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Pat Robertson recently gave advice to a woman who asked for help in forgiving her cheating husband. Robertson spoke on "The 700 Club" on Wednesday, when a viewer named Ivy spoke about her issues in forgiving her husband who cheated on her years ago. Robertson advised the woman to stop talking about the cheating but focus on her husband's good points. He advised her to start falling in love with her husband again, saying she should touch his face and hold his hand and talk to him. He continued: "But you praying 'Oh God, keep me from hating him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room 10 years ago and I'll never forgive him' kind of thing, 'Please help me'….So what are you focusing on?
Robertson also told Ivy that "men have a tendency to wander" and so is the wife's job to focus on the positive things to make the home enticing. An evangelical pastor spanked women's bare bottoms to administer "spiritual discipline", a court has been told.
ReutersA Jewish worshiper at the Western Wall, all that remains of Herod's Temple, destroyed when Jerusalem fell. The passage continues: "Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God.
It was because of the Jews' insistence on keeping the Sabbath that Jerusalem fell in AD 70; the Roman general Pompey built a huge mound to overlook their defences, working on the Sabbath when the Jews refused to do anything to stop him.
Most Christians have used Sundays for worship and rest, taking the Jewish Sabbath as a model. And if it is worship, we need to be doubly careful not to let that become a new tyranny, which forces us into the sort of conformity which Jesus resisted. The state of Tennessee have recently embarked in an ambitious program which involves the implantation of contraceptive rods or intrauterine devices (IUDs) in female prison inmates from 15 counties.
Leadership Network's Warren Bird, an expert when it comes to the subject of megachurches, however recently released a research showing how Christian churches with the largest attendance are not located in the United States, but in Asia and Africa.
What Raja Zarith wrote in 2013 on her thoughts about Christmas and Christianity is even more relevant today than it was ever before. NO LESS A MUSLIM: During the days before Christmas last year, I wished my friends who were celebrating it “Merry Christmas” in much the same way they would wish me “Selamat Hari Raya” or “Happy Eid”. I find it rather sad that such a simple greeting – one which I grew up with and which I have never regarded as something that would compromise or de-value my own faith – is now regarded as something so religiously incorrect for us Malaysian Muslims. When I was at boarding school in England, I had to go to church every Sundaybecause it was part of the rules.
Going to church did not make me less of a Muslim when I was a young girl, and neither does saying “Merry Christmas” make me less of a Muslim now. What I do not wish to forget, however, is that there are good, kind people who are not of the same faith as me.
As Harun Yahya, the Turkish writer (he was selected last year as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre of Jordan) noted: “Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerance. Today, however, some circles have been presenting a false image of Islam, as if there were conflict between Islam and the adherents of the two other monotheistic religions.
I do not wish to be a self-centred Muslim who expects friends of other faiths to wish me Selamat Hari Raya or, for those who are not Malaysians and therefore do not know about Hari Raya, a Happy Eid and yet do not return their goodwill when it is Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Vesak Day.
Every year, friends who are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs or those without any faith come to our home to celebrate Hari Raya with us. The prophets include not just Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him) as the last prophet and as the Messenger of Islam, but also in the 24 earlier ones who are mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran.
So, if Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Isa (Jesus), a prophet respected and revered in Islam, is it so wrong to wish a blessed day for those who celebrate it?
What is most important is that we regard one another as fellow citizens and treat each other with respect, regardless of our race or religion.
Komentar yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial ini adalah milik peribadi dan tanggungjawab pemilik akaun laman sosial ini. Komentar yang berbentuk "drama bersiri", yakni salin & tampal artikel pihak ketiga secara bersiri ataupun komentar yang keluar tajuk juga ditegah dan akan dianggap sebagai penyalahgunaan kemudahan komentar ini.

Harap maklum bahawa anda perlu log-masuk melalui Facebook, Yahoo, MSN atau akaun sosial media yang disediakan untuk meninggalkan komentar. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Jews did not work on the Sabbath, and in Mosaic times the penalty for doing so was death (Numbers 15:32-36). During the Jewish rising under Judas Maccabaeus (167-160 BC), a thousand Jews took refuge from the Seleucid forces in a cave.
But Christians tend to "read" Judaism through New Testament eyes, and in the New Testament the Sabbath gets a bad press. At times this has led them to be quite as Pharisaical as the Pharisees, presuming to prescribe what Jesus meant when he said that "the Sabbath was made for man".
A medical practitioner and a pro-life advocate, however, warned that this program may be violating ethical standards. This was first published by The Star on Christmas Eve that year and had been reposted in many news sites and blogs.
My father advised me to consider it as part of my “education” and he had no doubt that the experience would strengthen rather than weaken my own faith.
My faith has not been shaken just because I wished some friends a time of joy with their families. Yet Islam’s view of Jews and Christians, who are named ‘the People of the Book’ in the Quran, is very friendly and tolerant. At that time, Muslims were a minority, struggling to protect their faith and suffering oppression and torture from the pagans of the city of Mecca. They do so with sincerity and as a mark of respect for one of the most important days in the Muslim calendar. Surely, we should, now more than ever, be far more enlightened at a time when information of any sort and of all kinds are so readily available to us. Juga maklum bahawa terpulang kepada jalur-lebar di kawasan-kawasan tertentu, komentar anda mungkin tidak akan disiarkan dengan serta-merta.
As someone who has been on both sides of the story—struggling with an eating disorder, and then later helping others in recovery—here are a few things that have helped me show God’s love to friends who are struggling.
They died without resistance when they were attacked on the Sabbath because to fight would have been to break it. The influential Pharisees – the rigorously observant party – had turned it into a burden instead of a joy. But even so, at the heart of the identity of God's people is the assertion that the purpose of life is not just to survive.
Rising rents and house prices mean that for many families, having both parents at work is now the norm. The Ant Daily finds it most appropriate to recollect these words of wisdom from Raja Zarith to enable us all to reflect upon them during this Yuletide. I learnt that just as we Muslims categorise ourselves according to the four different schools of thoughts of the four Imams (Imam Malik, Imam Al Shafi, Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Ahmad Abn Hambal) and are either Sunnis or Shias, so Christians too are divided into different sects or churches. Due to this persecution, some Muslims decided to flee Mecca and shelter in a safe country with a just ruler.
Why should we not reciprocate their kindness, show them the same mark of respect for their religion and wish them the same joy on their holy days of celebration? Para komentar dinasihatkan bertanggungjawab dalam menulis dan elakkan komentar berbaur perkauman, seksis, serangan peribadi, lucah ataupun menghina. Each situation is different, however, so spend lots of time in prayer and ask for advice from an adult you trust.If you notice something is wrong, you can ask your friend about it.
They held that healing on the Sabbath, except when life was in danger, was forbidden; so you could stop an injury or a condition getting worse, but you couldn't do anything to make it better. This means doing something for which we aren't paid, but which we enjoy – and, vitally, which we can choose.
Increased Sunday working – which Christians should always protest and resist – has meant that fewer families are able to spend a whole day together free of other responsibilities.
The Sabbath is not just a day on which rest is permitted; it's a day on which rest is commanded.

The Prophet Muhammad told them to take refuge with King Negus, the Christian king of Ethiopia. Sometimes a friend will share her struggle with you; other times, you may notice something is wrong and wonder if you should say anything. And we are bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to buy more stuff that we don't need and can't use, requiring us to work harder to earn the money to spend on them. A spiritually healthy lifestyle involves a rhythm, a balance of work and leisure – and Sabbath helps make that happen. The Muslims who followed this advice found a very fair administration that embraced them with love and respect when they went to Ethiopia. Author and pastor Peter Haas talks about making “love deposits”—spending time with a person, letting them know you care. King Negus refused the demands of the pagan messengers who asked him to surrender the Muslims to them, and announced that Muslims could live freely in his country.
If you make regular “love deposits” into your friend’s life, then spend some time praying about what you’re noticing in your friend. When you feel the time is right, kindly and gently ask your friend about what you’re noticing. If someone is struggling with depression, there may be specific times of day or certain holidays that are especially difficult for her. For another person, school might be really difficult and lonely, so having someone to eat lunch with may be helpful.Keep their confidence, but involve an adult. It is essential to involve a trusted adult so your friend can get the help and wisdom she needs.
Talk with your friend about this. Ask what adult your friend feels comfortable talking with (such as one of your parents, a teacher, pastor, doctor or counselor). For people struggling with something like depression or an eating disorder, that struggle often becomes all they can see, or even their identity. Talk about things other than the eating disorder; help your friend remember that life outside the struggle does exist!Remind them of their motivation to recover.
One friend texted me while in rehab from alcoholism, saying she didn’t think she could recover.
I spent some time praying for her and asking God what to say, and finally wrote back, “Just the fact that you’re texting me shows that there’s a small part of you that still really wants to recover.
What is that part of you?” One of the most helpful things you can do for your friend is remind her of why she wants to recover.
That motivation and hope can encourage your friend to keep fighting for freedom, even when it’s difficult.Be patient. It’s like learning how to walk; you don’t learn overnight, and it will involve a lot of mistakes and stumbling at first.
I’m constantly praying, “God, what should I say, if anything?” I’ve learned it’s more about listening, loving, praying for and being in the moment with your friend than it is about having the right thing to say.Set healthy boundaries for yourself.
You can help your friend during recovery, but only God can heal hearts, and only your friend is responsible for letting God do the healing. I’ve had to learn that I can be in the moment with someone and pray for them, but I cannot carry their struggles. A great way to keep yourself healthy is to confide in a trusted adult, and ask that adult to help you set boundaries in the relationship. Maybe one of your boundaries is that you only hang out with your friend a couple times a week instead of every day, or that you turn your phone off at night and are not available to talk then. Maybe it’s simply that you talk with your trusted adult regularly to process the things your friend is saying, and together give those things to God, instead of trying to carry them on your own shoulders. Eating disorders, depression and addiction routinely require medical or professional advice.

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