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The poppets are really simple - just make yours out of anything, from modelling clay to wax, cut the shapes out of paper or whatever you have to hand.
You can personalise them by adding some hair or just writing their names on the poppet somewhere.
As you do this, think about the time when you made your vows and pledges, remember all of that and have it be real. When you are done, take a moment and look at the two poppets, tied by love because that takes us from what was then to right here, and right now.
Again, take a moment as you then also untie the remainder of the strings from the poppets themselves, and focus on a very positive sense of health and freedom for both who are now untied.
At this point, you can also bless them both, do healing on them or for them, pray for them and all sorts - just go with what comes to at the time. In this case, we want the relationship to continue but to turn from a romantic (red) relationship into a friendship (yellow).
A Note: If you are using this "cutting the ties that bind you" spell and your partner can be expected to suffer major trauma or heartache by losing this relationship, it is a very good idea, after the cutting and tie-removing, to spend some time focussing on healing their heart.
Keep repeating this until you feel all is well with your ex's heart and all the pain is gone. Adding this healing ritual can save you a lot of aggro as with this you don't have a furious ex, out for your blood, hounding you for the next months or years or decades, either spiritually or practically!

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And it's a good job the poppets are here, because they are PERFECT to help break a love spell. Others who read this and just want the relationship to be over, completely free and clear, can now dispose of the poppets by wrapping them in a separate cloth each and just put them in the bin as their job is done.
Should they get lost or accidentally destroyed, and the friendship weakens, make two more poppets and bind them likewise with the yellow string. To finish, you can give the poppet your best blessing and a little farewell kiss on the forehead, and you can know you did a job extremely well.

After collecting all things you should have to contact us we will do everything which you wants to do. Now my personal problem has been resolved and dont want to share it with anyone but really i am very satisfied now to getting help from spells marriage family. I have come to the realisation that I will need to stop taking on new clients in order to place all of my time and efforts in to serving their needs. If you want to be more dramatic, you can throw them into a river or the sea to represent "going on their lives paths" but that's up to you. If or when you don't want the friendship anymore, you can "cut the ties that bind us" just the same. So dont worry to make contact with us, we can understand you more and do which you wants to here and expect from us.
I have helped numerous people with my magic, and I am confident that I will help many more.

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