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Now that kids have been back in school, they may begin to notice vision problems they didn’t realize during the lazy days of summer.
The Frame Experts at EyeCare Specialties can help make sure that the eyewear you select fits properly and ensures the best vision for your child. With the days of hanging out at the pool or chasing fireflies in the front yard coming to an end, now is the perfect time to schedule your back-to-school eye exam.
According the the Nebraska Optometrics Association, 80% of what a child learns in school is acquired through vision. Sometimes children can perform well on the basic vision screening conducted at the pediatricians office and still have a vision disorder. Visual acuity — the ability to see clearly in the distance for viewing the chalkboard, at an intermediate distance for the computer, and up close for reading a book. Eye Focusing — the ability to quickly and accurately maintain clear vision as the distance from objects change, such as when looking from the chalkboard to a paper on the desk and back. Eye tracking — the ability to keep the eyes on target when looking from one object to another, moving the eyes along a printed page, or following a moving object like a thrown ball. Eye teaming — the ability to coordinate and use both eyes together when moving the eyes along a printed page, and to be able to judge distances and see depth for class work and sports.
Eye-hand coordination — the ability to use visual information to monitor and direct the hands when drawing a picture or trying to hit a ball.
By scheduling your child’s eye exam now, your optometrist will be able to determine if any of these skills are lacking and can help your family take steps to ensure the best possible vision, making school and learning a more successful and enjoyable experience. Back-to-school season is upon us and it is time to consider the health of your child’s eyes. Growing eyes need attention and a child’s sight can change dramatically from one year to the next. If your child has not had an eye exam in the last year, I encourage you to schedule a comprehensive visual exam soon.
With all of summer stretching ahead, it’s hard to imagine the stress and chaos of the Back-to-School season in just a few months.
Back-to-School eye exams are a must, and to make sure you get an appointment that fits your schedule, it’s best to plan ahead.
Don’t fall behind on you or your children’s eye care: early detection of sight problems leads to better vision outcomes and lifelong eye health. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of school health professionals, only a small fraction of vision problems are detected with the simple eye tests used in schools. For all you and your family’s eye care needs, talk to the experts at Vision Care Specialists. Aside from school supplies, an important part of back-to-school planning is making sure that your child is up to date on their vision and dental exams. As soon as your child demonstrates the responsibility to clean, maintain and handle contacts properly, they are ready.
We recommend that a child take their first exam between 6 and 12 months of age, then every other year after that as a general rule of thumb. Vision development happens early, so detecting threats to eye health during a child’s first months and years can eliminate many problems later. Some problems are difficult, if not impossible, to fix as the child matures and leaves the developmental stage behind. It’s sunny outside, and children need the comfort and protection of quality sunglasses even more than adults.
Across the United States, students lose 51 million school hours annually due to dental problems.
Children need help brushing their teeth until they are old enough to tie their own shoelaces, which is usually around age 8. Using a power toothbrush can make it easier for a child to transition from having a parent supervise their brushing to brushing independently. Replace your child’s toothbrush every three months or after your child has a cold, strep throat or other infectious illness.
Make sure your child spits out the toothpaste after brushing, but do not have your child rinse with water. Posted in Health and WellnessTagged back to school 2013, back-to-school health tips, child's dental health tips, child's vision health tips, Children's Dental, Health and Wellness feature, slider, southern utah, SouthWest Vision, St.

Now more than ever what’s inside the frames you choose makes a real difference in how you see. With August being National Eye Exam month, there is not a better time to take charge of your family’s vision health. Can Your Computer Screen Be Hurting Your Eyes How much time do you spend at your computer each day? Eye-catching Eyewear Trends for 2014 Eyewear can be your best accessory. 4 Rules Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Follow Contacts are small, appear to be harmless and wearers often forget that they are still medical devices that should be worn (and discarded) according to your doctor’s directions.
Hannibal Regional Medical Group’s Vision Institute’s “Back to School” sales promotion is offering student eye exams for $59 and 50% off a pair of complete glasses or a one-year supply of contacts when a student has their eyes checked with us.
The CDC recommends exams be performed at these ages:  less than 3 months, 6 months to a year and at 3 and 5 years old. Contact the Institute at 573-406-5730, located at 175 Shinn Lane, Hannibal, MO on the Hannibal Medical Campus. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. After bringing your child in for a comprehensive eye exam, you may face the decision of choosing your child’s first pair of eyewear. It’s important to choose eyewear that your child feels comfortable in, both the way they fit and the way they feel.
The stronger the prescription, the smaller the frames should be to reduce peripheral distortion. How the frames sit on your child’s nose will impact whether or not they slide down or fit comfortably. Toddlers and younger children may benefit from wrap-around styles that go around the head or styles that wrap around the ears, so the glasses don’t fall off. You can get a complete pair of children’s eyewear including the frames, lenses and any coatings for 50% off. Plus, our Frame Experts have some unique insight into what’s cool with the younger crowd. Children often don’t know they have a vision problem because they get used to not seeing adequately. The basic screening is designed to check visual acuity (how well your child can see at a distance) but does not check other vision disorders that can only be detected through a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist.
Eye focusing allows the child to easily maintain clear vision over time like when reading a book or writing a report. All parents want their children to be well-prepared to excel academically and good eyesight is imperative to do so. Even if you do not think your child needs glasses, you should schedule an appointment to make sure their vision is in good health. First, both textbooks and leisure books are printed in smaller type, which makes the eyes work harder.
Remember to book your family’s eye care appointments now, to avoid the Back-to-School crush of appointments that we are expecting at the end of the summer. Take care of your whole family’s eye health now and send your little ones back to school with perfect vision, ready to learn and succeed. You walk into a store and see a colorful display of notebooks, backpacks, lunch boxes, colored pencils and endless rows of kids’ clothing. Here are a few tips from SouthWest Vision and Children’s Dental to help ensure your kids have bright eyes and beautiful smiles on their first day in class.
Sometimes kids are highly motivated because of friends or sports activities and are willing to take the time to work with contacts. Children’s eyes are more vulnerable to ultraviolet-related ocular damage, as they receive three times the annual exposure to UV rays than the average adult. Your child may not openly discuss their vision problems with you because they may not think they have one. Trends may be short lived and outrageous, but we can take bits and pieces of new styles to create our own.

It’s much simpler than you think… If you’re posting pictures on IG, you’re most likely enhancing them with softer and warmer tones. If you do not follow these important directions, these small and harmless devices can cause serious infections that can lead to blindness.
It’s estimated 6.8% of children younger than 18 or roughly 10 million children in the United States have a diagnosed eye and vision condition, according to the National Parent Teacher Association. Regular street wear is not recommended for sports play, because the risk of injury is greater than if they weren’t wearing any eyewear.
Included in this offer is our Warranty Plus program; If your child breaks or loses their eyewear, you can replace them once for just 25% of the original cost.
On the list of things to do when preparing your kids for school this fall, be sure to include an eye exam. An exam can also catch warning signs of larger vision-related learning problems, which are always more effectively treated when detected early.
He brings years of experience to the EyeCare team, with a genuine interest and concern for his patients. More than 10 million children (almost 25%) will go back to school this year with un-diagnosed visual problems. George Health and Wellness magazine feature SouthWest Vision Children's Dental Southern Utah St. Flossing should start when two or more teeth are too close together for a toothbrush to clean between them. George News to provide feature articles focused on fitness, nutrition, health, mind and body, and family wellness. Do you find that you suffer from eyestrain, dry eye or even headaches on a recurring basis? Many wearers try to stretch their dollars by wearing their contacts for weeks past their recommended replacement time frame.
Studies also show 60% of students identified as problem learners have undiagnosed vision problems. If your child spends a lot of time outside, consider going with photochromic (Transitions®) lenses or a secondary pair of prescription sunglasses.
Researchers estimate that between 75-80% of what we learn comes through our eyes and visual systems. Some students’ visual skills may not be up to the task of processing these more difficult formats.
These issues can lead to problems in school, including headaches, trouble focusing, poor reading, lack of confidence, and falling behind. More shockingly, nearly 50% of parents with children under 12 have never taken their children to an eyecare professional. Staring at a computer screen day after day won’t wreck your vision but it may cause discomfort. Unclean lenses can cause discomfort, infections, and if prolonged can even cause blindness. Today's Vision, and the Today's Vision, The One To See ® logos are registered service marks owned by Today's Vision Licensing Corporation and are licensed to Today's Vision locations. By making sure your child’s vision is clear, you are solving what could be the reason for processing delays or classwork deficiencies.
A child’s natural response is often to avoid reading or computer work to lessen these visual demands.
Since graduation, he has won recognition for his skills in the field of optometry, served on the governing boards of major optometric associations and is currently a member of the American Optometric Association. George Health and Wellness magazine is distributed to hundreds of locations every other month throughout St. Once he received his glasses, his teachers noticed immediately that he was running around and playing – he never used to run at the playground because he could not see; he was afraid of running into something.

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