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MONYETTA SHAW DIDN’T ALLOW THE KIDS TO ATTEND NEYO’S WEDDING TODAY; SHE SAID SCHOOLING WAS MORE IMPORTANT! New Mexico Woman Arrested After She Reportedly Called Her Ex-Boyfriend 77,000+ Times in One Week? According to World News Daily Report, the Albuquerque Police Department arrested Linda Murphy on charges of excessive stalking for calling her ex-boyfriend’s cell phone over 70,000 times in a one-week period. The broken-hearted 28-year-old woman’s medical history revealed that she has a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. Justin Bieber Hangs With Batman At Dad’s Bash, Admits Love: Is It Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian?
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Police officials stated that Murphy’s case is probably the most extreme case of stalking they have ever seen in the department. Everyone agrees that it seems like a virtually impossible feat to place such a drastic number of calls in just one week. James Kiroy released a brief statement in regards to his client’s take on the entire debacle. However, she will have to undergo psychological evaluation to see if she’ll even be mentally fit to stand trial. The 28-year old woman allegedly not only called her ex-lover a formidable 77 639 times in a week, but also sent him 1937 emails, 41 229 text messages, 217 sung messages and 647 letters in the same period.Linda Murphy, who has an history of obsessive compulsive behavior, would have badly taken her breakup with William Ryans, with whom she had had a relationship for three weeks. Local officials are warning beachgoers, though, about the likelihood for high waves and strong undertow. Regular exercise keeps us healthy and endorphins lighten our mood – no more feeling down about being single. However, if you’re single you can spend time just talking with your mum or helping your dad out in the garden. You don’t have to go to the salon or spa because you can do it easily at home, using natural kitchen products with results that can be just as amazing. She is accused of using up to three phones at once to call him, 24 hours a day,  on his cell phone, home number and at work. This will not only fill your weekends with positivity, but you can also get to know new people.

Besides catching up, spending time with them can teach us important values about building a life with a partner – useful for if and when our time comes! She actually takes it to an unprecedented level that’s actually kind of creepy and disturbing.
In addition to the 77,639 calls Murphy reportedly placed, she also sent an estimated 41,229 text messages, 1,937 emails, and 647 written letters. Since the news was reported on June 25, the bizarre report has garnered lots of attention on a number of social media platforms. The woman would have ingested large quantities of energy drinks and amphetamines to remain awake and would have gone sleepless for a week, calling her ex nonstop. The alleged woman said to have committed the crime is actually an Oklahoma City woman named Cierra Steed. The police report stated that Murphy would have had to use three phones for 24 hours a day consistently to achieve such an unbelievable feat.
She was arrested back in 2010 after she reportedly crawled into a McDonalds drive-through window after being asked to pay for the food she ordered, reports News OK.
He was having a hard time thinking clearly and was nearing depression, it was about time the harassment ceased. Murphy to get the medical help she needs, and for the law to keep her away from my client.”The accused is expected to appear in the state court tomorrow in Albuquerque, and most experts presume that the judge will order a psychological evaluation of the woman to determine if she is capable of standing trial.

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