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Being perfect isn't always a good thing, your impossibly high standards might be holding you back.
Perfectionism may seem at best like a boon to your career and at worst like a slightly annoying personality quirk, but for some people it can be a much more serious problem. Problem perfectionism can cause issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other issues, Antony says. Beating yourself up for not getting the highest grade on an exam or beating yourself up for not sticking to a diet you’d never think was sustainable for someone else to follow are examples of that type of destructive thinking, he says. Personal development expert Stephen Guise, founder of Deep Existence, an information resource and membership community focused on helping people sustain lasting change, says another key to overcoming perfectionism is to change what you care about. Instead, Guise suggests adopting the concept of binary data, which consists of zeroes and ones. Antony says we can condition ourselves not to be controlled by our perfectionism by simply practicing imperfect acts. While the research is still emerging, Antony says that mindfulness and meditation-based strategies may hold keys to overcoming perfectionism.
Getting your heart broken over and over again in relationships leaves you disappointed, leaving you to settle for less and accepting whatever comes your way. We love to have expectations of how we should be treated in relationships but you can't get such treatment when you are constantly with people who don't deserve you.
A team of dedicated and experienced writers, reporters, correspondents and editors from NELive with passion for news and love for the India's North East region to drive them. The last article I wrote focused on how your business is like a machine. This article focuses on how to get more leads over the phone. Now the title of this article might have implied “cold calling” – which to most is like a bad 4 letter word in business! Why waste your energy cold calling if you have another way that leads are already coming to you and slipping through the cracks? I would be so bold as to say that 80-90% of businesses could have more leads than they know what to do with if they just fixed one tiny little element of their business – but one of the most important and most neglected. Sometimes you have to be creative in how you get your prospects attention to start a conversation. Yes the often neglected faucet of leads that tend to leak away from many businesses is the PHONE. The phone is SOOO important, and yet many times neglected and often even treated almost as an inconvenience to customers calling in.

I remember calling to get a price on tires and being treated as if I was asking for a million dollars to be given to me. I was treated rudely and it was apparent they didn’t want to help me since I didn’t have all the information.
Or perhaps you have called a restaurant to place an order and all it seems they want to do is rush you off the phone and get the order in. No relationship building, no attempt to find out your information, no interest in you…the one giving them the money and ultimately their paycheck. Answer with a friendly, clear greeting stating the company name and the name of the person answering the phone.
No attempt to welcome the caller, no attempt to set their mind at ease or to appear helpful. This might sound simple, but call a few businesses and grade them on how the phones are answered. Or is it just the quick, on to the next, I have other things to do answer of many receptionists and busy employees? A simple step to get more leads is asking whom you are speaking to, and then more importantly, using their name again in the conversation. I am amazed at how few times I am asked for my contact information when I call a business on the phone. I am not sure if most businesses are afraid of someone saying “no” or they just don’t think about gathering customer information.
Even if they say no, you can’t have a lead if you aren’t asking for their contact information. So get their information, then give them a quote if that fits your business, get an order as fast as you can or set an appointment to get future business.
You know how they say one should try to keep elderly people from falling because it takes a long time for their broken bones to heal?  I feel it’s the same way with women and their hearts.  I think that the older a woman gets, the longer it takes her broken heart to heal.
If you find that your perfectionism is having a negative impact on your life, it’s time to start working on it, he says. After all, at its most basic level, perfectionism is rooted in the fear of not being perfect or a fear of making mistakes. When you feel those judgments coming, stop and notice how and what you’re thinking, and work on shifting those thoughts to be more reasonable, he says. He's not suggesting purposely making a big mistake in your work and letting it fly, but perhaps sending an unimportant email message with a minor mistake in it as a way of showing yourself that the consequences of not being perfect are, in many cases, quite small or nonexistent.

You are not Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming which means you have to overcome this kind disappointment for the one who deserves you to come around.
Reduce your list of expectations from the qualities you want to the qualities you need but never lower your standards.
Keep your friends close, they are like your second eye and will relieve you of any pain if your relationship doesn't work out eventually. Don't be scared to walk away if you are constantly being let down by your partner and can't take it anymore.
Their motto is to give space & voice to real issues and aspirations of the people who constantly thrive to be the part of the mainstream. If you are not using these 5 ways to get leads, you are losing opportunities for someone to give you money…potentially lots of it!
Having a database of potential prospects and new leads and then eventually happy customers is the easiest and fastest way to grow a business. In my 10+ years of business I’ve only ever had one person absolutely refuse to give me his contact info, and I took his money anyways.
So do what you can on the phone to drive more leads by getting their information and then getting the sale or securing the next step in your sales process. Recent research has shown that, in extreme cases, perfectionism can be a factor in everything from workaholism to an increased risk of suicide. Learning to identify some of the common thought patterns that contribute to perfectionism, such as all-or-nothing thinking or double-standards. A service business can ask more questions to learn more and gather as much information as possible.
In my experience on shopping and testing this theory, I find most businesses only average a 1-2 out of 5.
Instead, it’s better to focus on taking the actions that will lead to the weight loss you want, such as exercising regularly and eating healthfully, he says. Most people don't think about how they place their finger on the switch or whether they used enough force, Guise says. But when it comes to the perfectionist mind evaluating other activities, myriad factors are considered in measuring performance quality.

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