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She had to get rid of the things, but she wanted to do it in a way that helped her heal at the same time.
Pop-punk band Call To Start have teamed up with AP to release their first-ever music video. In "Somewhere Else," singer Madison McFarland starts with a voiceover about being lost and following your dreams. These skills are expertly implemented into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in which Rachel plays Rebecca Bunch, a Harvard graduate lawyer working at a major firm in New York at the start of the pilot. All of these problems are wonderfully displayed through the previously mentioned musical numbers, which are mainly presented through Rebecca’s filter of the world that condenses it all to a simple batch of musical notes, though Greg and Paula have had their own flashes of musical numbers themselves.
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After she was pushed into being a career girl by her overbearing mother & the looming hole left by her absent father, Bunch feels depressed and unhappy in her life as she calms her anxieties with a variety of pills. Yet, Rachel Bloom and her writers manage to bind the show together by acknowledging the self destructive tendencies of the protagonist and show off the consequences of her ill advised delusions. That speaks to what a network like CW is willing to do in terms of taking a genuine chance on a show this unconventional for even its own network, along with the zombie comedy iZombie.

We realize that not everyone can afford to subscribe, but if you can, your support is greatly appreciated. Click the image for an explanation of the subscription levels and their corresponding incentives. Bringing our situations together, and creating a single song out of them speaks volumes about the message of the song," says drummer Kevin Donahue.
Rebecca Bunch usually means well and has a spry sense of fun to her even at her worst, but Rebecca still clearly has severe anxieties brought on by her crushing upbringing. This mixture of styles not only serves as spot on parody, but give a humorous context to frame these people’s problems through hilariously skewed perspectives. The show was originally pitched to Showtime, but the lack of expletives doesn’t hurt it whatsoever. As luck would have it, Rebecca sees Josh walking down the street and attempts to catch up, only to find that Josh will be moving back to his hometown of West Covinia, California after a failed new start in New York. She’s clearly stunted on an emotional level from the point when her father left and her mother started putting so much pressure on her, causing Rebecca to seek approval in other ways, particularly with her determined competitive edge that seeps from her professional life into her personal life in an unhealthy fashion.
If anything, it only strengthens the potential for it to reach a slightly wider audience who could engage in the hilarious ensemble, complex characters and delightful songs for every episode.

This seems to be where the influence of Bloom’s co-creator and The Devil Wears Prada screenwriter Aline McKenna comes in. This length rarely works for comedy shows, but then again Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is all about defying expectations.
Rachel Bloom is one of the more underrated talents currently working in the television industry and deserves so much support for her unique vision.
There, she becomes a big fish in the small pond of a local law firm and slowly accumulates friends, including depressed paralegal Paula (Donna Lynn Champlin), lonely sports bar bartender Greg (Santino Fontana), her recently divorced boss Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner) and Josh’s territorial girlfriend Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz). Their styles firmly merging in a seamless fashion, molding Rebecca into a three dimensional character that clearly has some sort of unspecified mental disorder while having the gumption to at least put herself out there on a consistent basis. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend walks a similar tight rope with many of the supporting characters on the show.

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