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One of the worst situations for a guy is being stuck with the task of winning back your girlfriend. But it’s also the most painful, which means a guy is more likely to do something crazy and compromise his dignity to win his ex back.
Within a few months, he was drunk, crying, and curled up on my bathroom floor for six hours, screaming the nastiest insults you can imagine to her on the cell phone he’d eventually stomp into a million pieces. So right now I’m going to give you some realistic steps for getting your ex girlfriend to want you again.
And unfortunately, it’s that panic mode that is most likely to make you do something detrimental that will ruin your chances for good.
In study after study, they’ve shown that there is ONE thing a human being works hardest for in life. We work ten times harder to win something back that we lost than we do to keep it in the first place. But the unfortunate part is that women are excellent at hiding and cloaking their feelings. Yup, even if the girl was a complete bitch that only put out once every month, you’ll STILL wish you could get her back.
Just draw a line down the middle, and put the good stuff on the left side, and the stuff that you didn’t like on the right.

Just ignore the good side and recognize that a woman who disrespects you is the worst kind of partner in the world. He found the girl he’d had his eye on for 10 years and finally won over was actually a slut who had been seeing 3 other guys the whole time they were dating. This is the most vital intel you can have because there is a chance that she broke up with you out of frustration – and she did it to kick you in the butt. If you know that she was unhappy with how much you expressed your feelings when you were together, now is the time to come up with a good plan for changing that for her. If you didn’t spend enough time together, find a way to carve out a few extra minutes here and there to make her happy. The problem with that strategy is that she’ll probably just use the time to find another guy and get over you faster. The best thing you can do is to come back quickly with your solution from step 2 and present it.
You simply wait 3-4 days (not too long, but you do want her to start missing you.) Let her heart ache a bit, and then you swoop back in. You gotta start out by validating her feelings, or she won’t listen to anything you have to say. But this way I just gave you, you can safely show her that you’re still that guy she wants to bang, and she has an invitation to come back.

The secret is to get her so obsessed, so infatuated from the start that she’ll always want you. You get irrational and impatient, thinking that if you can just do something in the next couple hours, before it’s too late, you can win your girl back.
And by the time you pick up on her vibe, she’s already started unplugging emotionally. Suddenly a crap girlfriend seems more like our dream girl, as we selectively remember only the good stuff about her.
You might even want to use a highlighter and mark the stuff that was particularly good or bad for the important stuff. Just increase the time you two get to meet up so that she feels like she’s getting a bigger share.

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