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The following entry guides you on how to keep yourself and your family safe while you game online with Xbox Live and on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Xbox has the best privacy and family settings I have ever seen especially with the new improvements over the years that coincided with the Xbox 360 home screens and updates. Some gamers may feel that the Xbox 360’s complaint system and harassment policies are very lax. Ask the person to cease their verbal abuse and communications with you either through the voice chat during the session or through private message.
Write a blog post or do a video on Youtube and shout-out that troll’s name and game(s) they were playing so that you can make people aware to stay away from them. If you don’t want people to know your real name, your location, and other personal information, then DO NOT PUT IT IN THE PROFILE. If you still have access to your Xbox Live account, notify your friends that you were hacked and to not respond to any messages asking for their personal information. Try to migrate any game saves to a SD or memory card in case you need to wipe out your system. Contact Xbox Support and let them know you were hacked and what information and settings may have been tampered with.
If you find out Xbox Live as a whole was hacked, definitely follow the first step so that the hackers cannot use your credit information because most likely that is what they are after. This guide for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gaming Safety is updated when Microsoft updates their policies.
Have more tips and strategies to add to protect yourself while gaming on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One? Little to people realize that if they read the terms of service when they’re online, it could give a little insight on how to protect yourself online and what rights you have.
Looks like your Xbox One is temporarily a more lonely experience today, as the friend list feature appears to be down, as reported by many users across several social media sites (like Reddit, for instance), and as you can see in the picture below snapped directly from my console (I do wish it had a screenshot feature, come on Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will get on this quickly enough, as they’re normally very swift in solving this sort of problem. Update: the problem seems to be on the mend at least on my end, as while the front page of the Friends app still shows the message, actually activating it will now show my friend list. Update 2: while the problem has been partially solved for some (me included), many still report a persisting issue. Update 3: Friend list is fully down again on my end and reports continue to flow in on several social platforms, as the issues seem to be still ongoing. If you’re having difficulties with your Friends list or with Profiles, rest assured our team is hard at work trying to get everything back to normal.
Update 4: while the status page still displays the issue as ongoing, the service seems to have been restored.

My Xbox One is still doing this to me and has been doing this ever since I’ve gotten it.
The app allows Xbox 360 users to send messages to friends, check their online profiles and lots more on their iOS device. My Xbox Live is available in the App Store for free and you can download it using this App Store link. If only this app had the same ability to control the xbox 360 like the WinMobile xbox 360 app! Be very careful people I install on my iPhone 4 and use my hotmail address (got all the error messages above) and just found out my hotmail has been hacked. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. It’s hard to follow the epic in-game update, but I think we did a pretty good job this time around as we’ve added something for special both PC and Xbox Live fans!
Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. The Code of Conduct was last updated in July 2013 and will probably be updated again once the Xbox One is ready for launch later this year. You’ll know where the settings are located if you take the time to read the manual first. If you have witnesses during the incidents, send them private messages and ask them if they can provide contact information to be used for filing a complaint and for witness testimony. As Xbox One launches this year, Microsoft will have their Online safety policies ready therefore expect an update. Track and compare your achievements, connect with your Xbox LIVE friends, and change up your 3D Avatar.
Can’t get your friends to join Raptr but want to know what and when they’re playing?
We’ve added extra options so that you can customize your app to run the way you want it to. If none come with it (and that’s a big IF) then it should be available to read in your settings.
Give the police all the information you have collected from your own notes and Xbox support because Xbox can give the real name and personal information of a user on Xbox Live since their credit card is attached to the account. Review all your recent great games you and your friends love to play and compare achievements with them. If you check out the Remote Work section of my blog you'll find dozens of posts about optimizing your video chat experience.

It's a race to hit 30 buttons before the call times out (and there are at least 3 ways to answer the call).
The police can follow up with this and contact the user of the account or credit card holder.
Starting up an advertising consultant business, she hopes to promote and advertise "fan-made ads and content" from the video game industry. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. See what all of your Xbox Live and Steam friends are playing, even if they’re not on Raptr. Living in rural Oregon and wrking remotely for Microsoft, as well as my job as a community-focused open source individual means that I'm skyping or video calling people much of the week. Access Xbox Spotlight feeds, get breaking news from Xbox LIVE, game tips and tricks, gamer spotlight and much more.
Initiating from that end, if logged in already like you said, isn't nearly as difficult.I found the blur less annoying than the same thing happening over skype directly in front of a laptop.
At least this way, the kids are less inclined to show me the insides of their mouths :)In the end, I do find this much better than using Skype. Apparently this is already installed when you setup your Kinect so you probably have it already!
One you log in to Messenger (be sure to save your password) you will see avatars for Xbox folks and Live Messenger icons (no faces, sadly) for Windows people. A somewhat related question: you say you live in rural Oregon, what type of ISP do you use?
It's very disjointed, inconsistent but more importantly, it doesn't allow you to really appreciate the wide field of view that the Kinect camera gives you. I'm not sure if it's due to bandwidth, Windows Live, or the noise reduction, but it trully is annoying to lose audio altogether.
Will be great to be able to see them in full screen instead of just disembodied heads on a webcam.Agree completely that getting someone to answer a call on the XBOX is next to impossible, particularly if they're not technically-inclined. I can hear and see everything that's going on in the TV room which is fantastic with active kids.

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