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Lie face down, legs together and extended straight, arms bent with hands behind neck, head and neck in a neutral position.
The back extension exercise is a maneuver utilized to work the erector spinae and other smaller stabilizing muscles of the back. Performing the back extension exercise in this manner will increase your ability to coordinate movement through your lower back. If you think this move sculpts only your back, think again: Your glutes do the work to pull your body up. Do it: Lie facedown on a stability ball, hands behind your head, feet against a sturdy object. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
Adjust the upper pad if possible so your upper thighs lie flat across the wide pad, leaving enough room for you to bend at the waist without any restriction. With your body straight, cross your arms in front of you (my preference) or behind your head. Variations: This exercise can also be performed without a hyperextension bench, but in this case you will need a spotter. Excellent core movement for getting rid of lower back pain, and good for a strength running or obstacle racing routine. Instruction say to avoid arching your back yet the photo clearly shows the model's back is arched. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? B) Using your back muscles and core, lift the chest away from the mat into extension as you exhale. C) Inhale and return back down to the mat slowly getting longer through the spine as you return.

A) Begin with your forearms on the floor with your arms and feet shoulder-width apart and your hip raised so that your body forms an inverted V. A) Begin lying on the floor with your forearms flat on the floor, making sure that your elbows are aligned directly under your shoulders. B) Engage your core and raise your body up off the floor, keeping your forearms on the floor and your body in a straight line from head to feet. B) Lift hips and torso off the floor and gaze up towards the ceiling keeping your neck relaxed.
Great exercises, I pinned them to my fibromyalgia and chronic pain exercise board, might be a little advanced for some of my readers and patients, but something to work toward!
Get Healthy U is a registered trademark of Motivating Bodies, Inc and cannot be used by a third party without permission. Lie face down on a hyper extension bench with your upper thighs and lower hips on the support pad. Continue as far as possible without rounding your back or raising your thighs from the support pad. Return to the start position by contracting your back and abdominal muscles until your body is once again straight. Note: As your strength and flexibility increase, you can hold a weight plate against your chest for extra resistance.
Browse our library of free workouts and printable Workout Packs for weight loss, strength and more! Get it right now and join over 160,000 others to receive more free resources and occasional updates!
My focus is always on helping others to understand how to adopt health, fitness and a nutrient-rich clean eating diet as a lifestyle rather than a quick fix”.
However after any ab exercise routine you should stretch not only your abdominal muscles but also your opposing back muscles. Those who have a herniated disc should avoid this exercise as it may increase intervertebral pressure.

No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Can feel the difference with my lower back since doing these (had a little lower back pain).
The American Association of Neurological Surgeons suggest anywhere from 75-85% of Americans will report low back pain at some time in their life. Either way, strengthening the muscles around your spinal column and in your core is a surefire way to keep your back healthy and strong. Place hands behind your hips slightly wider than shoulders with fingers pointed towards your feet.
If you'd ever like a guest post on how to start exercising with fibromyalgia I'd be happy to tailor an article for your site. Performing the back extension exercise properly will reduce the likelihood of injury and ensure that the target muscles are being worked.
Overall, these positives lead to better overall back posture, important for the prevention of back injury. Individuals who have sensitive spinal nerves should also avoid this exercise unless otherwise advised by a doctor. I've already written a few on this subject but can go into more detail specific to your level of exercise, which really is attainable with fibromyalgia, just takes a lot of patience.
The back extension exercise is not safe for all individuals; there are important things to consider before performing the exercise.
Individuals who are extremely overweight or have poor back control may not be able to do this exercise correctly and are prone to arching during the exercise.
These people may be better served by using a back extension machine until their backs can handle the higher workload.

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