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House & Home 10x16 Garden ShedThis is a discussion on 10x16 Garden Shed within the House & Home forums, part of the DAILY LIFE! Knocked down an existing 7x12 barn shed that came with the house since it was damaged from carpenter ants and was just too small for my storage needs. I think I'm doing the right thing now, because if I went any further and they made me knock it down that would be a disaster, any fines I could deal with, moving or lowering it would be a PITA. Decided to make the walls a bit taller, so that a 4'x8' sheet of LP SmartSide would just sit 2 inches lower than the lower, outer 2'x6"s without any cutting.
In the pics, the shed looks that much taller than it really is with the 12" pitch on the right side which enhances the height visually.
I also have to be concerned about how far it is away from rear and left property lines, 4' and 4'6" respectively. So, my plan going forward it to hand in the permit, if it get's approve just proceed like nothing happened.

The pics are misleading because the homes behind my house are at a much lower grade level then my property. Right, so I'm def doing the right thing now, by holding off until I get the permit, hope it goes through.
Right, a foundation like I've built means it's not a permanent dwelling, so it shouldn't add onto my taxes.
Looked at pre fabricated sheds, and the prices were in the $5,000 range for the size I was looking at. Applied for the permit then figured, I could possibly get away without the town noticing, this was until I realized how big this thing looks. Plus I'm tall, at 6'3", I wanted something substantial, and I hate how it looks when the top of a door reaches the top of the shed. If they give me a hard time about positioning or height, then I would have to tell them I started it already, but stopped once a friend explained I would need a building permit.

The size is nice, I have to say, add some shelving, I can even put a decent sized work bench in there, and eventually run some electric to it and do some word working in there. The pre-fab ones tend to be rather cheezy, plus I would need to pay to have it assembled on site, and the wait was 3-4 weeks.
I think I'm good on the 4' distance, and I think once it has the siding added on it will look smaller visually. I don't know if it would apply to a shed or not, but hurricane clips should be used where the roof rafters meet the top plate. But I'm stopping progress right now and have decided to hand in my application for a building permit.

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