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Rather than mimic the Spanish Revival style of their 1930 home, Jeff decided to complement it by making the shed look like a tiny traditional home, with a peaked roof, board-and-batten-style siding, and wood-framed windows. This is a house garden designed by Onix Architects, built on a 200 square meters garden site in Groningen, The Netherlands. I love Molecule’s tiny house designs and builds because they look and feel like I could easily live in them.
If you weren’t open to a sleeping loft before, does a staircase like this make it better? Joyce, as a 70 year old man with bad knees I may find it increasingly difficult to climb ladders or stairs in coming years. As an aging child I like the stairs, love the inside, but I’m not so fond of the outside design. I would put awning crank out windows up in the lofts instead of sliders so I wouldn’t have to worry about heavy blowing rain and going up there to close windows. The protruding 2nd floor on the hitch end- looks weird, looks like a 5th wheel, looks… not like a cottage, look clumsy, If it stuck out farther and had a porch under, that would work.
Also wonder about the composting toilet so close to face height in the bathtub – perhaps switch bathroom sink and toilet placement?
I would seriously love to get the plans for this house – I am looking to start building one of my own this summer!!
I absolutely love that layout the most of all I have seen so far …very efficient use of space.

Since the whole floor is above the wheels, and the height in lofts is so spacious, it’s hard to believe that trailer and all is 13 ft 6 in. The second loft is an idea I have included in plans and makes a great place to store you seasonal gear and clothes when not in use. This would make a nice park model but because of the weight I do not see anyone towing it much.
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To provide an air gap between the shed and the wall, he shrank the shed's depth to 6 feet 3 inches when he sketched a basic design, with a gable at each end of the long dimension. To the right of it is an old fruit-drying rack that she uses to dry everything from plums to peppers to marigold blossoms. Southender Addition is a present project designed by Shed Architects and located in Seattle, Washington. Overlooking downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay it is full of inspiring spaces and ideas.The interior is a mix of wooden walls and cabinets, marble surfaces and other great materials. This house is made of poplar wood, reveals the natural elements of the house and make it fused with the garden surround it. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
And I’ve had a few others, but with all the natural wood, which I adore PLUS, the necessary requirement: a staircase! I’m wondering if those chair lifts for stairs could be adapted to this stairway even if it has to be widened a little.
If travel is where you are going, I am not sure this type of unit is cost effective for traveling seniors. One of my favorite ideas ever came from Molecule in their first house with the studio companion…a tiny house docked at a nice deck connecting it with a studio space built as a small twin to the tiny house. In the space available I would love to see a deep Japanese style soaking tub or if wide enough one of those tubs with a door on it.
Laminate, knotty pine, wood cabinetry, and it looks like they’ve used floor tiles for kitchen counters.
Seems to be built on a 5th-wheeler trailer, although their website says they use flat-bed trailers for all their designs. The clients looked-for an superfluous interval pro a bedroom and a guest bed, as well as pro various storing needs.

We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
There is a pull out bed that is located under that area and the stairs leading up have built in storage.
It is a great tool for younger people that are uncluttering their lives and love to travel in a unique fashion(and can DIY) if you have to purchase however rather than DIY maybe a little expensive new.
It is a great tool for younger people that are cluttering their lives and love to travel in a unique fashion(and can DIY) if you have to purchase however rather than DIY maybe a little expensive new.
It looks like someone walked into Home Depot and looked for whatever was cheap instead of what worked. I recoment looking at some Ideas I am sharing on 4Fathoms Designs facebook page to see the larger format that I think fits seniors a bit better. I recommend looking at some Ideas I am sharing on 4Fathoms Designs Facebook page to see the larger format that I think fits seniors a bit better.
In my ideal – working shutters for at night, inside over the door a custom roller door to lock up when away traveling, inserts in floor for removable telescoping pedestals for dining table (like on a sailboat). An L-shaped volume which was added to the existing building, forming a refined and aesthetic architecture contrast.
First area is an introvert space located under the shadow of the apple trees and orientated on the ditch.
The extra additional room houses a bedroom, a dressing, a bathroom and a beautiful hallway with bookcase. Once in place moving is an issue so finding where you want to keep this style is a challenge. The wooden house looks natural both inside and outside with a saddle roof that can easily found on this area.
Moreover, the addition provides a shed pro the open-air dining desk and creates an ambiance with the intention of is exact pro socializing. Check made known the “before” and “after” photo by the aim of the placement pro a better understanding of the project and consent to us know if you would energy pro this type of family addition.

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