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All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. Here are some beautiful quotes about memories which you can download and share with friends or loved ones.Memories is a cycle of life that starts rolling as soon as we arrive into this wonderful world. You may find ample definitions as to what memories are, but to me it is a cognitive process, a sense, an ability to preserve and reproduce experiences and events after their occurrence into the world of consciousness later on in life. Memories are build on the base of the person’s ability to remember and forget things. Memory process is dependent upon a persons ability to learn, retain and recall or remember. Your memories can be sensory which is the shortest form of memory where you tend to remember things momentarily like a glimpse of something that remains in your eyes for split second only. Share this collection of Quotes and sayings with images on all social networks specially on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter to make them viral.
As all of us are are blessed with a brain that has the ability to conserve such happenings in life.
They are both contrasting in their original nature but they make up our memories, ultimately making us what we are today. Then there are short term memories which later transform into long term and long term memories which can turn out to be ever lasting experiences.

This article has some of the most beautiful quotes about memories that will surely refresh your own memories. Our gifted mind not only has a power to retain various experiences but it also has the ability to bring the same experiences into light once we recall them in order to move forward the cycle of life.
Many might raise an eyebrow and disagree in considering the process of forgetting as a part of memory but when you look at it closely you will notice its significance. There are moments, events and experiences which you tend to remember on account of seeing photographs this is known as eidetic memory and the last one is the semantic memory which is in relation with some series of events.
I have collected these beautiful quotes about memories for the readers so that they can download and share some very nice sayings and beautiful quotes about memories.
Love is name of feelings and emotions when you want to share some sad quotes that make you cry. These memories can either be good ones which you love to keep with yourself or they can be bad ones which haunt you and doesn’t leave you no matter how hard you try. We all have this brilliant ability to store bunch of experiences of our present at the same time recall the past.
When you remember some memory you will always like it to be a pleasant one to be happy, you never wish to remember an unpleasant experience of your past which haunts you.

Remember that moments can leave you but memories won’t as they somehow find a permanent place in your life. So It is best place to find sad quotes for you to read to send and to share with your loved partner. I am writing this post on beautiful quotes about memories in order to share my vies on this subject. Here forgetting plays its role in throwing off your unpleasant memories and retaining good ones in order to makes your personality positive. Lets take a closer insight into the world of memories what they actually are and what they can do to us.

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