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It would be great if every guy took a course in what to do and how to do it, but men can be stubborn and like to figure things out the hard way, after all, you LOVE this about them.
Have you ever sat there and gave a man ALL THE SIGNS IN THE BOOK, only to have him ignore you and not pick up on your subtle clues? As customary as it’s been for the guy to hit on the women, ATTRACTIVE GUYS GET HIT ON ALL THE TIME. Attractive guys get comfortable with the mediocre success they have with the women who approach them and don’t apply themselves. CAUTION: Coming on too strong will make you come off as easy, approaching doesn’t mean laying it on thick. Men are logical creatures run mostly by their brain, while women are EMOTIONAL creatures ran by their feelings. You must take sometime and learn how men operate first, a little psychology will go a LONG WAY. Lots of women have a problem with this, they let guys walk all over them and use them, only to end up getting burned, even CHEATED on.

A lot of women will go from relationship to relationship purposely finding flaws with a perfectly good man, why?
In the beginning everything seems to be so perfect and wonderful, people, especially women, CRAVE this feeling. Nothing is perfect, it takes give and take to make a relationship work, and you BOTH must train yourselves to be lovers. No matter what you tell him, how great you are, they should be able to see this on their own.
Sure it can feel like he did in the beginning, when everything is perfect, not being happy is one of the main causes why people will go from relationship to relationship, hoping their man solves all their problems. You need to take time for yourself first and find the happiness that resides inside of you. STOP THIS, you don’t want to be the one making the decisions all the time, so let him take the lead and follow.
What you’re going to end up with is a guy who gives in and listens to your every command and we both know that is not what you want.

Do yourself a favor and listen to an expert who has studied this subject, because there is a science to it. This expert is Christian Carter, the author of the best selling book Catch Him and Keep Him. Thousands of women have bought his books and sought his advice and and if you would like to be next, you should click the link below to join his free dating advice newsletter.
You will learn all about overcoming the mistakes I’ve just talked and discover all the secrets for finding (and keeping) a great man.

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