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Frank Buck was based on a real-life individual of the same name and a book loosely based on his life also titled, "Bring 'Em Back Alive".
The main motivation for developing this series was the huge success of the movie, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" which featured a similar character. Bruce Boxleitner is probably best known for his role as "Captain John Sheridan" on the TV series, "Babylon 5" and as "Lee Stetson" on "The Scarecrow & Mrs.
Most of Bring 'Em Back Alive was filmed at the Burbank Studios of Columbia Picture Television.

The trousers and helmet that Frank Buck wore on the show were vintage items from the 1920s.
One of the many super expensive automobiles driven by Sultan "H.H." Of Johore was a "one-of-a-kind" 1934 Phantom II Rolls Royce! Frank Buck's compound on the show was reproduced from photographs of the real-life Frank Buck's Katong headquarters. His appearances were far enough apart that, hopefully, audiences didn't notice that he played four different characters on the same series!

The lamps on the tables there were also used to film the 1942 Humphrey Bogart classic movie, "Casablanca"!

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