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Save Your Christian Marriage created by Lee Baucom is a new program that introduces to people the best Christian marriage advice, and secrets to transform their relationship effortlessly.
Save Your Christian Marriage program developed by Lee Baucom reveals to people the best Christian marriage advice, and skills to deal with problems involving sex or money. Save Your Christian Marriage created by Lee Baucom is a new program that reveals to people the secret to save their marriage easily. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. August 4, 2015 Sheila 16 Comments Sometimes Christian marriage advice just doesn’t work.
But if we do that, we often say stupid things because we’re overtired.  If we sleep on it, the problem often seems much smaller in the morning! You can pray for help with a situation but more than likely some work is going to be required after prayer. But often what happens is that there are very real issues that need to be dealt with in marriage. How about this: Grow closer to God, and then ask for wisdom for what you should do to make your marriage better? Thought #4 is all about taking responsibility for our own happiness, rather than expecting God, or your husband, to give it to you.
Let’s say it really bugs you that your husband never puts the coffee mugs in the dishwasher. Thought #4 in 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage includes this little tidbit: Just ask for help.
There are several problems with this, and I’ll be making a video next week that explains them. I know marriages where the wife just bulldozes over the husband so much that eventually he stops trying.
Yes, if our husbands are not Christian, we are to win him to Christ without nagging him (1 Peter 3:1). What is more loving–to ignore a big sin and to cover it up, or to confront it in love and set limits so that the sin is more likely to stop?
Thoughts #6 & 7 are all about learning how to use our words to resolve these conflicts, even when big sin is involved.
Quite simply, there’s a lot of sloppy thinking about marriage out there, and I hope that by looking at the whole of Scripture, and the heart of God to have His children choose rightly, that we’ll get a fuller picture of what the marriage relationship is supposed to be!
Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage. As I look at the list it reaffirms what I have been thinking about what your ministry has become.
Perhaps it would help if you expounded to show actual examples of where Scripture has been twisted?
Christian Dior Clothing has earned its reputation for high end fashions that cater to the needs of those who wish to dress in elegance and style.
While he made his controversial mark on the fashion world when he used padded busts, rounded shoulders and lengths in skirts that made for dazzling silhouettes in a time when conservation of material was the norm.
Feminine elegance – No other brand of clothing boasts feminine elegance the way they do.
Timeless – They are the embodiment of the “little black dress” that never goes out of style. Dreams – They are based on the dreams of one man who stepped outside the box of all that he knew to pursue the development of turning fabric into illustrious beauty when the world around him was covered in ugliness.
As is fitting for a clothing line of such elegance and beauty, they can be found in high end clothing shops such as Macys clothing. Choosing the right person to share your life with can be very difficult without seriously dating the person for a longtime.
Christian way of dating may appear quite different from the modern way of dating in outlook and general characteristic. Aside these features mentioned about dating the Christian way, the wrong assumption should never be made in thinking that Christian relationship are boring. Of what use is to one if they end up going against the word of God and facing the consequences that follow quite terribly?
About is a website where people give testimony for what Christ has done for them.
We are open minded people and this website a gift we give to God the talents he has given us. Are you one of the many Bible-defined Christian singles looking for Christian dating advice and your life's partner?
When involved in Christian dating and trying to locate a potential Christian for your life's partner, evaluate him or her by his or her heart, not their physical appearance, how charming they are, how much money they have, etc. Please remember as painful as loneliness can be for a Christian single, such a condition is far better than marrying the wrong person. The Devil has and still is tempting Christian singles with a potential spouse that is not right for him or her, or one that is not a real Christian at all.
As a Christian single, keep serving the Lord Jesus faithfully as you wait for the right person to come into your life. By law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage. If you find a Christian single who is eligible for marriage and you have peace about marrying that person, make sure you have no sexual contact before you are married.
People who believe dangerous false doctrines about salvation will only prove to be a snare to your soul, unless they truly get their doctrines straight.

The program also covers the top 10 Christian marriage advice that really works, and a lot of valuable marriage-saving strategies.
The program also reveals the best marriage advice for men, and step-by-step strategies on how to make their wife love them for the rest of her life.
The book also provides people with the reason why marriage counseling can be dangerous to their marriage's future. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. But instead of tackling them in a healthy manner, we think God is asking us to do something quite different. You might even have to wait for God to lead you on the right path but often He doesn’t just solve our problems with no work on our part. Yes, as we grow closer to God we become holier, and that often makes our part in the marriage problem minimized.
And rather than deal with those, we run to God, hoping that God will then make it better for us. I asked on Facebook last year, when I was writing it, for stories about when women finally realized that if they asked their husbands specifically for help, their husbands actually came through. That was a key post on this blog, and I’ve taken those thoughts and flushed them out through about three thoughts, and three chapters, in this new book. First, if we think that submission is all about decision making, then we’re missing the heart of the word. Many of you have been asking for me to flesh out my position on the submission, and I did it in great length in this book. It’s about rewiring the brain so that what becomes arousing is an image, not a person. You need to deal with the root issue, and, if it’s a long-standing addiction, you have to go through healing to rewire his sex drive again. If your husband is doing something wrong, it’s not your job to be the Holy Spirit in his life.
But people take that verse which is written for a very specific situation and apply it to everything–to mean that we are never to bring up anything, and never to confront our husbands on anything. And if your husband has a major issue in his life, as his wife, that is what being his helpmate is all about! Sheila founds all of her teachings in scripture and SO MANY of her articles, if not all, encourage and direct women to take responsibility for their own actions.
In the end, he waded through the controversial times to eventually earn the Legion of Honor from the French government for his participation in uplifting the French nation through fashion. But maybe you are trying to convince someone else to understand why Christian Dior is a must for any woman who wants to feel elegance, femininity and a sense of timelessness. This clothing was made to enhance every curve of the feminine body and it does so in a way that is simply oozing elegance. These aren’t just clothes, these are works of art to be cherished and displayed as they were meant to be throughout the years. In today’s modern world, more relationships have managed to be pulled off with the slightest advancement made and an immediately intimacy follows. It neither follows the normal routine of relationships or practices the code of conducts usually assumed by other forms of relationships. It goes through the process of taking time to get to know someone, building a solid and reliable friendship with.
A relationship can become what you want it to be without having to follow the crowd and do stuff that you quite fully know could damage your life. Since God does everything right and he looks on the heart of man, then we should exalt that as most important too.
Make no mistake about it, if you marry the wrong person, that person can easily ruin your life here and drag you to hell with them beyond the grave. It only makes spiritual sense that he would do this since his chief goal is to destroy souls.
So then, if she marries another man while her husband is still alive, she is called an adulteress. To become sexually united before, even though you both love each other, is to place both you and your loved one on the road to hell again! Do not be deceived by the false teachers of our day.) You can be victorious over sexual temptation. To be stirred about how Christian singles can be sexually tempted with disastrous end results, click What The Devil Won't Tell You When He Tempts You. In addition, in this program, people will find out the top five mistakes they make when a crisis arises, and the true secrets of stable, healthy, and loving marriages.
In addition, in this program, people will learn how to address any stage of a crisis and turn it around, how to assess the stage of their crisis, and how to move beyond emotions and take action. And we end up making what might be a small thing linger, rather than nipping it in the bud. But thinking that just because we act in a loving way means that he will automatically return the favour is to misunderstand human nature. How to deal with sin in marriage is so misunderstood, and I hope that in this book I can point us to a much better way.
It’s to inspire him to grow closer to God by not letting him go further into sin without consequences. This was always the pursuit of fashion company even from the beginning when he was selling his fashion drawings for 10 cents a piece.
If you ever needed a reason to be grateful for being a woman, the very existence of Christian Dior Clothing has provided it for you!

Maybe you would prefer to do your shopping in privacy and that’s okay too because they have their own site and you can order and browse the latest fashions from this site while curled up by the fire with your favorite French wine. Then you can get to that point where you two get into that state of bonding without having to do immoral things just so partners prove to each other that they truly love and care. On the contrary, Christianity relationships are as much fun as you’ll want them to be. You owe it yourself to make that personal decision and to decide what exactly you want in a relationship.
To marry a non-Christian, that is, a child of the devil, is to have Satan as your spiritual father-in-law. Also, remember some very handsome men and beautiful women have had wicked hearts, as shown even in the Bible with Absalom (a man) and Bathsheba (a woman). Without a doubt, the person you marry will influence you spiritually either in a good or bad way. They are actually still married to their ‘divorced' spouse even though the apostate churches of our hour might not recognize this fact and wrongly consider them single.
But if her husband dies, she is released from that law and is not an adulteress, even though she marries another man. Jesus must be followed and trusted in 100% for Salvation—and not Jesus AND something or someone else like Mary, church membership, keeping the Saturday Sabbath, water baptism, etc.
After Lee Baucom launched the “Save Your Christian Marriage” program, a lot of customers have used it for learning how to attract women without talking. Furthermore, people also discover what to do, what to avoid, and what to say in order to save their marriage.
And so many of them were in my book, too–which helps me to know that I’m on the right track! The number of women on this blog whose husbands have zero sex drive for them but tons of sex drive for porn is astronomical. It’ll be released August 18, and anyone who buys it on that day or pre-orders it will get a ton of downloadable freebies!
Christian dating possesses diverse pros which tends to guard and guide against any form of ungodliness or a lack of ethics emanating from relationships of today. It goes further in rejecting all that modern forms of relationships stand for whereby sex and fornication is made an essential aspect of which one must oblige to before partners even get to settle down.
It all depend on the partners and how ideally prepared they are to go about adding that ounce of spice to lighten up the relationship, without having to go against the word of God.
It’s not always about doing stuff just to please a partner or make them happy in a relationship. If so, this important 10 point message may prevent you from ruining your earthly life here and going to hell after death. Hence, an unsaved spouse probably will, at least, severely hurt you spiritually, if not destroy your salvation. Be sure the devil will have some of his children attend the same so-called Christian single events that you do—so be on your guard! To enter into such an adulterous relationship in God's eyes, through such a so-called 'marriage' is spiritually destructive. Such have not crucified their sinful natures and are, therefore, excluded from God's salvation, according to Gal. This means, don't marry a professing Christian single who is believing wrongly in these areas or one who believes in eternal security, even though they may seem extremely sincere. Moreover, when ordering this program, people will receive a lot of training books, and special gifts from Lee Baucom.
Let’s instead look at the individual problem and figure out what steps will help us overcome it! Even today, the House of Christian Dior continues to flourish under the expert designs of Marc Bohan. Today’s dating world defy the  upholding of moral sanctity and purity in the sight of God.
Christian dating dwells much on principles and is ideally suited for anybody who believes in and is willing to follow these laid down rules.
Sometimes it goes down to the fact where you need to ask yourself that “truth question” of whether you are really indeed happy in your relationship. I personally know people who have made this tragic mistake and have suffered incredibly in many ways, especially spiritually.
You will always be safe from this to marry a Christian single who has never been married before or one whose spouse has died. Firstly, people will get the “Save Your Christian Marriage” book, and the “Top Five Things Have To Avoid In A Marriage Crisis” book. Christian dating does not allow fornication practiced in a relationship before couples even get to head towards the altar. Secondly, people will receive the “Understanding Anger and Resentment” book, and the “Quick-Start Guide To Save Your Marriage” book. Finally, Lee Baucom also gives people the “3 Simple Secrets To Get A Successful Marriage” book, and a lot of other bonuses.

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