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If you need help with a diet or exercise program please visit my website and follow me on Twitter. After graduating on the Dean’s List, Ripped Vixen missed that competitive edge she has known her whole life. Try this extreme isolation exercise next time you train your back to build bat-wing ?sized lats and that elusive V-taper. Stand facing the weight stack at a lat-pulldown station with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Reach up and grasp a standard lat-pulldown bar or long straight bar with an overhand (pronated) grip, hands shoulder-width apart, arms straight. Keeping your arms straight, pull the bar down toward your thighs in a wide, sweeping arc, focusing on using just your lats as you pull. Exhale as you pass the midpoint of the move, and squeeze your lats hard once the bar reaches your thighs.
Return to the starting position in a smooth, controlled motion, stopping once your arms are parallel to the floor. For a great pump, use the straight-arm pulldown as a pre-exhaust move before compound exercises such as rows, or as a finishing move at the end of your back routine. For a greater stretch on the lats, increase your forward lean and allow the bar to travel above your head, thereby increasing the range of motion.
With: Add this isolation movement to your back routine of deadlifts, bent-over rows, seated rows and lat pulldowns. While you can regularly overload your back with heavy compound movements such as rows, deadlifts and pulldowns, it's difficult to isolate your lats. To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. The lats and trapezius (aka traps) span the largest area, running from the base of the neck all the way down to the hips. The rhomboids, infraspinatus, and teres are smaller muscles that run diagonally across the width of the upper back.

The erector spinae runs vertically in columns along the vertebrae and makes up most of the muscle in the lower back. For Back Extensions, the best and most efficient way is to extend your arms over your head with or without a weight.
They really help with any lower back issues you may have, but if you do have lower back issues, discuss which of these exercises are best for your particular problem with a PT. Higher rep counts are designed for building muscular endurance and are better used to infuse more cardio into what you’re doing (think kettlebell swings). Growing up the Vixen played basketball, field hockey and softball and continued scoring points on the forward line in basketball and field hockey throughout High School.  An athletic director recruited her to play for their NCAA Field Hockey team at a local college. Don't allow your elbows to bend, which would elicit greater involvement of the triceps to assist in the move. Doing so will decrease the tension on your lats and could result in injury, particularly when using heavier loads. With the straight-arm lat pulldown, however, you can focus specifically on your lats without the worry of supporting muscle groups shouldering too much of the load. Not only does a well-developed, V-shaped back project Bane-like strength and radiate aesthetics, but it’s also critical for maintaining strong posture, muscular balance, and a compact core. Consistently thrashing your back muscles is essential in order to keep the body aligned in optimal position.
Aesthetically, they add major definition and distinct cuts behind the scapula (your shoulder blades). Sit back in your hips, push through your heels, ascend upward, and raise your torso until you’re in a full stand (B) — maintain a tight core and straight back throughout the motion. Slowly lower under control by dropping your torso and hips down until the bar touches the floor (A). If you aren’t educated or understand the physics of levers, then just imagine doing the Bent-Over T-Bar Rows. If you want to lose fat I would recommend a heavy dose of cardio with your weight training and making sure you bu rn more carbs than you take in, try a healthy fast.

Below you'll find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of this and other Back Exercises so you can immediately add to your Weight Training Programs and next Back Workout. Have you seen our Best Back Exercises list yet?
I like to train my upper lats one week, and focus on the low back area every other week during my offseason. While earning a psychology degree she was introduced to a new sport, lacrosse, where RV instantly excelled in defense.
With practice, this exercise can bring out fine details in your lat sweep, helping you achieve the much-desired V-taper. The traps aren’t just the humps on top of your shoulders — they also dominate the inner part of the upper back. Its the same idea of holding the bar before the weights, at the weights, and beyond the weights. And as for reps and sets, every body is different you will have to figure out what works for you, be sure to start off small so you don’t hurt yourself. A “V-taper” shaped back with broad shoulders helps to create the illusion of having a small waist.
Fans have inspired Mistress Ripped Vixen to show off her ripped body by performing live on webcam. Add the straight-arm lat pulldown to your regular assortment of heavy movements for complete back development.
And make sure you make a good balance for your weight and reps, typically higher reps of lighter weights will build leaner muscles and put you at less risk of injury than fewer reps of high weight which will build you larger and bulkier muscles.
Straps must be worn in order to hold that large amount of weight properly so the hands and forearms are protected!

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