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Colorful baskets, like the fun style made of balsa wood found on the shelves of this cabinet, not only corral trinkets + toys, but they add depth & texture too.
In older homes and small apartments it's hard to find great storage and closet space solutions.
One of the main threads at Stockholm Furniture Fair was the new high quality but affordable storage solutions. When you move into your dream home, you’ll finally have enough closet and storage space, and you’ll organize and store everything, and it will stay where it belongs, right?
To avoid this sad fate, Kirsten Ederer Lytle, NCIDQ, interior designer and LEED green associate at The Onyx Group in Alexandria, Virginia, has lots of creative tips to help busy families turn organization dilemmas into storage solutions.
Without designing enough storage space into your new home, letting go of what you no longer need, and finding smart ways to organize what you keep, you could end up with a mess of unused, unorganized stuff taking over parts of your new house like the alien amoeba in the classic horror film, The Blob. Don’t let unfinished parts of your new house become a dimly lit, poorly organized catchall for unused stuff. Once that’s done, storage spaces like pantries, linen closets, and mudrooms can serve their true purpose—organizing things you use on a day-to-day basis. Separate your unused items into recycle, trash, and donation piles, and then follow through by actually getting rid of them.

The first sign of a dated home is knickknacks, picture frames, piles of papers, toys, and miscellaneous junk cluttering surfaces.
Create attractive labels for your storage containers, label things specifically (never miscellaneous!), and don’t put items in a bin that don’t fall under the label. It makes putting things back in their proper place much easier and helps you maintain the organizing and storage system that you worked so hard to set up. Lytle also suggests grouping similar colors together and arranging items from lightest to darkest or lightest to heaviest (for clothing). Create a wood built-in and paint it with an accent color or add wallpaper to the back for extra pop.
Unless they are very artfully arranged or have particular aesthetic value (think vintage LP artwork), Lytle suggests storing these items alphabetically (or by genre) in decorative boxes (or behind closed doors) or digitizing them and getting rid of the originals. Buy storage containers with colors and patterns that compliment your decor, and add a few natural wicker baskets and wood chests for a sophisticated, timeless look. Show them where their things are, where to put them away, and try to help them have fun with it. And in utility areas (think your garage or basement), use clearly labeled bins, and store them in a well-lit place.

Having these guys piled up in a corner or shelf can really make or break the feeling of chaos. Think of it as moving one of your walls a few feet inward; like shearing a strip off one side of your room. Why not collect charming, sundry storage furniture, including makeshift clothing racks, and turn your bedroom into a lush boudoir?
Although this lacks hanging space it can be a great addition to a small closet, or a place to organize craft supplies.
This can really only work if you love your things like I love my shoes and bags (which are venerated in a glass cabinet), nor is this an option for a minimalist, but if you're in a tiny space, you may have to learn how to have fun with it.
Tip: 99% of salvaged wood furniture looks great striped of its finish (no matter how cheap or old).

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