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The worried looking middle aged couples gathered in a Shanghai park barely seem to notice the grey drizzle.They have other things on their minds.A 'Rent or own? Parents speed date on behalf of their children because they are more eager to marry us off than ourselves. Matchmaking: Some families turn to professional matchmakers to find children suitable spouses. Prospects: Many parents see material wealth and happiness as interlinked and look for things like salary and home ownership as particularly important when choosing a partner.
This week, we learned that the classic 1960s game show The Dating Game is going to be revived in the form of a new social game on Facebook as well as other big social networks in the next few months. We chatted with 3G Studios CEO James Kosta to see what's in store for what's certain to be one of the more unique TV game show spinoffs on Facebook.
On Facebook and other social sites, most of the lengthy conversations that take place are about relationships. There are great services out there for introducing people; arguably Facebook and these social sites already do that. One of the most memorable things about The Dating Game TV show was the cheeky humor and the laughter.

The Dating Game is targeted to anyone who enjoys witty banter, probing conversation topics and insightful answers.
She fears that if I marry too late then give birth too late, she wouldn't have the energy to take care of my child for me.'Li, who works as a graphic designer, said her parents attended the market in 2012 hoping to find her a boyfriend. Parents often get involved because they worry their kids are settling down too late and are too busy to find loveMr Chen's son has also rejected everyone they found at the market.'We would give the contact information of a few women for our son to select,' he said. If you're, ahem, old enough to remember the show, than this game will seem all-too-familiar, right down to the groovy clothing and Flower Power graphics.
People love to share their views on who their friends should be with, how their friends can improve their relationships and even when their friends have unrealistic expectations. The Dating Game is a conversation starter for friends to explore their likes and preferences. The Dating Game will be played in rounds and a game can last several days depending on the participants availability, so players will be encouraged to have multiple games going simultaneously.
If you've ever laughed at a pickup line or tried to give dating advice, you will love this game. They ended up registering her information with a professional matchmaker there.'The matchmaker arranged five men for me to meet.

He met some of them, but often said the feelings were not right'Among them is Auntie Zhou, a retired department saleslady, who came to the market 'help young people solve life problem' since 2010.'I don't charge every candidate. Or, since you can create avatars that might not look like you, is this just a clever way to flirt?
None of our content will be inappropriate for players under the age of 13, so we set that standard and keep it in mind when developing content. The game is launching very small, and we expect to add content and features on a weekly basis, [such as] additional in-game content (clothing, accessories, questions). The Dating Game is a fun way for friends to learn about each other and explore their preferences and quirks.
The Dating Game is about the game of dating and all the uncomfortable moments that make it humorous and endearing. There was one who had very rich parents and owned three to four flats.'Li said she was looking for someone who has a stable job, white skin and good temperament.

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