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Changing life circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, graduation, children moving out, health problems, and other major events. Safety, security, convenience, and world-class customer service: here at Handy Space, that’s what we’re all about. With the amount of nice furniture and keepsakes we’d collected over the years, we had no other option but to store it all safely in a storage unit.
We were able to store a lot more in a 5’ x 10’ storage unit than the average person just by using problem solving and creative thinking. Britnee Johnston and her husband, Mark, bought one-way tickets to Tokyo for their trip around the world starting in May 2014. Miramar Self Storage offers climate and non-climate controlled self storage units as well as parking for boats and RV’s.
Miramar Self Storage has storage units that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer in a humidity controlled atmosphere to provide comfort for you and protection for your valuables.
Miramar Self Storage offers direct accessibility to the door of each unit and accommodates large trucks, including 18-wheelers. MIRAMAR SELF STORAGE has Standard units as well as Climate Controlled units that provide a humidity controlled atmosphere which provides comfort for you and protection for your valuables. Each of these can leave us with items that we have no current need for but don’t want to get rid of, and when this occurs, a Handy Space unit can be the perfect place to store those extra belongings until you’re ready to use them again. Some items are only used for part of the year, and the rest of the time they create clutter around the home.
Self-employed individuals often find themselves in need of a place to keep work-related tools or equipment, extra inventory, office furniture, or other items until they’re needed. Home remodeling projects or add-ons can mean losing access to entire sections of the family dwelling for a time, and a storage unit is the perfect place to keep a room’s contents safe from possible construction-related damage until renovations are completed. We offer space for RVs, campers, motorcycles, fishing or speedboats, or extra automobiles, and you can choose either a covered storage area with open sides or a large, fully enclosed unit that can easily house most cars or trucks.
Then there are more unusual changes like the one I’ll undertake next month when I quit my job to travel the world for a year with my husband.

Disassemble furniture: Our large furniture included a wooden bed frame and headboard, L-shaped couch, dining room table, chairs, tall glass display case, queen-size mattress, electric drum set, and a double dresser. Store large items first: Since safely storing the furniture was our main priority, we moved those items in first and built the rest around them. Use same-sized boxes: It may seem convenient to pack items in an odd assortment of boxes found around the home, but we found it handy to purchase several boxes of the same style and size.
We offer a full selection of sizes of storage units, including air-conditioned units from 5’x5’ up to 10 ‘x30’ and non air-conditioned units in sizes up to 20’x30’. Our entrance gate is very secure and may only be accessed with each client’s personal security code. Examples include lawnmowers, weed trimmers, patio furniture, seasonal clothing, hand tools, sporting goods, camping equipment, and holiday decorations.
Simple purchase with one price for everything which includes taxes, duties, delivery and professional installation, no surprise additional costs at delivery.Ready made wall beds are made from solid birch and birch veneers over premium furniture grade plywood. Since we’re moving away and living only out of backpacks for a year, we had to figure out what to do with all the items we would leave behind. However, after seeing the space in person we realized a 5’ x 10’ storage was a more realistic choice.
We went through all our items and detached ourselves from a lot of “junk.” Clothes, kitchenware, books, old toys, electronics and more made it into our yard sale.
We had to disassemble most of it to make it fit, including our L-shaped couch, which luckily could be separated into two rectangle parts to fit better in the unit. We stood items up on end to minimize the use of floor space, and used plastic wrap and bubble wrap on corners and edges to avoid any chipping. Large items obviously tend to be heavier so it made sense to put them on the bottom rather than stack on less stable items. It made it easier to create a clean stack of boxes so there was no wasted space—something that wouldn’t have been achieved with different shaped boxes. We packed it in an upright position to fill the entire front entrance of our storage unit, which was the last remaining space.

You may choose the most efficient atmosphere in which to store your personal possessions or business inventory. Putting these items into one of our secure, weather-tight units can free up a lot of house space for other purposes. Not only did it free us from many items, it also gave back a nice chunk of change for our upcoming trip. After the furniture was stored, we stacked as many heavy boxes as we could on the small space left next to it. It looked strange, but it made it so we were able to use every square inch of the storage unit and not add too much weight on top. Make a game of it and take on the challenge to fit as much as you can into whatever size unit you rent. Our murphy wall beds use a patent pending gas piston system which self adjusts to varied loads and cannot fail by breaking a spring. Has endured years of successful use testing in the hospitality trade and tests of 16,000 cycles with no noticeable effect.Beware of competitors selling less expensive particle board wall beds. The bed cabinet is surrounded on one side by a cabinet with 3 drawers and open shelves…Read the rest of Euro StandardBC Wall Beds Vancouver Loft Special This combination is very popular for small spaces. Very attractive and sturdy table folds down from the front of the bed…Read the rest of BC Wall BedsHome Office Special Home Office Special This beautiful luxury wall bed unit is shown with desk, bed and surrounded by cabinets on each side. One cabinet has open shelves, cabinet door and desk peninsula extending from it and the other has 3 drawers…Read the rest of Home Office SpecialCustom Fold Up Bed Euro Deluxe The Euro Deluxe fold up bed is our top of the line wall bed cabinet design. Interior shelves provide a night stand and…Read the rest of Custom Fold Up BedHidden Desk Beds Hidden Desk Bed Need a bed and a work surface, too a€“ but dona€™t have room for both?

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