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Filed Under: sponsors Jun282013I have a massive list for items that I would love to have in our forever home.
Now if I’m being honest I do have two doorways with sliding doors in my current house, but they are in my basement aka the man den and they are brown and lets face it UGLY! The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is efficient in tight spaces, offering a low profile alternative to the bulkier designs.
The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is the perfect solution to installations that have limited space available to hang the track.
The set up is simple, there is one track that is installed like any other of the barn door hardware systems, and then there are custom made brackets that then hold another track off the wall to allow for two doors to be on separate tracks. While the installation may seem daunting, it is no more difficult than installing a basic set, it simply requires a bit more time.
Brackets to Hang Second Track off the Wall (number of brackets depend on the length of track ordered. This guide is an option if your door does not have a channel to receive the L-Shaped door guide. This guide is an effective option if it is better suited to install the guide into the baseboard rather than the floor. All hardware sets include 2 straps with wheels and all the hardware to hang one door. Sometimes more doors are better than one, and multiple doors will slide on the same track. Here at Artisan Hardware, we do our best to stock all of our products and their variations, but our products are in high demand!

We have consistently tripled our total orders year over year, and that is due to our incredible customer service and our hand-made, no-compromises, made-in-America, high-quality products. We offer the full range of Benjamin Moore Paint colors and can paint your door any color you choose.
For this project you will need a drill, a circular saw, a wrench, a brad nailer, and a table saw. 2-3 shipping pallets or a few large shipping crates should provide enough wood for a barn door.
It was pretty easy to paint, considering the new door already had the plastic covering the window panes. On the inside, we left the extra instead of making it flush with the wall, because we have a chair rail that goes around the room and we didn't want the door to slide against it. I don’t know about you, but when I see my desk out in the open all I can think about is the running to do list of things that still need to get done. The ability to slide one door over another makes the Bypass door hardware effective for closets, or multiple openings on the same wall. Rather than requiring twice the length of the opening for the track, the track can be the same size as the opening itself. Larger openings, closets, and room dividers constantly require such a setup of Bypass Barn Door Hardware rather than a single door. Our handles are made here in the USA and come in the same finish you choose for your hardware.

It functions best with a channel cut out of the bottom of the door so the guide is not visible to the eye. If needed, note that tracks less than twice the width may prevent the door from opening fully, and tracks longer will allow the door to slide further past the opening. Your options are limitless and you can create that unique look and feel that you want for you home or office.
The foray into my favorite sliding doors was brought to Effortless Style by Accordion Doors.Thanks for supporting the sponsored that make Effortless Style possible. If you are attaching into studs, you will want to drill on site to ensure you’re holes match up. Heavier doors may need more than the standard 2┬ástraps (over 300lbs), and some creative projects require more as well. For the inside of the door, you will want to purchase a flush handle so the door can open fully. In my next house (if we get it!) I have a few doors that no matter which way they open, they block or hit something.

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