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That’s where we come in: Each day for the next five days, we’ll reveal one more easy thing you can start doing right now — today — to get you started. One super-easy way to connect with Scripture every day is to read the Bible App’s Verse of the Day.
The Bible App has been installed on more than 190 million unique devices, all over the world.
Plenty of web designers are consummate professionals who strive to do the best for their clients and provide excellent service.
Worse yet, from the client’s perspective, you can’t really weed out who’s who until you’ve hired your designer and have worked with him or her for a period of time.
To make your client begin to doubt whether he should have chosen you as his designer, start to really take your sweet time with your mockups as you set off the development process in earnest. Go from ensuring your client that you’re highly excited to get the site design or redesign project underway, to taking several weeks before you email him your first mockups of the new design iteration.
Now that you’ve planted the seeds of doubt in your client’s head, you’re well on your way to getting fired.
If the project you were contracted for should last through holidays like Christmas, be sure to neglect the project for the entirety of the holidays. Then, perhaps because you’ve experienced a small pang of guilt, finally send your client an update email raising his hopes that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to get the project done by the holiday’s end. When my old designer finally had a “finished” version of my old site ready to go live, approximately four months after the project began, he presented me with a site that had obvious problems that he apparently didn’t notice. Plus, my email at my then-new URL wasn’t working at all, even though we agreed that it was part of his job to set it up.
By now, your client will understand completely that you were the wrong designer with whom to go. By now, you’ve very likely angered your client, and he’s likely not to come back to you for anything. Needless to say, after my old designer finally did what he was supposed to do, and got paid for it beforehand, too, he wasn’t going to work with me anymore. Looking back on this nightmarish experience that really tested my patience on so many levels, I can say that my old designer’s problem was overpromising to put my mind at ease and hook me in—and then completely under-delivering on so many occasions. In conclusion, just follow all the steps my old designer took if you want to provoke your clients and drive them away for good.
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The world is awash in information about health, so I will keep this short and to the point.
It is also clear that many people are too narrowly focused on diet as the source of health. Fortunately, there are some things which are universally beneficial and healthy and don't require you to purchase or acquire anything. One of the easiest and most effective ways to positively change the chemistry of your body is to smile.
Common sense shows us that oxygen is clearly more crucial to our health than food or even water.
Your lungs fill up your ribcage, but many people never breathe deeply and the extremities of their lungs go unused. Common sense, as well as research, tells us the importance of maintaining a good, straight posture. In addition, research has shown that having a good posture will actually change your body chemistry within minutes. If modern medicine can agree on anything, it is that stress is one of the great (if not the great) cause of disease, pain and discomfort.

An easy way to keep stress at bay (besides taking deep breaths) is to scan your body, from head to toe and check to see where you are unnecessarily tightening the muscles.
At first this may be difficult, because you may have been subconsciously flexing a muscle for months or even years.
Thoughts and emotions are the source and foundation of your attitude and experience of life.
The more we study our mind the more we come to realize that we have the ability to be in charge of what goes on within us. Follow Richard Kronick's Facebook for more updates and inspiration or share in his love and gratitude at Good Morning My Love. Never fear, there’s no need to block an hour or two of time you don’t have to gussy yourself up for date night or an evening out with adults. Brush your hair into it a deep side part, pull it back and secure it in the middle of the back of your head. Avoid the tears altogether by telling kids on night one, if the Tooth Fairy doesn’t show, they are allowed to charge interest. Try slipping a small piece of candy or toy under the pillow with the money as an apology if the Tooth Fairy is late. Guest Blogging Very Best For Kids welcomes writers who would like to submit their articles for publication on this website. But when you invite a friend (or a few) to share your spiritual journey, you’ll find yourselves discussing things that actually matter. Probably because you know that as soon as your feet touch the floor, you won’t get to stop moving again until bedtime. Developed by YouVersion, the Bible App offers more than 1,000 Bible versions, in more than 770 languages.
Download the free app and enjoy regular time with the Bible, right when and where you need it.
If you’d really like to sugar coat it, keep giving your client excessively optimistic estimates about getting the project done in just a matter of weeks. After all, your priorities during festive seasons should be on things like recreation and hanging out with your friends or family.
To put the final nail in the coffin of your professional relationship with your client, simply never reply to his emails or text messages asking you to fix the glaring problems with the finished site. To put it into perspective, my old designer took about four months for a redesign while my new designer took a couple of weeks. I’m sure that, after you do that to enough clients, you won’t have a viable design business for long. But even though you spend most of your time being mommy, there are occasions that call for a beauty boost. Try this: Apply a neutral lip liner all over your lips (should be close to your natural lip shade). Get Sloppy: You’ve just found out you’re expected at a fancy dinner and you need to wear open-toed shoes.
Then grab your favorite bottle of polish (can be any shade, bright, light or dark) and slop it all over your toes. Use hair spray all over your head to secure loose strands and discreetly tuck bobby pins behind ears to keep shorter hairs in place (use bobby pins the same color as your hair and a clear elastic around the ponytail).
You’ve pulled yourself together and look like a million bucks without spending two hours in front of the mirror. Just think about what losing teeth would be like for children without her: a bloody, traumatizing incident which deprives them of their ability to bite into an apple and leaves a gaping hole in their smile.
Explain that there is only one Tooth Fairy, and there are millions of children in the world.

There’s no need for her forgetfulness to ruin it; the real magic is in how you save the day! We are dedicated to providing parents with helpful ideas, expert advice and interesting suggestions on raising children.
As you’re reading that chapter in the Bible App each day, pay attention to what it’s making you feel. Then, unfortunately, you also have the other side of the equation: designers who don’t care about making their clients happy, and therefore don’t provide good service. Never mind the fact that your client already paid you a hefty retainer…which you’re already using. It doesn’t matter if the contract you and your client signed, as well as follow-up emails, expressly stated that you’d handle minor revisions. The difference between the two is work ethic (or lack thereof) and pride in one’s work (or lack thereof). If you don’t own a tube, visit your nearest make-up counter and have a consultant help you choose the right shade for your skin tone.
No time for a pedicure refresher and you have a hard time recreating that perfect salon look on your own toes. Nobody will ever know your glamorous self was covered in spit up a half hour before you walked out the door! Sometimes so many children lose their teeth in one day that the Tooth Fairy can’t possibly get to all of them on the same night.
This method is also a motivating force for you, so you don’t end up stuffing a hundred dollar bill under the pillow months later! Maybe they tried the old floss and doorknob trick, bravely pulled it out themselves, or had a local Dentistry for Children & Adolescents get it out for them. If you’re feeling bold and the rest of your look is fairly toned down, apply the lipstick and see yourself transform. No wonder sometimes kids who went to bed gap-toothed and shining-eyed, come upstairs the next morning in tears, wondering why the Tooth Fairy forgot her. Reassure your little one that while she may be incredibly busy, the Fairy never forgets, and if they continues to leave their tooth under the pillow, the Tooth Fairy will eventually make good.
This is a great chance for kids to practice important spelling, storytelling and handwriting skills, while giving you time to slip under the pillow the next night. He’ll also maintain my site through the years, as well as handle any necessary site updates to respond to SEO concerns going forward.
But be careful—red lipstick looks awful if not applied carefully, and it needs to be reapplied through the night. Use the Bible App to find a Plan you’d like to read together, then commit to talk about each day’s reading. You’ll still have a nice, bold lip shade, but it will be a little less shocking if you’re not used to wearing bright color.
When you take your shower or bath, wait for five or 10 minutes until your skin has softened, then lightly scrape the polish off the surrounding skin with your fingernail. When those moments happen — and they will — make a Verse Image that expresses your inspiration.
And once you’ve put the finishing touches on that work of Bible art, share it with friends!

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