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A wireless remote is circulated around the table, and players get to press a button to release the balls.

Of course, this remote control doubles as an ingenious way to keep players at the table longer, awaiting their turn to hit the button, just as craps players stay at the table longer awaiting their next roll of the dice. Because there are two balls, one might conclude there’s double the chances of winning on any given spin. Check out all the probabilities for this new game over at Wizard of Odds, and all the pay tables at the Double Ball Roulette site. The Double Ball Jackpot seems unlikely, but during the first 16 days of Double Ball Roulette’s operation at Tropicana, the jackpot has hit nine times.
Oh, and yes, there’s room for two balls in any of the wheel’s number “pockets.” Double Ball Roulette uses a traditional roulette wheel.
Hardcore roulette players might opt to skip the novelty of Double Ball Roulette because of its slightly higher house advantage on certain bets, but for the recreational player, it’s a fun variation we hope will start cropping up in other Las Vegas casinos soon.
Get more details about the game at the official Double Ball Roulette site, as well as some enticing hints about future prize possibilities (how cool would it be to win a jet ski at a roulette table?) which will really make this game stand out among table games. It’s traditional “American” (0-00) roulette, but with two balls rather than one, plus new bets, different payouts and an added bonus: Players get to remotely control when the balls are dropped onto the wheel.

The balls are shot with compressed air through a tube (see photo, below), as opposed to being spun by a dealer. While that’s true, a closer look at the payouts shows the casino isn’t giving up anything extra. The dealer uses two dollies (or markers) on the layout, and a video display shows both winning numbers overhead.
And while you’re sharing your thoughts in the comments, please feel free to also share your shock at the fact we didn’t make even a single “ball” pun in this entire blog post. So, not much worse, and there’s definitely no bet in traditional roulette that pays 1,200-to-1. Five numbers (called “first five,” otherwise known as a basket bet) pays 5-to-2, and six numbers (line) pays 2-to-1.

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