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The Toro LX426 lawn tractor can be equipped with so many attachments, you can use it all year round to not only maintain your lawn but to plow snow and many other uses!
The Toro LX426 is a lawn tractor built by Toro that allows for a quality cut for a reasonable price. If you are looking for more features to come from the LX426 Toro mower, you might want to consider the additional features and accessories you can purchase to go along with it. You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page or photo attachment. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. When buying a riding lawn tractor, you tell yourself that it will last for many years and that it's worth investing the $$. Well, I purchased my 321-8 in 1990 and use it year round for mowing, plowing, picking up yard waste, and hauling firewood.
I have owned a 310-8 for ten years,got it used and put liquidweighted ag tires and weights on it and a dozer blade.
This is one of the best riding tractors mowers ever made and after 25 years in use it will out last any new one out there now.
I have two 1985 312-8 machines , i leave the snowplow and weights and chains on the one , and the rear discharge mower on the other .These little tractors do a great job and they are easy to maintain Dave in kalkaska mi.
The Toro tractor comes with a three gallon tank that will allow for quite some usage before having to refill.A  Although the Toro LX426 has limited features, it does come equipped with easy operating features.
Both the brakes and the foot pedal respond extremely well and offer a very responsive timing and outcome.
The seat is somewhat hard with springs that do little in the way of absorbing the shock produced by a rougher terrain and comes with a lower back. Some of these include a dual bag grass collector, mulching piece, and a snowplow and thrower.

Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? Mowed grass and anything else that got in its way I got it in 1996 moved 2 acres and pull hundreds of cars in my shop for repair.
I filled in a pond with no problem,put a set of rings in it last year and it needs a new muffler this year.
This mower sat in my neighbors back yard through rain and snow for a whole year without a cover on it. The model sports a cast iron axle in the front that holds up strong against slopes and bumps that occur with regular usage. Even as you gain speed in the LX426 Toro lawn tractor, you will still remain in control of function both when going in forward and backward motions.
Moved to tn in 04 still mowed 1 acre, I have a completely restored 214 John Deere and still mow with the wheel horse.
I hve used it to grade dirt and mow my 1.5 acre lawn for 21 years as far as I'm concered its one of the best lawn tractors ever made. For me I don't think That their is a better garden tractor out their, then the Wheel Horse. Unfortunatly it has been sitting in a barn for about three years now (bought a zero turn mower), and this Spring I have decided to put in a fresh battery and whatever else it needs to be brought back to life. The design of the LX426 tractor, being the slim design that it is, provides for easy maneuverability around obstacles that normally present themselves, such as tress and shrubs.
Another lack luster feature that many find a problem on this model is the way the seat is positioned to the steering wheel. Both my brothers have been through two John Deeres since I bought this one, they did buy the smaller units(cheapskates)and I still tease them about it "nothing runs like a deer but nothing works like a Horse" My dad bought a 22 horse and a blower.

I have a 48" side discharge deck on my later 310-8 and am looking for a tiller for my 312-8.
I have only replaced the rear tires and the seat along with mower belts and blades but she still runs great.
The Kohler 12hp motor has an amazing amount of torque for its size. I give my old 312-8 a 5+ star rating. This is also coupled with the very small thirteen inch steering wheel that comes on this piece of equipment. These really, overall, should be concerns of people that will be using their riding lawn mower for long periods of time. It is currently only mowing 1.5 acres of grass now for my old neighboe because I kept the blade for the newer unit.
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