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Damaged property, broken dreams, and a wicked hangover; the casualties of a breakup could read the same as the casualties of war, as jilted lovers spare no expense (or sense of shame) to stick it to their former flames.
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I have one…you mean the original one where he is on his own, or the one where he’s dunking over all the kids in the playground? Help A Reporter Out (HARO) founder Peter Shankman talks about what has and hasn’t changed since he sold the service to PR software maker Vocus in June 2010.
In June 2010, Peter Shankman sold Help A Reporter Out (HARO), his very popular website that matches reporters’ requests for sources with companies that could provide the information, to public relations software company VOCUS. When Frank Strong, a spokesman for the Lanham, Maryland, company commented on a recent post here that mentioned HARO, I took the opportunity to ask for an interview.
HARO’s source pool has grown to approximately 150,000 companies, the majority of them small businesses.
The service’s rapid growth is one reason journalists my have to wait longer to see their queries go out, Shankman said. As far as the future is concerned, after Vocus bought out HARO, the company agreed to maintain the status quo for a period of time before considering making any modifications, Strong and Shankman say.
Doesn’t it seem completely screwy that the representative of the service says to game the system with a fake deadline because they otherwise they won’t run things in a timely manner? No matter how much I like Peter, however, the quality of HARO has declined for journalists—queries are met with dubious replies, timeliness is an issue. Of course, none of this really matters: Quora and Twitter are making all of these services obsolete.
It’s an interesting perspective Ron, but Michelle got the story right in this blog post, both in terms of contacts and business motivations for the acquisition.

A part of Vocus’ motivation for acquiring HARO was to address this very issue, not contribute to it.
Also, as I mentioned on our call, we also do have a dedicated hotline for journalists, reporters and bloggers. New & Returning Visitors BoxWelcome to the WordCount freelance writing blog, serving up advice on freelancing, writing, blogging, tech tools for writers and more.
Vocus owns PRWeb, a web-based press release service that competes with PRNewswire, which runs ProfNet. At least a few have complained that queries take longer to post, the individuals or companies that reply to queries aren’t as on target as they used to be, and in some cases,  responses are little more than spam.
The service is supported by sponsors who pay $300 to $1,500 to place ads in one of three daily email blasts (some sponsors pay less than that based on volume discounts). Both the number of journalists using it and the individuals or companies that receive its 3X a day email blasts are up 15 percent since the acquisition. If HARO receives a complaint from a writer about an off-topic pitch or other problem, the source gets a warning.
Peter Shankman shares tips and tricks that writers can use to ensure they get the bes possible responses to their HARO queries.
These appear to be the pains of a crowd-powered internet company unprepared for its own growth. I agree that if writers are having spam trouble rather than just delete a message they should take whatever action available prevent getting something from the same source again. Strong has not answered the question I am most interested in: Does or has Vocus in the past sold a list of journalists names and email addresses to PR firms?
1 easiest way to get paid more25 ideas for daily blog postsHow to squeeze blogging into your work day8 dumb things I did in college that helped my writing careerToo many deadlines? Given that Vocus sells software to PR firms to manage media contacts and campaigns, some writers have questioned whether the business is using HARO to collect their email addresses and selling them to agencies or other companies to use for email marketing purposes. Most queries are auto-forwarded and sent out with an anonymous email address, so nobody’s looking at them, he says.

He also recalled an instance when a writer represented him or herself as being with CNN when in fact they were an assistant editor at a CNN affiliate. If problems persist, the source or the source’s agency could be banned from the service. The inappropriate distribution of contact information occurs either consciously by Vocus or via the shady tactics of desperate PR firms. I have asked that question of every PR firm that has sent me spam in the last two weeks and every one that answered has told me that, yes, they purchased a list from Vocus.
According to Shankman, he’s banned 400 sources from the service in the past two and a half years, including two PR firms that are barred from ever using HARO again. There were umpteen different ways to find sources before HARO, and they’re all still there. And if writers feel they’re being spammed by Vocus clients, is there a mechanism they can use to contact Vocus about it? That prevents you from getting spam from people who try to harvest” email addresses, he says. I understand that the number of queries may have become a problem for the service, but ultimately the journalists can’t care. HARO just made life a lot easier, but it’s probably safer to use it in addition to everything you used to use, or could be using. If HARO isn’t responsive enough, no matter what the reasons, the writers will have to go elsewhere.

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