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When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive Hawk Country Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. Yes, it will probably start a huge argument, but you have the higher ground, and all you have to do is stay calm while she rapidly spirals out of control and looks like an idiot. Maybe she’s always held a candle for her ex, and your arrival on the scene has sent her into a flat spin. Don’t yell or swear or get into a physical fight, and the louder she gets, the quieter you get. She will probably try to continue doing it a few more times, but react the same way every time and the fun will go out of it for her. Make sure you have your friends nearby, as well as a few of hers and embarrass her in front of them all.She is being a bratty little tool and she, and everyone else, needs to know it.

Everyone else will be less likely to believe what she is saying about you if they see you calm and her out of control. Her Facebook cover photo featured her standing outside an African orphanage surrounded by laughing children. They broke up three  years ago, and she’s been with her current boyfriend for over two years. Following her around and trying not to look ashamed at his girlfriend’s weird obsession with her ex and her ex’s now-partner? He finds it irritatingly boring and hell will probably freeze over before I can have a rational conversation with him about any kind of girl drama I may be having. However, any time we go to a mutual friend’s gathering or party, she will literally follow us around the whole night, saying nasty things about me and making sure I overhear, trying to buddy up to me, and telling my boyfriend she still loves him.
Geez, I wouldn’t blame you if you gave up parties altogether and chained yourself to the couch. Also, my boyfriend can’t stand it but he is too nice to say or do anything about it. Any advice on how to handle it without it turning nasty?

Whilst our relationship ended for a few reasons, the close friendship with his significant ex was definitely a factor.
He’d end phone calls to her, with, "OK, love you, bye!" Whilst I was sat next to him. I couldn’t help but notice (OK, I purposefully scanned) at his wall just after we become online friends. Her cover photo featured her standing outside an African orphanage surrounded by laughing children. The last charitable endeavour I was involved in was an office bake sale for prostate cancer.

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