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FOOTHILL COUNTRY SHEDS AND SHELTERS   This little business has some really beautiful sheds here.
BUILD A SIMPLE SHED   This is a very good presentation of how to build a good strong 8ft x 8ft shed. CAREFREE SMALL BUILDINGS   This is a large eastern shed building company based in the state of Connecticut. KAUFFMAN BUILDERS   Lots of nice sheds here and they all have very nicely matched color combinations.
RIVER VIEW WOOD SHEDS   This business located on the East Coast of the United States, has a flip book on their website for viewing their shed projects.
REEDS FERRY SHEDS   This new listing, a New England business takes shed building to a new level, something i have not seen anywhere. TUINDECO SHEDS   None of the sheds i see on this website use solid sheets of plywood as far as i can tell.
We keep stock of virtually all the product ranges here in the UK to enable a quick delivery for our customers. SHEDWORKING   For those of you who like to work in your backyard shed at home, this might be a nice book for you to have in your personal library. I NEED YOUR HELPIf you the viewer of my websites would consider making purchases of the items that interest you through my "Amazon Ad Placements" that would be very helpful and appreciated. FOX COUNTRY SHEDS   This business has a nice website with adequate pictures and videos of their products and construction techniques. Single Car and Prefab Garages are built to the highest standards of quality in the heart of Lancaster County, PA.
FINE HOMEBUILDING   This website linked to here is really kind of an online magazine and a very good too. DERKSEN PORTABLE BUILDINGS   They have about 12 US states with dealers of their sheds.

A friend of mine gave me a 12'X14' shed with a double swinging door on one end, jacked it up backed my old 49 Ford PU in put 4X4 across the bed and bumpers, let it down and drove home about 2 mls across town. My brother-in-law built a beautiful wooden 8x10 or 8x8 to store the firewood in at his camp.
Took a borrowed flat bed trailer, bought a half dozen 10'x4" fence posts, jacked up one side of the shed, and tossed two fence posts under it as rollers. I am wondering about going for a plastic shed, - low maintenance & easier to move if there is a problem. I moved this one (formerly the neighbor's outhouse) on rollers myself, so I could set granite blocks at the corners. Op why don't u just build one there easy as sh*t to build and would be a great long weekend project and you would save easily $1k-$1500 compared to pre built. Well now that I did more looking around, I am wondering if I am missing a decent opportunity for another 'shed' idea. This might be going off my original topic & need a new topic, if I did, the new subject would be something along the lines of "how should I lattice panel under my deck as a shed"? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Wife followed me with CB's to help guide me since we had to turn on a State Highway for a couple of blocks. It worked well for about a week until the neighbors were kind enough to send code enforcement knocking on his camp door. Jacked up the other side of the shed, tossed another roller under it, positioned another roller a few feet in our intended direction of travel, and started pushing it.
It was a fun project, resulted in a really beautiful post-and-beam style shed, and it's built on skids, so it is movable (though i never tried to move it).
One in particular caught my eye so I dropped by to take a closer look.While checking it out an elderly gentlemen mentioned to me that he is purchasing the exact model for himself and his wife to live in.

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Then we turned it 90° out in the driveway (unpaved), and used a come-along to get it rolled up on the trailer. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. The back of my property goes against a nature preserve (about 300 acres) so its doubtful anyone would ever complain.
We then towed the shed 18 miles back to town and put it in my other brother-in-law's backyard where it became his grand-daughter's play house. There is also a side door on the apposite side leading into the first floor.Home depot carries several other buildings that could possibly make a tiny house.
If you are interested in learning more you can call Home Depot at 1-800-HOMEDEPOT.While I would personally prefer to buy my tiny house from a tiny house builder and refrain from giving the money to a large company, these buildings are an attractive option for someone with a limited budget.
It also makes sense if you have access to someone with some DIY skills to keep costs down for completing the remaining work to make the house livable.If converting a garage seems like a good idea to you, you might want to take a look at this book that gives some good info.
I was able to buy model shown, added regular windows, vinyl siding, steel door for less than 6,000 dollars. My younger sister is wanting to move out on her own and she is looking at this exact building.

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