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Some Windows Phone models have expansion card slots to help with storage needs but even that relief has restrictions. First, if you are curious how much memory you have left and what is occupying it you can easily find this information out by going to your Windows Phone settings.
Going back to the main page of the Phone Storage settings, if you have a Windows Phone with a micro-SD card expansion slot two options will be available to redirect music, video, and picture files to the expansion card for storage.
If you own a Nokia Windows Phone, you will also have a Storage Check setting that essentially serves the same purpose as the Phone Storage setting with a few exceptions.
For the most part, neither the Phone Storage nor Storage Check settings menu will let you delete items from within. Here are just a few suggestions on how to better manage your Windows Phone storage memory and avoid running out of space.
Everyone will have either photos that haven’t seen the light of day in months or photos of the ground, your thumb, or other unwanted subjects.
For those older photos videos that you just cannot bring yourself to delete, back them up to your OneDrive or transfer them to a Windows PC.
There are other cloud based solutions available (such as AT&T Locker) but with your Windows Live ID you get 7 GB of free storage on OneDrive, why not take advantage of it?
The plus side is that if you decide you want to play a deleted game again, the Windows Phone Store will remember the purchase and you can re-install it as much as you’d like. With the Windows Phone 8 app, you can easily manage your music where you can keep a decent selection of tunes on your Windows Phone while minimizing the amount of storage needed.
Likewise, if you're near Wi-Fi a lot or have a big data plan, you can stream music from Pandora, Songza, Spotify and more.
With cloud accounts such as OneDrive, you can send files to the cloud and still have access to them from your Windows Phone, all of which will free up your Windows Phone on-board storage.
Unfortunately there is no silver bullet with regards to managing your Windows Phone storage.
The bottom line is that to make the most of your 8, 16 or 32 gigabyte storage, you are going to have to do a little work in managing that limited space. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates stated this week that he supports the company's recent lawsuit against the U.S.
Truth to be told, there’s no reason why we should have to buy an app to see such basic information about our Apple TVs, but alas. There’s another app, System Activity Monitor, that provides more information, such as Runtime Memory, CPU Core Usage, and more.
The Nokia Lumia 625 a fantastic value 4.7-inch smartphone that is the largest budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone right now. However, all those photos and videos, as well as the music we’ve downloaded from Nokia MixRadio, as well as apps and games can take their toll on the internal storage of the Nokia Lumia 625. On the Details list you’ll also find Temporary Files – these are typically files that are no longer needed by the Windows Phone operating system.

Devices TutorialsTop camera tips for taking the perfect photo on your Lumia this ChristmasDid you get a shiny new Lumia phone this Christmas? It seems to take no time at all to fill up the eight, sixteen or even thirty-two gigabytes of storage on our Windows Phones. Every Windows Phone will have a Phone Storage setting that will display how much memory is being used, how much memory is free and you can also see how the used memory breaks down. The Nokia Storage Check will present you with a graphic of how much storage is available, in use and how it’s being used. Some of this may be second nature for the seasoned Windows Phone users but it may be different for those new to the platform. How about those five second long videos where something messes up the shot and you have to start from scratch? Personally, I back up my photos and videos to my computer and keep a decent collection of images available on my OneDrive. How many have apps and games installed on their Windows Phones that haven’t been launched in weeks? Also keep in mind that some music files can be stored and played from your OneDrive account. A 32 GB MicroSD card runs in the neighborhood of $20 and is a simple way to free up on-board memory.
Storage Sense falls in line with the current Phone Storage settings but expands what you can shift to the expansion card. There’s more than one way to skin a potato and you’ve got a suggestion on managing your Windows Phone storage, sound off below in the comments.
However, Microsoft will continue to support the current Xbox 360 units and games can still be bought for the console. Fortunately, Windows Phone has a free service called Find My Phone that can help you recover your phone. I imagine that there will probably be other apps that come out that do similar things, so it may be worth waiting for a free alternative. We love the big and bold touchscreen display and while the 5-Megapixel camera may not be state-of-the-art PureView it does a great job of capturing reliable images you can easily share with others. Normally these are removed automatically but you can force your Nokia Lumia to get rid of them and free up valuable space.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The apps that I have left are not adding up to the storage I have left… Meaning there should be way more space left than there actually is. We often install apps and games that begin to collect dust after a few days, never delete photos, and often have several music albums worth of songs. For those who struggle with keeping enough storage space free on your Windows Phone, we’ve got a few suggestions that might help you manage your memory better.

Tapping the memory bar, you will pull up a category break down that shows how much storage is used for apps and game, music and videos, pictures and documents. You also have a details page in the Storage Check settings where you can pull up a more detailed listing of how this memory is being used. In using OneDrive you can delete your photos and videos locally and still have them accessible from your Windows Phone while on the go. I still have trouble deleting the images from my Windows Phone but if I need to, I know the images are backed up somewhere.
Our suggestion is if you are hoping for an update that will add more levels to the game, you might want to keep it installed for that very reason.
If I’m in the mood for listening to music, I have the car radio (XM Satellite) or get connected to my laptop. As we have mentioned, you can currently route image, music and video files to the expansion card and you can store documents on the card as well.
It even goes a step further by giving you options to lock or erase your phone from any computer. Microsoft claims that government requests to keep data requests secret violate the U.S Constitution.
The Overview gives you a quick heads-up of what is stored on your phone, while the Details option gives you a more detailed look of what’s on your phone. This will include a detailed view of all your apps and games with the memory they require, a listing of any maps installed, and the ability to delete any temporary files.
These are often free titles that spark our interest, we tinker with the app or game for a few days and then we let it collect dust.
But for those who do, there really isn’t a need to download your complete music library to your Windows Phone. That should help greatly for those with low-memory devices, or even high end ones like the Lumia 1520.
Most of the time these temporary files are deleted automatically but you can clear them up manually if you need the space sooner. These dust collecting apps and games are taking up storage space and about once a week, you should scan your game and app lists and delete those you haven’t used in a while or will never use again. I install probably a dozen or so apps and games on my Windows Phone weekly and constantly are reviewing the ones I can live without and those I use with regularity.

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