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The Build-A-Bear Workshop at Downtown Disney Anaheim is located in a tall, green, 2-story Art Deco structure. Build-A-Bear Workshop is bringing the magic and friendship of the My Little Pony brand to their stores.
The My Little Pony plush allows Guests to engage with these iconic characters in new and exciting ways at Build-A-Bear Workshop and uniquely personalize Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash like never before. Occasionally, we watch My Little Pony on tv and I love the fact that the shows and characters I really liked when I was little are back out for my little girls to fall in love with too. Both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Pony retail for $24 at Build-A-Bear Workshop {without any extra clothing or accessories}.
To give you a little hand, here’s your chance to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop so you can experience the magic of creating your very own furry friend no matter who you choose. I would pick the Pinkie Pie for my Parker Joy (sorry… just had to use that alliteration!).
How fun, we’ve never have had a chance to do Build A Bear, but my daughter would love it! About MBKBMommyB Knows Best is a family friendly website that features fun tips and tricks for parents, fresh segments you won't see on other websites, honest in-depth product reviews, and great giveaways. On November 1st, Build-A-Bear Workshop opened up a newly designed store at Memorial City Mall here in Houston. The first 100 guests on November 1st and November 2nd were invited to make a special bear for free to be donated to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. Love Me The kids got to customize their furry friends with special personality traits displayed as emoticons on an interactive table. The Name Me station, where Princess used a viewfinder or “Bear-O-Scope” as it’s called to reveal the special attributes she previously added to her new friend.
Here are some child- and pram-friendly day trips for families travelling to Sydney, assuming you are staying in the city. Not to be confused with Bondi Beach (which is at least a 45 minute walk away), Bondi Junction is an easy 11 minute train ride out of the city. The Bondi Junction train station has both ramp and lift access, and takes you out into the heart of the Junction, which – let's be blunt – is pretty much limited to shopping. The Westfield is one of the largest shopping complexes in the Sydney metropolitan area, and comes with an entire 'precinct' dedicated to kids including the Build-A-Bear-Workshop and some pretty awesome parents' rooms – with views like this. With some serious sculpture, funky lounge areas and one of the best food courts in the country with probably the best view in the world you will find that time easily slips away. If you come on a Sunday you will be lucky enough to visit the Bondi Junction Markets, which take place in the pedestrian mall (Oxford Street Mall) from 9am-5pm.
This extraordinary garden may be in the heart of the city, but as soon as you step foot inside you are transported into another time and place.
Although the garden is open from 10am to 5pm daily, the costume hire is only open from midday to 5pm, so before you head to the garden you might like to take a leisurely walk into Chinatown and Haymarket first.
Haymarket is an enormous, multi-storied shopping complex with a food court on the first floor, and the higher you go, the cheaper the shops become. Inside you will find everything from a $2 shop to shoe shops, opals to Hello Kitty, electronics to men's ties and more women's fashions that you can possibly stuff into your suitcase.
If you have little ones and the sun is shining (or even if it's not) chances are it's the water play that will be the strongest drawcard for your children. They will be even happier when they then run into the sandpit and get covered with nice wet sand, which they can drag down the 8m slide or take across the 21m flying fox. Perhaps they are climbers: and with massive rope climbs (one rises over 10 metres into the air) you may have a hard time getting them back down again.
Other awesome equipment includes diggers for those truck boys, an 18m balance rope, and a 3D swing.
The playground is not gated and since there is plenty of water in and around it, you do need to keep an eye on your kids.
While there are public toilets in the playground itself, the entire Tumbalong Park area (which incorporates 5 hectares of open space, the amphitheatre, Chinese Gardens and the Darling Quarter playground, is also well serviced by plenty of public toilets. If you are threatened with a wet or hot day then this is the perfect day-trip to stay indoors and under cover. With a single loop taking about ten minutes it doesn't take long to get from place to place, although many of the really useful places such as Circular Quay and Central Station aren't serviced by the Monorail. With kids five and under free, and an adult full day pass less than $10 you can hop on and off as many times as you like. A short stroll from the Paddys Market station (turn left and walk up the covered walkway) is the Powerhouse Museum. If you have come in on the Monorail day pass, you will find a 20% discount voucher for entry to the Powerhouse Museum (plus a range of other cool places such as the Sydney Aquarium, IMAX, Australian National Maritime Museum and Sydney Tower Eye).
Well serviced by a spacious glass elevator as well as ramps, the Museum is very pram and child friendly.
Almost as iconic as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Luna Park has been grinning at Sydneysiders for almost 80 years. Kids love the ferry and parents love photo opportunities so a trip to Luna Park via the ferry is a win-win situation. There are some side-show games such as shooting cans and the clowns that you pay for separately (the clowns are $5 a game or three for $12. There is a pretty impressive number of rides considering that it is crammed onto a relatively small piece of land: roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel, dodgems and a number of rides that will probably make your child bring up breakfast.

The times and days Luna Park is open is dependent on peak versus low season, what month it is, whether it is school holidays, the phase of the moon and what the Prime Minister had for breakfast. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. What do you build when a flat deck with rails and stairs just isn’t enough for your backyard oasis? The remaining waste between saw cuts is easily and accurately removed with a chisel, much more so than if there were no cuts.
The large timbers used to construct the trellis provide some shade, but to block out the sun’s rays effectively, you can add a retractable canopy.
The frame and recessed panels featured as part of the support posts in this project could take you a long time to complete if you made them with traditional joinery methods. Start by preparing wood for the vertical side members (the stiles), and the wider horizontal members (the rails). Place the stiles and rails face down on a flat work surface, then drill angled holes for pocket screws on the back faces of the rails.
Anchor blocks are the best way to fasten hollow, frame-and-panel posts to a masonry foundation.
When it comes time to install the posts, set them in place over the anchor blocks, plumb the posts, then drive screws through the bottom ends of the stiles and rails, and into the edges of the blocks. If you’re dealing with very thick wood, you may need to readjust the depth of the bit so the bearing rides farther down on the pattern, making a deeper cut that extends slightly past the middle of the workpiece.
Load-bearing rafters that form enclosed roofs on houses are laid out and cut according to plans, but there’s a better approach when you’re dealing with decorative rafters. I went back to the magazine and it looks like the joists are about 2x10 while the rafters are 2x6, although they may be 2x8.
And, walking along further, you'll come to the main sales floor stocked with clothing and accessories for the teddy bears you'll be making. You can add a signature cape, style their beautiful mane and tail, add shoes, or even clothing. I promised my daughters as soon as the email came that BAB would have MLP that I would get them each one… and that promise is going to be checked in soon!
To kick off the Grand Opening, Build-A-Bear Workshop held a ribbon cutting and a Stuffed with Hugs Charity event. Princess and I got to make one and gave her two hearts for extra special love and sent along with it two extra special wishes. At Name Me, the kids created birth certificates that included a photo of their new furry friends. Princess liked being able to add the character traits best and Bug really enjoyed adding a sound to his. When you have small children, you are limited to how far (and fast) you can go, and if you have a pram, then it puts a few limitations on where (and how) you can go. All city stations (except Museum) have lifts and all the trains have adequate space for prams (assuming you aren't travelling in the middle of peak hour). If your older kids tire before you do, there are free strollers available for hire from the Concierge Desks. Admittedly, it is not entirely pram-friendly, there are only certain pavilions and paths where a pram will go, but if you have someone willing sit with the baby under a shady tree while you and the older kids explore the garden, it is worth the trip.
From Wednesday to Sunday Paddy's Markets operate under the building, but it gets pretty busy on weekends making negotiating with a pram a bit more tricky.
At the very least bring a towel and a change of clothes, because even if you have the best of intentions and just let them 'paddle their feet', they will end up sitting in the water, let the water jets spray up their skirt or fall over in the excitement. There are plenty of shade sails around, but some of the concrete and wooden surfaces (not to mention the metal slides) do get hot in the sun. There is a McDonalds a few steps away, or perhaps the Guylian Chocolate Cafe if that's more your style (good luck with the wet, sandy kids though).
While the monorail is still functioning (apparently it will be pulled down in 2013) it proves to be a relatively inexpensive and fun way to get around at least part of the city. However you can use the World Square stop for the cinemas, the Darling Quarter Playground and the Chinese Gardens, and the Paddys Market stop for Chinatown, the markets and Powerhouse. The downside is that the stations are sometimes a little hard to find but it is air-conditioned and all stations are serviced by ramps and lifts so it is very pram friendly (avoid during peak hour though).
This multi-storied museum is full of exhibits that will fascinate every member of the family from the littlies (the Wiggles exhibit and magical garden), older kids (space exhibit, full-sized train), dads (bikes through the ages) and mums (Australian Dress Registry). When we visited the Wiggles display proved a favourite for my girls with movies to watch, a big red car to sit in, a pirate ship to explore, craft to make and a really cool interactive colouring-in display that caused a few tears the following day when I explained we couldn't go back (we were on a flight home to Perth).
Unless you are staying north of the bridge, the best way to get there is by ferry, and it is a short trip from either Circular Quay or Darling Harbour (or you can walk over the bridge which is a really pleasant stroll once you figure out how to get up there).
You have to be careful though, because even though Luna Park is free to enter they don't tend to tell you in all the tourist brochures how expensive it is when you get in. For something a bit more economical and stomach-friendly, Coney Island ($10pp) is an authentic 1930s fun house that includes slides, spinning barrels, slippery wheels, mirror maze and bouncy walkways. Seriously, check the website, it's too hard to explain, but generally in high season it is open every day from about 10 or 11am and closes any time between 4pm and 11pm. You’ll also find it helpful if you decrease the spacing between cuts in areas with knots or contrary grain. A faster option—one that’s also more than strong enough and still looks great—involves creating false-panel assemblies using pocket screws.

Apply a small amount of weatherproof glue to the ends of the rails, clamp them to the stiles, ensuring smooth front-to-back alignment, then drive corrosion-proof screws to pull the entire assembly together.
Scrape off the excess glue from the joints right away, then sand the visible part of the joints flat. Fasten additional pieces of flat lumber to the back faces of the assembled frames using more glue and screws. Although there are some rare and expensive portable bandsaws made for cutting curves in timber-frame work, these aren’t practical for do-it-yourself projects. You could make your pattern out of thinner material, but as you’ll see, there’s a reason for going this thick.
Remove the pattern, install it on the other face of the knee brace, then repeat the process. Thicker material, such as the wood used here, is best cut with a 12" mitre saw set up on a flat floor surface. They aren't truly load bearing but they do need to be sturdy enough to support their own weight and wind loads so a bit of advice would be welcome!
The charity event would provide 200 bears to hug for the children at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.
In addition to the massive Westfield, there are also smaller shops crammed into the malls and streets surrounding the station. We went for the big one thinking there might be some clothes for the toys we just bought, but were surprised to find a bear, dress, sound, watch, mobile phone and toy (all of which would retail for about $100). Head straight there, and for $5 ($10 for adults) your children can be dressed up to be an Imperial Princess or Warrior, with swords, fans, detailed costumes and elaborate head-dresses. The ground floor markets also close at 5pm which locks the central elevators, so unless you are warned (which you are now) you spend half an hour riding up and down in the lift wondering why you can't get off on the ground floor (hint: change elevators). With 26 water jets, pumping stations, water channels, wheels and scoops your child will be happy as a clam. And it's a bit difficult to drag a kid all the way across the water and then tell them they can't go on any rides.
It provides shade, a place for climbing plants to reach great heights and defines an outdoor living space. Start by determining the size of tenon you need, then subtract this figure from the thickness of your timber. This step makes accurate chisel work much easier.You’ll enjoy the greatest speed if you knock out the bulk of the kerfed wood with a hammer, then use a chisel to remove what remains.
You should be able to put at least 3" of metal into the masonry, so drill at least 4" deep (to provide a place for chips to collect in the bottom of the hole). Adjust the bit height in the router so the width of the bearing just barely rides along the top edge of the pattern, then switch on the tool and make a cut following the pattern.
Hold long pieces of uncut lumber together to form an angled peak to get a sense of the best rafter arrangement and to determine angles that are most attractive to the eye. Hammer together T-shaped wooden supports to support the long rafter stock on the floor at the same height as the mitre saw’s bed. We were provided with free gift cards to experience the newly imagined Build-A-Bear Workshop experience. You can stay dressed-up for as long as you are in the garden, and with photo opportunities like this, you will think it is the best $5 you ever spent. Too bad if you have a giant five year old like me, but awesome if you are a shorty yourself.
Check the website – you don't want to pack the kids up only to find it is closed (although that would save you a lot of money). Discover the details that go into building the grand trelliswork and use the technical details to create a design to suit your needs—then, get building.
Adjust your saw so the depth of cut is the same depth as your tenon shoulder; mark the location of the shoulder with a pencil and square, then carefully cut along the waste side of the line.
Finish up by placing the flat face of your chisel down on the tenon, then take short, paring cuts to bring the wood down to the final dimensions. Apply polyurethane construction adhesive to the underside of the anchor block, set it in place, then hammer the expanding anchors down into the holes as far as they will go with the nuts just barely on the threaded part of the anchor. It works especially well for making the kind of curved knee braces that are part of this pergola. When you think you have the main design right, fasten rafters together temporarily, then climb down and view your mock-up from all angles.
When she was 3 she got a plastic pinkie pie that was broken by her cousin and she was heart broken.
Prices vary depending on the time of year, so if you're on a budget you might want to check online how much it will cost before you mention it to the kids. Finish up by adding the horizontal roof members, called purlins between the rafters to add more strength.
We haven’t found a good replacement yet and years later she still plays with her ponies and loves Build-A-Bear.

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