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There is a new twist to the sport of shed hunting, it is the use of a highly trained dog that can actually scent the antlers and retrieve them for you.
A little over two years ago, I decided that if a dog could be used to locate drugs in the gasoline tank of a car, why couldn’t I train one to find antler sheds. I am always happy to talk with anyone interested in purchasing a dog or anyone that has questions about training their own dog.
I am from Mississippi, and shed hunting with dogs is fairly new to us, but I have a 13 month Lab that I am training to blood trail deer, and wanted to know if starting her on shed finding would interfere with that. Whitetail deer hunters look forward to opening day of deer season more than any other day of the year. Looking for shed antlers is not only a great way to spend time in the whitetail deer woods as well as keep logging miles on your gear long after the close of the season, but it can also provide you valuable information as it relates to your deer herd. Slap some bacon on a biscut and lets go, were burrnin daylight!Most peoples health is a decision not a condition?Kill your television!  ICEMAN SAID TO! Picked-over woods can be disheartening to the hopeful shed hunter, but don’t count yourself out.
What I really like when I hit the woods for a shed-hunting mission is feeling like I’ve got a chance. I’ve shed-hunted a piece of ground near my house in the Twin Cities area for nearly a decade now, and have actually found sheds in others’ boot tracks. If you shed hunt pressured ground, you’ll notice an awful lot of your competition will walk the same trails, the same field edges, the same fences. A few years ago, while turkey hunting the farm, I happened to find an antler on the edge of a picked cornfield. It may seem like every shed in the woods has gone home with someone already, but that’s rarely the case.
A few years ago we had one of those winters where it snowed about every three days and by January, our snowpack was thigh-deep.
I used four of my young dogs, that had not really been used in a natural setting and we found 21 sheds in a short three hour hunt. Most of the sheds found by the dogs were in areas that a human could never have found them. It is truly a family sport and you don’t need a gun, or a license and it has no limit on the season.
My new pup has already stated to show interest in my collection, probably more as a chew toy then anything at this point. I live in Pike County, Illinois and I am an avid shed hunter and I have never used a dog but yet I find a good number of antlers every year.
I would love to train this pup to be a great companion along with a job ( Shed Hunting ) I plan to order your DVD today if your christmas deal is still available. One of my setters got ahold of one of my shorthairs (who was not supposed to be fertile) after having a litter of 8, we found great homes for all but two of which I decided to keep out of couryosity.
If you don't think it would be a problem, I need to know what I should do to start the process, and what material is availabe to me.
I have antlers all around my house which they love to play with and was wanting to train them to find the sheds on our land. I own 2 labrador retrievers and began working with them searching for an antler in the yard and was amazed that they would pick it up everytime.
I love the idea and with the help of a friend of mine (master trainer) will be working with many different dogs for purpose of shed hunting and many other ideas. For those of you who don’t know, shed hunting refers to finding deer antlers because the deer shed their antlers starting this time of year.
Understanding what bucks made it through the hunting season as well as the areas they are frequenting can help you put a big whitetail buck on your wall come deer season the following year.
A testosterone level change as a result of the photoperiod along with a change in nutritional needs can trigger antler drop.

It can require several trips to the field and several miles logged, but if you put in the time you will be sure to reap the benefits the following season! If you’re willing to time your shed hunts correctly and go where others won’t, you might just stumble across some bone. I’ve hunted places like that a few times and quite frankly, I like the challenge of hunting pressured ground more.
Just once I’d like to spend a few days with my antler-shed dog walking through a fresh spot loaded with big bucks.
Mid-week can be much better than weekends, and late-in-the-season hunts when the snow has just melted also can be exceptional. People are fairly predictable, which is one of the reasons why so many hunters fail at harvesting mature bucks. I’ve got permission to hunt a farm in southern Minnesota that looks like a dream deer-hunting property. I stuffed the small antler into my pack and after an unsuccessful setup, set out across an alfalfa field to get to my truck.
If you put in enough time and look where others won’t or haven’t, you’ll find an antler or three. Sometimes it’s best to forget what we think we know about deer and scratch a curious itch every once in a while. With my back ground of training bird dogs and having worked with some of the leading drug detection dog trainers, it was just a question of which dog would work best for the job and putting my scent training methods to work.
It was so exciting to watch the young dogs go right to work, just as if they had been in the field for years. With the use of a trained Antler Dog, just look for a field or wooded area that has potential deer population and go hunting. I know that I might not be able to fully train my Aussie but does my Bloodhound puppy have potential?
I live on 5 acres and was amazed that when they would come to within 50 feet or so they would stop put their noses in the air and follow their noses right to the antler. I am 17 and have been archery hunting at our home farm for 4 years now and just came across some sheds myself on a walk though the woods. Mark’s friend Mike sent him pics of deer on his trail camera that only had one antler so we knew they were shedding them already. Food sources are a great place to start looking for shed antlers during the late winter and early spring months. There are far too many people out looking for bone, and the best bet is to skip the weekends and try to find antlers during the week. However, it’s owned by a dairy farmer, who likes to see deer hanging on the meat pole much more than he likes to see them chowing down in his fields. In total, nine antlers ranging from a tiny spike to a giant, old non-typical side ended up going home with me. You might just find antlers others completely overlooked or in some situations, couldn’t see. Knowing that, a buddy and I planned a special trip to some public ground in Wisconsin that usually sports a wintering population of whitetails. But if the deer spend January, February and March on a piece of ground, you’ve got a shot at finding an antler. Many outfitters are finding the use of one of these dogs, can truly expand their hunting season. Who knows maybe she doesn't have it in her, I trained hounds for a number of years for coon and squirrel had average luck with tha.
Also I read that teaching a dog to find sheds is bad because they will learn to "chase deer" is true?
We have found a number of antlers so far this year and its a great feeling knowing that with the 2 of them in the field your not just going for a walk in the woods!

With that being said, I know many people that would love to spend the man hours looking for them but they just don't have the physical ability to do so. It’s kind of like morel mushroom hunting as it comes once a year but can be anytime within a few months and you know kind of where to look for them but nothing is guaranteed. For those that enjoy putting big deer on their walls, staying out in the deer woods is a good choice and shed hunting is the name of the game!
This will obviously change depending on which part of the country you are in and the conditions at the time. Grain fields and Evolved Harvest food plots are places that whitetail deer will spend a lot of time and can provide you a great opportunity to find an antler or two. This is especially true at the end of January and into February when the bulk of the antlers are bound to hit the ground. The farm had been shed hunted, I know that for a fact, but apparently the rest of the hunters ignored the field right by the road. We drove over at the end of March and while shady areas were still snow-covered, most of the woods was open. You can train an adult dog for this job as long as he has not been used to hunt live game and has the required attitude for hunting sheds.
What would be the best dog to get to hunt not only whitetail sheds but mule deer and elk especially.
Well we put out more feed Saturday by our trail camera so we could entice them to keep coming around and hopefully shedding their antlers there and so we could get some pics to see if ours were shedding yet. You’re not likely to find dozens and dozens of sheds, but you should find a few and every once-in-a-while you’ll stumble across the mother lode.
Focus in on known bedding areas as well as cover such as warm season grasses, and southwest facing hill sides. Mark looks out the window into the field and says there’s a shed right there…REALLY?! Travel areas, and heavily used trails are sometimes hit or miss but can help you find a shed or two. Even after we turned around and went back I didn’t see it right away because it blended into the grass. A lot of the time, an antler will be jarred loose by the action of cross the object and can be lying nearby. He ran out and got it and took a quick look around for the other side as they often lose them close to each other especially if they are a little larger. We decided to go home and get changed into better shed hunting clothes and go back there to look for the other side.
Once we got there we spoke to the farmer who gave us permission to search the field and surrounding thicket.
So we went back and asked him if we could go up on the hill behind his house where we just saw a bunch of deer run. He told us to go back this lane to a shelter house and then follow the fence up to the top where it opened up into a 17 acre field high on a hill.
This is my least favorite but the best place to find them as they feed on the honeysuckle and get their antlers caught in it. Anyway, I backtracked and there was the matching shed to the one he already found lying right in the middle of the path.

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