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To purchase this CedarShed wood cabana storage building or this CedarShed wood clubhouse storage building in cedar from Lowes could definitely be a good idea if you're in need of a durable building on your property, however you don't want to build on yourself from scratch. Set a Reminder and we'll send you an email when it's time to stock up on items you buy regularly or seasonally, like air filters, fertilizer or mulch. Give your home an exterior facelift by replacing worn or dated porch railings with custom wood railings topped by an overhead structure. Different parts of the country will require posts to be buried to different depths, especially in climates where the ground freezes during the winter.
If a combination of panels, balusters, and posts doesn’t fit one of the porch measurements exactly, tweak the design to add or subtract a few inches. Increase the number of balusters from three to four in a group to add an extra 3" between panels. Decide on a paint or stain color scheme by choosing a primary color for the posts and rails and a complementary accent color for the brackets, panels, and balusters. To build the panels as shown, cut to length the long narrow slats (A), short narrow slats (B), wide center slats (C), pairs of upper (D) and lower (E) mounting strips, and the two pairs of wide balusters (F) (Porch Railing Project Diagram - Panel Assembly).
For a rainy day or a winter project, make and stain or paint these panels ahead of time in the comfort of your garage or workshop and install them later.
Measure and mark the narrow slat (A, B) locations on the inside faces of two wide balusters (F).
Use a carpenter's square to ensure the horizontal slats are square with the wide balusters. Now is a good time to pre-drill lag-screw pilot holes and counterbores where needed for mounting those brackets that will hang over the porch. Determine how deep you'll need to set the 6"x6" posts (J) for your local climate and building codes. Cut two pairs of lower (L) and upper (M) rails and one top hand rail (N) for each space between the posts, then drive angled screws through the outside rails into the posts. Driving screws at an angle from the side of a board so they come out through the end can be difficult. Check the distance between posts against your graph-paper drawing and mark the locations of the balusters (O) and panel assemblies on the lower (L) and upper (M) rails.

Lay an overhead rail (K) spanning two brackets with equal overhangs on each end, and mark the locations of the brackets on the rail. Position the two inside overhead rails (K) with their notches wrapping over the tops of the brackets and faces against the post. At the same angle, cut the ends of lower rails (L) and upper (M) rails so they stretch between the posts at a diagonal.
You can find a range of CedarShed garden storage sheds as well as other structures that differ some in design, so there are a couple of different options to choose between.
Check your local municipality or building code for the types of footings recommended in your area and call 811 to have a professional mark the locations of buried utility lines. Then glue and nail them in place on the inside faces of two wide balusters (F) and let dry. After the glue dries, drill countersunk pilot holes and drive the reinforcing screws into the wide center slat (C), upper mounting strips (D), and lower mounting strips (E). On each vertical mounting block (H), cut a 45-degree chamfer on the bottom end as shown (Porch Railing Project Diagram - Bracket Assembly). To avoid bumping into the diagonal support while driving the screws on those brackets, drill the upper pilot holes at slight angles. Depending on the height of your porch and the local frost line, you may need concrete footings that extend beneath the bottom of the posts. Simplify the job and reduce the chance of splitting the wood by drilling into the end grain at about an 18-degree angle so the hole comes out the side of the wood.
Paint or stain the posts (J), lower rails (L), upper rails (M), and top handrail (N) a color that complements the bracket and panel colors. Clamp four rails together with the ends flush and transfer the bracket marks to all of the rails using a square.
A few fractions of an inch can throw off your design, so take precise measurements on each side where you'll install the railing and overhead structure. Then divide the lumber by the number of parts each board can yield, allowing a little extra for saw cuts and trimming the ends square.
Then start your screws before positioning the ends of the horizontal boards against the posts.

For the bracket on the inside face of the post, screw through the bracket and into the post. Apply two coats of paint or stain the same color as the posts to the overhead rails and let dry.
It should be as high off the ground as the distance from the porch to the top edge of the upper rails (M).
Bevel the top handrails (N) so the ends will be plumb after installation and nail them in place.
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Check for buried utilities where you'll sink the posts next to your porch, and be sure the overhead structure won't come within 10' of any power or utility lines. Dig concrete footing holes as needed and set the posts, checking for plumb on two adjoining faces. Putting up a garden gazebo or storage shed or building in your outdoor area can really add a lot of charm and provide function as well. Home Depot as well as Sears as well as Costco and Target as well as Lowes would also be stores that would be worth checking out if you're thinking about setting up an outdoor structure.
Some of these outdoor buildings can be permanent, and others are more easy to take down and move. These Lowes cedar cabanas as well as club houses are built in durable cedar wood and feature very elegant designs. So no matter what type of structure you're looking for, you're sure to find something suitable for your particular needs.

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