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Remember these are not suggestions for safe storage, but rather unique backup solutions for when all else fails. Some folks split the upholstery seam on the rear of the passenger’s seat toward the driver—insert a small holster and appropriate handgun, sew Velcro on the seams to reseal.
A good method in general when you’re away from your home is to take whatever you want to hide, stash it in a garbage bag, and put it amongst dirty clothes.
The Secret Stairs looks deceptively easy to create on your own, but this kit is specially designed with custom parts for a seamless, invisible fit and can be installed into any set of new or existing stairs that are standard construction and carpeted.
Here are 40 unique places that ITS Tactical’s readers said that they had hidden their weapons. I have a nylon holster with my Colt Detective Special velcroed to the inside of the door, just above the doorknob, canted toward me about 45 degrees, when I open it. NO ONE looks through dirty clothes…unless they’re a perv…then they’re not usually looking to rob you in that case.

The Secret Stairs is accessed using an electromagnetic lock (via key fob) and has no obvious opening mechanism to tip off burglars. Especially important in times of economic stress, they make us think about what we really need, give maximum usage to what we have, and they take a lot less energy to keep running. Most closets are “shallow” and while a Burglar might go thru your clothes and items on shelving, he probably won’t look straight-up over his head.
I can open the door to someone, & they never know my hand is just inches from a weapon.
If you do not have good ventilation and air flow you can burn and damage your plants quickly.
Should I invite them in, I simply close the storm door and leave the main door open, which puts the gun back against a wall and is never seen by a guest. The fact that it folds into a cube obviously make it suitable for a small coffee table or bench to keep magazines.Designed by Argentinean architect Ariel Jacubovich, it's produced in MDF and sold through the organization Not Made in China for $900 pesos (300 USD).

There is a lot of factors involve when deciding what lights to use, If you are on a budget and starting out you may want to use CFL lights, experience growers will adjust there lights very close to the plants, these lights produce very little heat, your plants will not burn.
Many who have a small grow box prefer CFL, because overheating temp is less likely an issue.
Each different type of light serves it's own purpose; CFL works great for vegging and HPS for flowering. I say if you did you homework and did everything correctly hell yeah you will get a better buds or fruits. Plenty of Fresh Air Flow circulation, PH level is correct, Room temperature, Nutrients, and enough lighting.

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