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We'll add two Duskull, then add another Dusknoir to bulk up the line in case one of your Dusknoir falls in battle. While it seems Mewtwo would require the use of more Energy in your deck, Mewtwo also uses the Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon. Not only do you get 60 cards, you also get damage counters, a little coin to use for flipping, and a rulebook.
This spell works by opening out the soul and heart of a person and he or she will feel attraction and reignited love towards the other person. And a total of nine energy attached to it and the defending Pokemon are usually all that you need to KO every Pokemon in the game. There should not be any manipulation and interpretation with a person’s free will as this is all white magick.

We'll also take out Energy Search and Energy Retrieval, both of which are inferior to cards I'll be adding later.
Mirano can help you to lead your life the way you desire, by helping you with professional and personal problems.
One of Mewtwo's moves ae more powerful wih energies, plus it needs one to preform it's otehr move, Psydrive. I can help you on all levels of your life ., don,t wait find out what is ahead and changes .
We'll also take out Weavile (as it is likely to do little or no damage with its attacks), Umbreon (because it sucks), Musharna (since it isn't the best Pokemon and requires some self sleep in order to do anything special), Scarfty (there are just better and far more powerful Dark types), and the Shiftry line (definately not worth it for a Stage 2 and its ability can often be counter-productive. Also, multiple Stage 2 lines can be hard to pull off, and someone new to TCG should not be running multiple Stage 2 lines).

Only two because with Mandibuzz and Dusknoir on the job, forcing out a Pokemon isn't needed to get the KO. While Super Rod doesn't bring Energy to your hand, this can be advantageous seeing as it helps in situations where you are facing a deck that is trying to deck you, such as my Active Stall deck.

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