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Perform regularly to keep you back healthy and help alleviate the discomfort of lower back pain.
If you experience any pain or discomfort while performing the exercises stop immediately and call the clinic on 01293 369 442.
Back Exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the spine can prevent, reduce and in some cases eliminate lower back pain.
You might still be young, but that ache in your lower back tells you it's time to do exercises and maintain your lumbar spine health. Low back pain is very common among adults and is often caused by overuse and muscle strain or injury. Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in adults (only headaches top it). Exercises reducing risk pain, Have you tried these exercises to relieve your back pain?

Research shows that keeping active is one of the best ways to maintain good spinal health and reduce injuries. The lower back is an important part of the core of the body as is at risk of injury if a weakness.
Strengthening exercises help stabilize the spine and decrease stress on the lower back and pelvis. Strong lower - back muscles and abdominals work together in maintaining a pain- free and healthy back.
The low back exercise program is a series of stretching exercises and strengthening exercises prescribed by.
Joan is author of the best-selling book Strength Training for Women and owner of Joan Pagano Fitness.
Stay in the position for a couple of seconds and slowly come back to the starting position.

Slowly squeeze your buttocks and ball core exercises your hips off the ground, such that a straight line can be drawn from the knees to the shoulders. Back strengthening exercises for women offers detailed physiotherapy information on lower back exercises including lower back strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. Hold the position for a few seconds, before you lower your leg and repeat the exercise on both the sides 5 times each.

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