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Utilize the jungle backdrop in the “wild” areas of your church and the wood panel backdrop for your hut or tree house and hammock area! We also have an option to use for a “hammock” strung across the corner of a backdrop scene! Now add colorful flowers and giant bugs like dragonflies and butterflies, and finish it off with some torches and rustic wooden elements !
Guildcraft Arts & Crafts has so many decorations to choose from to add amazing features to your decorating areas.  Don’t forget these awesome Off The Map Footprints !

Let your imaginations soar and the unexpected will happen- your church will become a wonderful habitat where God becomes THE Guide in an exciting and colorful way! You can cut the board into shapes with the hot knife foam cutting kit and paint or project images onto the board and either paint them or “decorate” them with fabric and crinkled paper or Terrific Tree Craft Paper.
To create your overlook area, start will some type of a tree house and green leafy, jungle-like backdrops and decorations. I know I have a bunch of old Canucks, Blue Jays and Blue Rodeo shirts that could be used for this!

In fact, I'd like to adapt it to use Seraphina's old clothes and make her a blanket!

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