can be used for the storage of bikes, toys and general equipment.
5 Step Assembly comprises simple, fully illustrated assembly instructions, which are both comprehensive and extremely user friendly.

And, with the inclusion of EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges on all channels, panels, door jambs, flashings and ridge beam. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania.
It came a long way from Yorkshire to Buckinghamshire but our research in comparing the specifications to those from other companies was well worth while. If you have any doubts about what your getting do not worry , the build quality of the structure is exceptional.
I believe the architects put these cabins on wheels so they could get around the building codes in Okanogan County. I'm posting to this thread since it seems to largely concern the topic of my question. With the addition of the ridge beam forming an integral part of the construction, this increases strength and stability. I was concerned over an Internet order but there was no need to be compared to my local suppliers Sheds • • • Direct offer a far superior product and I would order another shed from Kevin tomorrow if I needed to. I think it was something about building in a flood plain, but am not sure on that.Harleyout of control exsessive mandated building codes need to be banned.
Everything was out in the open and living was outside most of the time - Gypsy type living.

Building is to serve as temporary shelter (camping-style; I currently have an old, beat-up travel trailer there that has become hopelessly mouse-infested) for the next couple of years, then long term storage. Metal roofing is desired, with a high probability of adding some photovoltaic panels, post construction.
I want to build something that will last more than a few years with adequate maintenance, but economy of construction is essential. I intend to do the final design myself, but I would like to buy a good set of plans to crib from for a building reasonably similar to what I am planning as a sanity check.
From a brief perusal of the Country Plans site, I've tentatively concluded that the Victoria Cottage plans would serve this purpose.
If there is a plan set better suited to this application, I'd appreciate some guidance. Other observations and comments are welcome, however, the basic parameters of my building are somewhat fixed, for a number of reasons relating to the site and situation.

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