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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! One of them was up by Syracuse so I did not think it was worth a 10 hour drive just to go to court. No material, written, audio, video, photographs, or other printed matter on this website may be used with out expressed permission from John A.
A federal undercover agent in Tucson says he is being fired for complaining that state police roughed up Middle Eastern immigrants during questionable searches.
Mexico narcotics whistleblower jailed in drug-money plot Eight years ago, a former high-ranking Mexican anti-narcotics agent charged his government's top crime-fighting organization was so corrupt that fellow officers served as bodyguards for huge drug shipments across the U.S. Officials say customs authorities knew of role in drug smugglers' deathsAccording to an exclusive report in Sunday's Dallas Morning News, U.S.
A United States Border Patrol agent says three vehicles in two weeks have "busted" through the Otay Mesa port of entry near San Diego from Mexico and that two of the three weren't caught. A group of al Qaeda terrorists is attempting to infiltrate the United States from Mexico to conduct attacks in the country, The Washington Times has learned. WASHINGTON (AP) -- About 1,000 miles of national forest land bordering Canada and Mexico go virtually unpatrolled by the U.S. Photo of Potrero Cafe where I saw Supervisor Gilbert on 8-1-00Why is this man still working for U.S.
Two years ago(2000), approximately 12 Customs Inspectors notified Internal Affairs about a supervisor by the name of Janet Neely who had falsified drug seizures using other inspector's names and social security numbers without their knowledge and permission.

Not only did Neely NOT get terminated as the directive dictates, she didn't even receive a reprimand of any kind.
Yes, Janet Neely falsified the Port Director's signature to obtain faxes and other supplies using Customs CF-148 forms and other government funds.
Gaby Serna, who worked directly under Janet Neely has already admitted to ordering parts for her "personal" computer using "Customs Funds" and CF-148 forms. Further investigation revealed that there were as many as 115 Falsified Customs CF-148 forms and the theft runs into the "several thousands" of U.S. I feel it is ridiculous to expect me to pay $890 because i got two speeding tickets in a state i dont even live in. Customs officials knew last summer that an informant on their payroll supervised the torture and killing of suspected drug smugglers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and intervened only when two U.S. Forest Service, creating wide swaths for terrorists and criminals to enter the country undetected, an internal government audit says.
Gilbert, is the same suspect who made "overt" and "extreme attempts" to insure the entry of over 8,500 pounds of cocaine into the U.S. It was only a year later and only after YOU and the San Antonio Business Journal exposing this corruption that Customs Internal Affairs showed up in Laredo, Texas.(Fly Team) They did an excellent job of covering up this type of corruption.
Neely is also under investigation for signing out for a seized "child pornography" video tape and NOT returning it to the evidence room. Neely should be put in prison along with all these "corrupt politicians" with badges that call themselves "INTERNAL AFFAIRS"!

Special permission is given to legitimate news media for republication with proper credits attached. Until just last week, recently the Port Director, Gene Garza noticed that there had been several Customs CF-148 forms with his signature which he didn't remember signing.
Instead of suspending Neely with pay, Customs management in Laredo has chosen to put her in charge of the Customs Command Center. Afraid someone will give up other Customs managers???Here is another example of retaliation for reporting corruption through the system in place at U.S. Upon further investigation, Garza learned that someone had signed for as many as 20 "new" faxes using Garza's own signature.
Customs internal affairs: The following is an exact quote from an anonymous letter just received from a Customs employee somewhere in Texas. Yes, this is where all intelligence information and TECS lookouts regarding terrorists threats are processed thru.
The facts were also verified through a known news source as well before publishing this letter.

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