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Upgrading or expanding the space outside of your home adds value, not only to your home, but to your lifestyle.
Outdoor fireplaces are one of the special additions you can make to your outdoor living space that will provide an added value. As a design feature, outdoor fireplaces enhance the depth of the design that you have created for your outdoor living space.
Thinking in terms of your home’s decor and design, you may prefer a modern, sleek design for your outdoor fireplace. Your outdoor fireplace can be built into a wall, saving space for other outdoor features you desire, or built as a feature of its own, perhaps with seating built around it or counters nearby for guests to rest their glasses on during one of your famous gatherings. Outdoor fireplaces are a natural attraction for people, who often gather around the fire to draw in the warmth and the glow of the firelight.
Family gatherings filled with laughter and s’mores may be in your future when you have an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor living space. Build a warm fire in your outdoor fireplace, pull up a pair of cushiony chairs and grab a couple of blankets and suddenly you have a romantic evening for two on a chilly evening.
Safety is always a first priority when including an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor living space. Upgrade your outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace and bring value to your home and lifestyle! Add a little storage space to your deck or patio area with this arched-back storage bench from Richmond. Learn from an informed Hayneedle representative about the multi-functional Richmond Arched Back Storage Bench. Submit Your Design When you have a home interior design and you want it to be shown in this blog, please do not hesitate to inform us.
Extending your property from the inside out and allowing for continuity from an indoor space to an outdoor space is a big design trend for homeowner's who want to make the most of their property. An outdoor living space can contain anything you like, which makes it a fun space to design. Weather resistant outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs, sofas and easy chairs provide comfort and are also durable in most climates. Outdoor fireplaces or patio fire pits not only provide warmth and a place for cooking, but are a great place to gather with family and friends. Installing an awning over your deck or patio area can really cut down on glare and on excess heat in the summertime.

Click here to also receive info and discounts on our preferred home building products for your new home. Gazebo kits , pergola roofing and patio roofing can all benefit from an asphalt shingle system. Gazebo Kits & Pergola Roofing Materials Australia specialise in the supply and installation of American shingle roofing materials. We send out gazebo kits for new roof’s and as a replacement product throughout Australia. Do-it-yourself installation is becoming increasingly popular, both for new homes and all sorts of backyard roof’s.
Posted April 28th 2014 by : Bill Bunch There are many ways that you can add value to your home. With The moderate climate in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas it is an ideal place for outdoor entertaining. By extending your living space into your outdoor space, you are not only adding more room to live, you are adding to that sense of value that you hold dear for yourself and for your family. Your outdoor fireplace can be modern or traditional, or designed with special features that compliment your unique design. Or you may want to extend your European style with a stone fireplace that complements your home. Friends and family alike will enjoy your outdoor fireplace that draws them close with the unspoken promise of warmth and security.
The crackling of the fire is almost like laughter, joining in with the merriment of the evening. When designing your outdoor living space you will want to ensure that the area around and above your outdoor fireplace has the right amount of space.
The bench is made of a beautiful red shorea wood and covered in a protective oil finish to keep it safe from the elements. Hopefully, you can find valuable information and guides about Outdoor Living Room Area With Ceiling Wood Material and Stunning open concept house plans designs with photos, which can be useful for your own home. Benches and seat walls not only have eye appeal, but also provide attractive and comfortable seating to spark conversation and provide additional storage space. Fireplaces and fire pits may run on gas for ease of operation or they may be wood-burning for a more rustic ambiance. It will lead to greater comfort and help reduce the burden of cooling your home in the hotter months, which amount to long-term energy savings.

We are the proud Australian distributors for IKO Corporation, the largest exporter of shingle roofing materials Worldwide.
Using simple tools found in most homes a gazebo kit roof, shed roof or pergola roofing project can be built in a weekend with no prior experience. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted an outdoor fireplace for your home and now is the time to make that happen. And although outdoor fireplaces are built with safety in mind, a fire extinguisher should always be close enough to reach in case it is ever needed. A storage space is contained beneath the seat of the bench and can easily be accessed by simply lifting the contoured bench seat. This solidly constructed bench is crafted from durable red shorea (red lauan) wood, a tropical hardwood similar in strength, texture, and appearance to mahogany. It will add charm and personality to your new home, while creating a great place for entertaining guests or spending a quiet evening outdoors.
The storage area's slatted walls enable constant airflow through the space, preventing stored items from growing damp or musty over time. The slightly coarser structure of Red Lauan will age beautifully, imparting an element of rustic charm to any setting.
You can find Outdoor Living Room Area With Ceiling Wood Material guide and look the latest Stunning open concept house plans designs with photos in this page. A lot of consideration should go into what flooring material you choose based on whether your outdoor living room is going to be uncovered, covered or a combination of both. With slatted wood walls all around, air is allowed to flow freely through the storage space so your cushions, or whatever you store, will never smell musty or damp. There are quite a few outdoor deck and patio flooring solutions available, like wood, composite, vinyl, plastic, ceramic and Red Cedar. Related to Burma teak, this hardwood grows naturally and plentifully in the Pacific Rim countries. Because shorea is dense, heavy, and hard, and contains an abundance of natural oils, it is highly resistant to rot, bug infestation, weather, and marring.
Please note that it is recommended to let your bench sit outside for 2-3 days before sitting on it to let the stain air out and completely dry.

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