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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. Project: repair carpenter ant damage to double 2X6' rim joist under the door sill on a 50yr old 16X8' shed otherwise in EC. I expect removing the rim joists will be a struggle with the joists, T&G floor, and bottom plate nailed to them.
If you can remove the full length of batten, why not remove the full length of board too, instead of cutting it? Instead of doing that, sister a piece onto the side of the floor joist, and toenail the butt end of the inside rim joist to both the original joist and the sistered joist. Repaired as described above, will the offset rim joist butt joints provide adequate strength?
No, that's why I'd recommend that both of the splices be over the foundation, not in midair. XSleeper, thanks very much for taking the time to review my project and provide detailed comments.
Not having to dig and then try to nail a 2X6 across the inside of the butt joint sounded good.
I'll reconsider removing the entire siding boards, and whether the extra work would be worth it. You can use the regular carriage bolts i have them on the B with the loader pushes snow lifts things and so forth they have been on the rims for probably 10yrs or so.
Do you have a Fastenal in the area?If not, you can order Grade 5 carriage bolts from McMaster-Carr online. With the new rim the carriage bolt will work j ust fine as the loops arent like the original. Now that I got my approvals to proceed, it’s time to whip out that credit card and do some shopping. What I am going to do here is to explain my logic behind certain items in how much quantity.

UPDATE AFTER BUILDING MY SHED # 2 – I learned and improved on some parts and techniques when I built my second shed (you are reading about my first shed in this post).
Because where I live can be windy at times, I wanted to build a shed that had a very low center of gravity.
One method I thought of was to lay down skids that were actually part of the flooring system with full cross-member braces for rigidity. Unfortunately, rafter calculations for Gambrel roof is not that simple because of multiple rafter angles. In addition, I also decided to install a ridge board (center board where rafters from both sides meet at the top) so I added one 2 x 6 x 12 non-pressure treat wood. Click here to read How I Saved $1500 Dollars By Building My Own Shed – Part 3 where I will outline the list of remaining materials needed for my shed.
What are your thoughts about a Firestone F151 16.9x38 on an 18" wide rim and would anybody happen to have a rough measurement as to the height of a F151 16.9x38 full cut on a 18" wide rim? Not over 1" wider than what the tread measures & usely 1" under the tread measurement works good. Guys, I split a front rim on my 1850 FWA tractor this week, busted it right around the bead.I got the tire store to dismount the tire and we welded the rim back togeather but the tire guy said that once they start that it normally does not stop, and the rim looks prety thin around the bead. Well David Hindes has spent some of his gathering old pallets and scrap wood to build a very fine shed. If you are interested in joining us at our regular work parties, please follow the link to the Community Garden. Wedge 3-4 2X6's against rafters at top of wall above work location to support structure during repair. Install Z flashing across joint created by cutting the siding boards, then reinstall board and batten siding.
Even in the current condition, there isn't noticeable flex in the floor when standing at the door.
I can see through the old rim in a place or two and the valve stem hole is completely rusted out.

The entire skid structure weighed over 350 pounds without any content inside the shed, so it probably will never flip over. If I'm not mistaken the Field and Roads are not as wide as the Field and Road F151's correct?
Apart from some shiny new screws everything else- in the true spirit of allotmenteering- is made from recycled material.
The rear rim of my 1948 Super A rusted enough that rust pieces were puncturing my inner tube. I use a cariage bolt and it fits in the new rim bracket and doesnt turn if you get the right size. Again thanks, and if there is anything I can do to help in the future I will certainly try to. I started out with 18 inch rims now im down to 14 inch rims and thats where they work the best here in Iowa soil.
Dismantling pallets is no easy task and neither is constructing a shed made from innumerable carefully constructed panels. Mine even has two sets of wts one set on the inside of the center section and the second wt on the outside.
The new rim has 24x9 stamped on it but it's exactly 10" outside edge to outside edge.The rim width should be measured on the inside of the rim where the tire bead seats. The old were square to hold a square bolt head (see pics) and about an inch inside the hole is a round hole for the bolt.
The new lugs are round toward the center of the wheel, flat on the sides, have 4 little pegs inside and do not allow the bolt head to drop in - thereby making the bolt about an inch too short.

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