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This thread for some reason, attracted all the female profile picture wearing people in this forum. I understand that the environment of GTA is not all that customary for a woman, but it's the freedom to actually play as a female is what makes it so alluring to me. I believe that man that plays as a woman online also dress up live a woman IRL or at least something like that. I really want this to circulate around the Rockstar community so they get off their lazy, rich asses and give us the update. Either they have some odd face paint on or they dress like strippers from the Vanilla Unicorn. But anyway, if anyone has similar thoughts or cool descriptions of their chars, I'd be happy to read.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, but it's awkward to see them in cutscenes with other players. Does anyone actually dress your female with the skirts, the camisoles, the sandals, the necklaces or earrings? I will wear shorts if I want to wear the knee-high boots, an also have a mini-skirt if I want to be businessy.
Make the shoulders less broad, lower them (this would fix the tallness and the low bewbs.), give them more of a female figure, and fix their f*cking walk.

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