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Being perfect isn't always a good thing, your impossibly high standards might be holding you back.
Perfectionism may seem at best like a boon to your career and at worst like a slightly annoying personality quirk, but for some people it can be a much more serious problem. Problem perfectionism can cause issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other issues, Antony says. Beating yourself up for not getting the highest grade on an exam or beating yourself up for not sticking to a diet you’d never think was sustainable for someone else to follow are examples of that type of destructive thinking, he says. Personal development expert Stephen Guise, founder of Deep Existence, an information resource and membership community focused on helping people sustain lasting change, says another key to overcoming perfectionism is to change what you care about. Instead, Guise suggests adopting the concept of binary data, which consists of zeroes and ones. Antony says we can condition ourselves not to be controlled by our perfectionism by simply practicing imperfect acts.
While the research is still emerging, Antony says that mindfulness and meditation-based strategies may hold keys to overcoming perfectionism. When I hit the third trimester of pregnancy, I started noticing leg cramps when I was trying to sleep.
But on days when I struggle to get my protein, I will mix some protein powder into a glass of milk or smoothie. I purchase my daily tea from my midwife because it’s affordable and easily available.
In addition to the above mentioned, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is on my daily to do list in order to keep my body healthy and strong during pregnancy. Great post, really useful as I am starting to get out of the comatose state of the first trimester and putting more effort into nourishing myself naturally again! If everything else fails and you are nursing a sick dog that has already seen the vet use a syringe to get water or other liquid into them.
Grace Hodgin recently posted..The Cry of the American Zombie, We’re Here, We’re Dead, Get Use To It! My dog is eating good, but does not want water, I got her to drink milk… Will milk get her through this? I just gave him milk this morn, loves it then hr later vomits, I’m going to keep trying the milk because he loves it! There is absolutely no research to show that Blueberries are unhealthy for dogs let alone deadly. Ideas are great, the fountain sounds perfect, this pup licks an eats everything, except for water Lol! My dog has been very sick after having anesthesia injection and she is not drinking nearly enough. Take a swab of cotton wool, the fluffy kind a soak it in water, open you dogs mouth, and slowly squeeze the water in. My dog has been recently 2 vet with stomach upset he id taking med about 20 min before food, but not drinking much.
This might seem obvious, but sometimes as parents we can become overly eager to have our children succeed. While there will be many times in life your child will be required to read passages and books they might not particularly be interested in, there will be plenty of time to develop self disciplined reading. Not only does a library card teach responsibility, but it helps create excitement about reading and experiencing new books. Usborne Books & More offers a huge selection of books covering all topics and age levels.
Years ago my children and I were browsing through the children’s section of a local used book store. If you find that your perfectionism is having a negative impact on your life, it’s time to start working on it, he says. After all, at its most basic level, perfectionism is rooted in the fear of not being perfect or a fear of making mistakes. When you feel those judgments coming, stop and notice how and what you’re thinking, and work on shifting those thoughts to be more reasonable, he says. He's not suggesting purposely making a big mistake in your work and letting it fly, but perhaps sending an unimportant email message with a minor mistake in it as a way of showing yourself that the consequences of not being perfect are, in many cases, quite small or nonexistent. These are the pictures that you hide on Facebook, and is generally known as a sweatpants phase. After much prayer and research, my husband and I decided to forgo the traditional prenatal vitamin, and instead seek to get the vitamins and minerals naturally through diet and nutrition. I found Nina Planck’s book Real Food for Mother and Baby to be especially helpful in knowing what to focus on in each trimester. In order to really boost my calcium magnesium stores, I started taking Osteo CALM twice a day. My daily tea mix includes raspberry leaf, nettles, lemon balm, hibiscus, dandelion leaf, rose hips, red clover, and oatstraw.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh. I'm Leigh Ann, and I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women to be intentional.

Before you attempt to get them to drink more figure out how much they are actually drinking per day.
Sprinkle their water with a few blueberries or cranberries or other cut up fruit they will drink some water while getting the fruit out. If your dog is sick you can use chicken broth or watered down carrot juice instead of water. I was always under the impression that the dry food, as well as dog biscuits were better for their teeth, but he had mentioned that dogs tend to just swallow the majority of hard foods. Berries are used in many brand of dog foods and treats and can also be found in supplements. Sometimes parents begin to work up a sweat of worry if we see our child is not learning at the same pace as their peers.
For young readers it is important to develop a love of reading by introducing them to topics and stories that peak their interest. Make sure these goals are something they have to work at, but nothing that will be overwhelming. Usborne takes educational topics and stuffs them full of facts presented through gorgeous illustrations and eye-catching colors. She has three boys and two girls who keep her on her toes, teach her new things each day, inspire her, and at times drive her crazy! Please consider using the links to purchase materials if you need them to help support this blog! Recent research has shown that, in extreme cases, perfectionism can be a factor in everything from workaholism to an increased risk of suicide. Learning to identify some of the common thought patterns that contribute to perfectionism, such as all-or-nothing thinking or double-standards. It’s so easy to get in the rut, and stay there (hey, sweatpants are way comfortable).
Not to mention, it was so expensive to get a good quality vitamin (from a whole foods source). When necessary, we have implemented specific supplements (through the guidance of our midwife) to aid my body in areas where we noticed a deficiency.
Much of the reason taking a prenatal vitamin (or any vitamin) is so important is because, as Americans, we typically have a poor view of proper nutrition. I’m mesmerized by all God has created in His natural world for us to use to heal, comfort, and boost our immune systems! Here at Intentional By Grace I bring you behind the curtain of my life and encourage you to live for Him in all you do.
Dogs love to drink fresh moving water heck they also love to drink out of the swimming pool and puddles. My dog loves to try to bite the water coming out of a hose so I expect she would like a fountain too. After hearing this, I paid close attention to my dog and he was right, he chewed very little of the food. When reading is forced upon a child, it can become a chore and children can become more easily frustrated. My daughter showed no interested in even learning to read at 5 years old and even the beginning of her 6th year. They enjoy browsing the shelves for new titles and choosing books with vibrant illustrations or topics they love. I have recently decided to incorporate more of my love for reading and homeschooling into this blog. These books jumped off the shelves at me years ago before someone ever tried to sell them to me and they were still catching my attention years later. Instead, it’s better to focus on taking the actions that will lead to the weight loss you want, such as exercising regularly and eating healthfully, he says.
Most people don't think about how they place their finger on the switch or whether they used enough force, Guise says. Basically synthetic vitamins have a place on the market because we aren’t getting the necessary vitamins and minerals through what we eat and drink. Are you feeding dry kibble or something that the liquid hasn’t been cooked out as much? Never would have thought this would be something dog owners need to worry about for their little ones. Instead of treating reading like a task that needs done, treat it like a privilege and something they can look forward to. Skip back to present day and a friend of mine invited me to her Facebook party for Usborne books over a month ago. She loves anything hands on and creative and enjoys using her artistic talents for God's glory.
But when it comes to the perfectionist mind evaluating other activities, myriad factors are considered in measuring performance quality. Furthermore, our bodies simply do not absorb the necessary levels of vitamin and minerals when taken in these synthetic forms. Like with anything else moderation is key but a few blueberries as a healthy snack is certainly not going to be harmful.

Upon reading her invitation, I had an instant flashback and remembered the Usborne books we found before. One month turned into two, turned into three, turned into six, and it was easy for me to let one day slide into the next, and moreover, it was nice. I continued reading to her and interjecting phonics sounds and pointing to the words as I read. I was excited to know that Usborne was a large publisher who offered well over 1,000 different titles of books! I could relax, spend time with my family (which is a good thing obviously), but it is far too easy to get a little too comfortable. It’s like being on vacation forever (which is tempting), and before you know it, you have completely lost your groove, your fire, your drive. Be grateful for what you have, and proud of what you have doneWhen you get into a little rut, it is easy to start the mind chatter that is not your friend.
What have I done wrong in the past? With so much focus on the future and lack of ambition in the present, you may start to think that everything you have done was a mistake and was a road to nowhere. So, I made a list of what truly mattered in my life, which is my family, my friends and my relationship. I realized how lucky I am to have my health, to have all of my nuclear family alive and to have friends who care about me and support me.After I did this, I thought back to my major achievements that I am most proud of.
Once you start thinking about all of this, you cannot help but have a smile on your face, and positive ideas start to float into your mind.
Take time to care about your personal appearanceWhen you lose your groove, it is easy to let your physical experience go.
Running has always been an integral part of my daily routine, and when I let this go I started to let other things slide.[4 Habits to Instill to Become Your Own Leader in Life]So, find one workout routine that you can do once a day that makes you feel good, alleviates stress and connects you to your physical body. Once you start to let your body go, to let it move, you will fall back in love with that feeling. The best part about exercise is obviously not during it, but after, when you get that endorphin rush, and then this happiness touches to every other aspect of your life. From here, make sure you dress to impress every day, keep yourself groomed, and you will once again walk with a look of confidence.3. Clear your mind once a dayEvery day there are new articles that show the scientific benefits of meditation. With an increase of technology and social media outlets in our lives, there is constantly new information to absorb and process. You start thinking so much about what is happening externally, that you stop thinking what is happening internally. While meditating, you quiet the outside noise and really see what you are feeling. Are you anxious? And once your breathing continues, and you start to narrow down more on the emotions that bubble up, many times you can find the root of whatever negative source is causing you to not love yourself.For me, I discovered that my fear of the future was stopping all initiative to make a change in my present situation. I decided to move forward, move across the country and start applying for jobs.[Try This 5-Minute Change-Focused Meditation]Meditating allows you to find the seed of discontent, and either continue to allow it to grow, or take it out and plant a new one. Meditation clears the cobwebs, and allows for your true, beautiful self to pop forward to the forefront of you.
Sit there and close your eyes, say a prayer or repeat a word over and over, or just realize what it is that keeps coming up. For this reason, friends and family are the most important support group you have, and can offer a third person point of view when you have lost your groove. They have known you a long time, love you and want the best for you.When I was trying to think of where to move and what new job to do, I easily got so tied up in my head that the decision process wore me down. I started to think of every scenario, of every outcome and delayed making a real decision for myself. They told me that I had lost my path, was pretty much floating and that I needed to get it together.
Do something you love once a week. Take some time for yourself to do something that brings you joy. If you have lost your groove, you might start to think that really you have no hobbies, you really don’t find that much joy in activities. So, to quickly whip yourself out of this, think about what you used to love to do when you were a kid.Did you love animals? Try going down once a week to an animal shelter and spending some time with dogs who would love your attention just as much as you would love theirs. Try spending one day a week outside in nature, whether it is taking a long walk outside, or going on a hike. Bad Day” Thinking in 4 Steps About the Author Claire Hardwick is the founder of Elephant News.

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